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Using Repeated Reading and Previewing Vocabulary Interventions with Elementary-Aged Struggling Readers to Improve Fluency and Comprehension

Khaled S. Alotaibi
Students with Learning disabilities and at risk for reading difficulties often face challenges in reading fluency and comprehension that impact negatively on academic success. Repeated reading (RR) is an intervention designed to increase reading fluency and comprehension skills among students at risk and diagnosed with disabilities. The purpose of this review was to investigate the effectiveness of the repeated reading (RR) and vocabulary previewing (VP) interventions on the fluency and comprehension skills of elementary school...

The Experiences of School Counselors Providing Virtual Services During Covid-19: A Phenomenological Investigation

Allison Kathryn Worth
School counselors are trained in providing academic, career, and social/emotional support to K-12 students. In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic took the world of K-12 education by surprise, forcing school counselors to deliver a virtual school counseling program with little to no time for preparation. School counselors were faced with meeting the seemingly ever-changing needs of K-12 students as social, political, and health concerns evolved throughout the pandemic. Although schools have since begun to reopen...

The Associations of Cardiovascular Disease, Physical Activity Intensities, and Measures of Obesity on Static Balance in Middle-Aged and Older Adults

Hannah Martha Twiddy
The burden of falls is widely known in older adults, though less research has targeted middle-aged adults (40-64 years of age), particularly at the population level. The purpose of this dissertation was to explore the roles of cardiovascular disease, physical activity (PA) intensity, and body anthropometrics on balance among middle-aged adults. Study 1 sought to determine if balance was impaired in middle-aged adults with poor ankle-brachial pressure index (ABPI), a marker of cardiovascular disease. Study...

Simultaneous Alcohol and Cannabis Use in College Students: Examining Context, Route of Administration, Cognitive Factors, and Consequences via Daily Diary

Jennifer Lynn Shipley
Cannabis and alcohol use are pervasive among college students. Simultaneous alcohol and cannabis (commonly referred to as simultaneous alcohol and marijuana [SAM]) use (i.e., effects overlap) is more prevalent than concurrent alcohol and cannabis (commonly referred to as concurrent alcohol and marijuana [CAM]) use (i.e., effects do not overlap). Consequences of SAM use are often greater than CAM or single substance use. Research has explored cognitions (motives, expectancies) and contexts (environmental, social) as predictors of...

The Relationship Between Optional Developmental Education Enrollment and the Mathematics Achievement of Students at One Community College in Florida

Andrea Lisa Lee
Although nearly half of community college students require some type of remediation, less than one-third of the students who start in developmental education graduate within eight years (Park, Tandberg, Hu, & Hankerson, 2016). As such, there is great uncertainty regarding the effectiveness of developmental education (Ari et al., 2016; Bailey et al., 2013). Additionally, because most institutions rely on standardized testing to determine student course placements, many critics blame placement testing procedures for the perceived...

Mechanics of Preimpregnated Fiber Tow Deposition and Compaction

Virginia Meredith Rauch
In additive manufacturing, such as Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), defects often develop during the deposition and compaction of preimpregnated composite material, which reduce the strength of the resultant material. It is necessary to reduce defects and have good adhesion between plies to optimize the laminate performance and reduce delamination between composite layers. The aim of this work is to study the adhesion and deformation of preimpregnated (prepreg) composite material during the deposition and compaction stage...

Mind the Gap: Addressing the Disproportionate Rate of Discipline of Black Students in the Public Education System

Sophia McConnell
Within public education, it has been shown that there is a disproportionate rate of discipline between Black and White students. A literature review was conducted to identify prevailing themes as to why this gap occurs, what factors maintain it, and what can educators do to reduce it. Several themes were found and are detailed in this paper in the following order: First, several studies have debunked the previously held idea that low socioeconomic status and...

Proceedings, MSVSCC 2013

Proceedings of the 7th Annual Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Student Capstone Conference held on April 11, 2013 at VMASC in Suffolk, Virginia.

Implementing an Online, Integrative, Multi-Component, Group-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for the Reduction of Caregiver Burden in Primary Familial Caregivers of Persons with Dementia: A Preliminary Test of Feasibility

Daniel Robert Schaffer
The purpose of this study was to examine the preliminary feasibility of an online, manualized, group-based, multi-component, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment approach for the reduction of caregiver burden among family caregivers of persons with dementia. This study had five primary hypotheses: (1) the recruitment plan, as outlined within this study, would yield the target number of participants within a 12-month period; (2) the proposed group therapy protocol would produce a positive therapeutic climate, as...

Self-Reported Attitudes, Concerns, and Behaviors Related to Global Environmentalism: Can a Mandatory Class Make a Difference?

Erin Mehalic
The purpose of the study was to determine what initial attitudes and behaviors first-year college students had about the environment and how they changed as a result of a taking a required global environmentalism course. A second goal in this study was to learn whether there were differences in environmental attitudes and behaviors based on gender and ethnicity. Participants in this study were first-year students at Old Dominion University enrolled in a mandatory general education...

Improving the Heat Tolerance of Vulnerable Corals through their Algal Symbionts

Cathryn M. Bowling
Tropical coral reefs are one of the most impressive and diverse ecosystems on the face of the earth. Found in warm, tropical waters around the globe, these reefs are major supporters of the immense biodiversity of the area. The health of coral reefs is highly influential on the overall health of the entire ecosystem. In recent years, intensifying climate change has resulted in an accelerated rise in seawater temperatures and the frequency and severity of...

What We Learn From Each Other: Vicarious Posttraumatic Growth Among Non-Helping Professionals Following Exposure to Peer Trauma Experiences

Tiphanie Gayle Sutton
Trauma can result in adverse psychological outcomes from survivors and the helping professionals who support them. Vicarious (or secondary) traumatization is common among helping professionals and can lead to compassion fatigue and burnout. However, empathetic engagement with trauma survivors and their stories has been shown to lead to positive vicarious outcomes, including vicarious posttraumatic growth. Vicarious posttraumatic growth has been linked to personal and professional benefits for helping professionals. However, positive vicarious outcomes after engagement...

Instructional Designers Conducting Professional Learning Using Social Media: A Phenomenological Study of Their Experiences Through a Self-regulated Learning Lens

Pauline S. Muljana
Because the instructional design and technology field is dynamic (Sharif & Cho, 2015; Wang et al., 2021), instructional designers need to pursue continuous, just-in-time professional learning (Carliner, 2018) to improve knowledge, skills, and abilities (Sharif & Cho, 2015; Ritzhaupt & Martin, 2015), without being constrained by location, budget, and time (Muljana et al., 2020; Muljana et al., 2021). On the one hand, the omnipresent social media technologies offer affordances for facilitating this type of professional...

Engineering of Ideal Systems for the Study and Direction of Stem Cell Asymmetrical Division and Fate Determination

Martina Zamponi
The cellular microenvironment varies significantly across tissues, and it is constituted by both resident cells and the macromolecules they are exposed to. Cues that the cells receive from the microenvironment, as well as the signaling transmitted to it, affect their physiology and behavior. This notion is valid in the context of stem cells, which are susceptible to biochemical and biomechanical signaling exchanged with the microenvironment, and which plays a fundamental role in establishing fate determination...

Exploring Blockchain-Based Digital Transformation In Organizations

Weiru Chen
Digital transformation has emerged as an important research area in strategic IS research. Digital transformation has made profound impacts on many industries with digital technologies. Blockchain, first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto for bitcoin use, is now being used across many industries. Blockchain could play a vital role in the digital transformation strategy for enterprises by providing security-rich data sharing, dynamic applications, and decentralized identity. Currently, the research on blockchain-based digital transformation is still in its...

Applied Deep Learning: Case Studies in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing

Md Reshad Ul Hoque
Deep learning has proved to be successful for many computer vision and natural language processing applications. In this dissertation, three studies have been conducted to show the efficacy of deep learning models for computer vision and natural language processing. In the first study, an efficient deep learning model was proposed for seagrass scar detection in multispectral images which produced robust, accurate scars mappings. In the second study, an arithmetic deep learning model was developed to...

Predictors of Email Response: Determinants of the Intention of not Following Security Recommendations

Miguel Angel Toro-Jarrin
Organizations and government leaders are concerned about cyber incidents. For some time, researchers have studied what motivates people to act in ways that put the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in organizations at risk. Still, several areas remained unexplored, including the role of employees’ evaluation of the organizational systems and the role of value orientation at work as precursors of secure and insecure actions in relation to information technologies (information security [IS] action). The...

Patient-Targeted Googling: A Mixed-Methods Examination of Psychologists’ Perceptions and Practices

Emily L. Putnam
Patient-targeted Googling (PTG) refers to a healthcare professional searching their patient’s name or other identifying information on the Internet. Existing research is inconclusive regarding the prevalence and perceptions of PTG among psychologists, and the American Psychological Association (APA) Ethics Code lacks guidance on the topic. The present study used a mixed-methods approach with two arms of data collection (online survey, N = 94; and virtual focus groups, N = 36) to clarify PTG practices, explore...

The Political Economy of Global Private Currencies

Girish Sreevatsan Nandakumar
This dissertation examines regulatory responses to global private currencies (GPCs). Through detailed analyses of the history and evolution of private digital currencies, and through case studies of the United States, the European Union, and China, this dissertation identifies five factors that condition regulatory responses: (1) compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) laws, (2) compliance with systems built for fiat currencies, (3) degree of transparency in operations, (4) culture of sovereignty within the nation, and (5) great...

Maladies & Remedies

Timothy Michael Fulghum
Synthesizing the quotidian and supernatural, Maladies & Remedies is a collection of ten loosely connected stories that explore the nuances of male intimacy. The stories alternate between flash fiction and short fiction and play with classic elements and contemporary genre conventions to create an overarching narrative that is propulsive, dynamic, and ominous.

The Shape of Things We Won't Say

Raoul Lobo
A collection of short stories that reveal moments of shame, desire and rage in suburban Mumbai, prehistoric jungles and the Indian diaspora. It captures how lovers struggle for power and how larger power struggles come between lovers. It features bad feminists, shamans, the Holy Communion and the occasional sex scene.

Manifesting Devi

Roudri Bandyopadhyay
A woman is not some mythical being with a one-dimensional personality and does not exist for the single purpose of pleasing men and patriarchy. They have layers to them, intersectionality in identity, desires, traumas, power, and so much more. In a world where still in various cultures goddesses are worshipped, regular women fight battles every day to make some space for themselves. The Goddess lives not in the sky, but amongst us, disguised in the...

Tools and Ornaments

Tracy E. Rice Weber
The emotional square footage required for any life’s accumulation of loss can be as difficult to manage as finding storage space for a hoard of physical souvenirs and heirlooms. This thesis has evolved as a type of inner-housekeeping, a spring clean anchored and organized by the trauma of suicide; not once, but twice, where such a deliberate exit is examined from a deliberately arial perspective. Here a speaker crawls into and pulls away from suffering...

Self-Organization in Cathode Boundary Layer Discharges

Nobuhiko Takano
Cathode boundary layer (CBL) discharge, which has been developed as a UV light source, operates in a direct current between a planar cathode and a ring-shape anode that are separated by a dielectric with an opening of the same diameter as the anode. The nonthermal CBL discharges operate in a medium pressure range down to 30 Torr, emitting excimer radiation when operated with noble gases. The radiant excimer emittance at 172 nm in xenon reaches...

Don't Destroy Yourself

Timothy Norton
The following thesis contains the first three narrative movements from the working novel Don’t Destroy Yourself. The novel focuses on Paul, our first-person narrator, who must confront his mental illness (Bipolar I) directly after learning his wife is pregnant. The novel itself takes the therapeutic form of a series of dead letters – letters never meant to be sent to, or read by, the addressee – recounting Paul making sense of his mental illness to...

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