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100 TeV pp collisions, Top type, MADGRAPH/HW6 generator: tev100pp_ttbar_pt2500_mg5_lo

S. Chekanov
p p > t t~ (ttbar at LO). Top quarks selected with pT>2500 GeV. aMC@NLO+Herwig6. CTEQ6L Partice recordis slimmed (pT>0.4 GeV) and (PID=5 || PID=6) or PID>22 && PID<38) or PID>10 && PID<17) 5k events per file.

Neutral recycling effects on ITG turbulence

D Stotler, J Lang, C Chang, R Churchill & S Ku
The effects of recycled neutral atoms on tokamak ion temperaturegradient (ITG) driven turbulence have been investigated in a steepedge pedestal, magnetic separatrix configuration, with the full-fedge gryokinetic code XGC1. Ion temperature gradient turbulence isthe most fundamental and robust edge plasma instability, having a longradial correlation length and an ability to impact other forms ofpedestal turbulence. The neutral atoms enhance the ITG turbulence,first, by increasing the ion temperature gradient in the pedestal viathe cooling effects of...

Topology-aware task-assIGnment mappER (TIGER) v0.1

David Donofrio & Anastasiia Butko
The general topology-aware task assignment problem is an NP-complete graph isomorphism problem. Existing task scheduling approaches are either heuristic or based on physical optimization algorithms, providing different speed and solution quality trade-offs. Physical Ising machines such as quantum and digital annealers have recently become available offering an alternative hardware solution to solve certain types of optimization problems. We propose an algorithm that allows expressing the problem in the compatible format. We present a domain specific...


Shusen Liu, Timo Bremer & Zhimin Li
Web-based Interface for the N-Dimensional Data Analysis and Visualization System.

PySAM (Python Wrapper for System Advisor Model "SAM")

Paul Gilman, Steven Janzou, Darice Guittet, Janine Freeman, Nicholas DiOrio, Nathan Blair, Matthew Boyd, Ty Neises & Michael Wagner
PySAM is a Python wrapper for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s System Advisor Model (SAM). SAM is a performance and financial model designed to facilitate decision making for people involved in the renewable energy industry. PySAM provides a native Python interface for the models found in SAM Simulation Core, SSC.


Randall Woods, Barry Hansen, Tony Paul, Jeffrey Dodge, Charles Carroll & McKenzie Willmore
Cybersecurity Evaluation Tool

14 TeV pp collisions, Exotics type, PYTHIA8 generator: tev14pp_pythia8_zprime_bbar

S. Chekanov
Zprime to bbar at LO QCD. Zprime was generated using different masses from 125 to 6 TeV. The masses are included in the file names, such as tev14_pythia8_zbbar_m[M]_N.promc, where [M] is the mass. Note that cross sections depend on M(Zprime) and included inside the files.

gpCAM v3

Marcus Noack
A central goal in experimental science is to explore and understand the composition-processing-structure-property relations of materials in their associated multi-dimensional parameter spaces, These parameter spaces can be thought of as the set of all conceivable combinations of the parameters affecting an experiment, including synthesis and processing conditions, material composition, and environmental conditions during the experiment. gpCAM analyzes data to steer the experiment. The software tool creates a surrogate model and associated uncertainties by performing a...

Public Data Set: Advancing Local Helicity Injection for Non-Solenoidal Tokamak Startup

Michael Bongard, Grant Bodner, Marcus Burke, Raymond Fonck, Jessica Pachicano, Justin Perry, Christopher Pierren, Joshua Reusch, Alexander Rhodes, Nathan Richner, Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez Sanchez, Carolyn Schaefer & Justin Weberski
This public data set contains openly-documented, machine readable digital research data corresponding to figures published in M.W. Bongard et al., 'Advancing Local Helicity Injection for Non-Solenoidal Tokamak Startup,' Nucl. Fusion 59, 076003 (2019).

Public Data Set: Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy for High Speed Measurements of Stark Split Neutral Beam Emission in a High Temperature Plasma

Marcus Burke, Raymond Fonck, George McKee & Gregory Winz
This public data set contains openly-documented, machine readable digital research data corresponding to figures published in M.G. Burke et al., 'Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy for High Speed Measurements of Stark Split Neutral Beam Emission in a High Temperature Plasma,' Review of Scientific Instruments 89, 10D114 (2018).

STJ_PV: Subtropical Jet Finding Framework

Michael Kelleher & Penelope Maher
This software provides a framework for comparing different methods of finding the subtropical jet. Included in these is a new method for locating the subtropical jet. The tropopause gradient method uses the peak gradient in potential temperature along the dynamic tropopause to locate the subtropical jet.

Multi-species impurity granule injection and mass deposition projections in NSTX-U discharges Authors

R Lunsford, A Bortolon, A Roquemore, D Mansfield, M Jaworski, R Kaita, R Maingi & A Nagy
By employing a neutral gas shielding (NGS) model to characterize impurity granule injection the pedestal atomic deposition for three different species of granule: lithium, boron, and carbon are determined. Utilizing the duration of ablation events recorded on experiments performed at DIII-D to calibrate the NGS model we are able to quantify the ablation rate and mass deposition location with respect to the plasma density profile. The species specific granule shielding constant is then used to...

100 TeV pp collisions, SM type, PYTHIA8 generator: tev100pp_minbias_a2_pythia8_l3

S. Chekanov
MinBias events used to mix with signal processes. 60k events per file. Pythia8 Minimum bias (ND+SD+DD) sample with ATLAS MB Tune A2-MSTW2008LO tune, i.e. events include non-diffractive, single diffractive and double diffractive events. Events are slimmed with pT>0.4 GeV cut. The file uses low-precision varint 1000 ("l3") for length units to make it comparable with some signal files. Due to reduced precision for decay length, this file is smaller than the standard file with 10^4...

100 TeV pp collisions, SM type, PYTHIA8 generator: tev100pp_qcd_pythia8_pt300

S. Chekanov
Inclusive dijets with PT>300 GeV. Particle records are slimmed (all stable with pT>0.3 GeV) and (PID=5 || PID=6) or PID>22 && PID<38) or PID>10 && PID<17). 10k events per file.

TraVerSE: Trajectory Veracity for Simple Errors

Brian Gerke, Joseph Glass-Katz & Karen Tu
This package is a set of tools in the Python language for preprocessing GPS trajectory data gathered from consumer devices, to detect and flag potentially erroneous data.

100 GeV pgun collisions, Single particles type, PARTICLE GUN generator: pgun_gamma_eta4_pt100gev

S. Chekanov
Single particle gun for detector studies: A particle gun with single photons. One gamma per event. Production at (x,y,z,t)=(0,0,0,0). Flat random transverse momenta with pT from 0 to 100 GeV. Uniform distribution in Phi. Uniform distribution in the Eta (pseudorapidity) range [-4, 4].


Clayton Barrows, Dheepak Krishnamurthy & Jose Daniel Lara
WaterSystems.jl is a Julia package for defining water delivery infrastructure system data and problem definitions. The WaterSystems.jl package enables parsing from the EPANET *.inp file format and the expression of data for WaterSimulations.jl models. WaterSystems.jl defines a data schema for water infrastructure networks.


Robert Engelhardt & Andrew Steele
Chordly is a JavaScript library that lets you detect and act upon user keyboard input. This is accomplished by wiring Chordly up to listen for key sequences, known as chords, entered by a user. Sandia National Laboratories is a multimission laboratory managed and operated by National Technology & Engineering Solutions of Sandia, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Honeywell International Inc., for the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-NA0003525. SAND2019-11084...

32 TeV pgun collisions, Double particles type, PARTICLE GUN generator: pgun_2pions8tev_pi

S. Chekanov
Particle gun for detector studies: A particle gun for two pions separated by PI in Phi (i.e. back-to-back). The eta is set to 0. Production at (x,y,z,t)=(0,0,0,0). Charge is alternated. Uniform distribution in Phi between -PI and PI. Particle momentum is 8192 GeV. The sample was designed for detector studies.

13 TeV pp collisions, Exotics type, PYTHIA8 generator: tev13pp_pythia8_Ggamma_2tev

S. Chekanov
Graviton production: f fbar to G gamma LHAPDF6:MSTW2008lo68cl.LHgrid. Tune:pp=5 ExtraDimensionsLED:ffbar2Ggamma = on ExtraDimensionsLED:CutOffmode = 1 ExtraDimensionsLED:t = 0.5 ExtraDimensionsLED:n = 6 ExtraDimensionsLED:MD = 1000. ExtraDimensionsLED:LambdaT = 1000. 5000039:m0 = 2000. 5000039:mWidth = 500. 5000039:mMin = 1. 5000039:mMax = 14990. PhaseSpace:pTHatMin = 100.

100 TeV pp collisions, SM type, PYTHIA8 generator: tev100pp_wzdouble_pythia8

S. Chekanov
WW,ZZ and WZ production for pT>1 TeV. All decays are allowed. 10,000 events per file. Other details are in the log files attached to the files.

Remote Sensor Design for Visual Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks

michael Zelinski & Lucas Jaffe
While deep learning technologies for computer vision have developed rapidly since 2012, modeling of remote sensing systems has remained focused around human vision. In particular, remote sensing systems are usually constructed to optimize sensing cost-quality trade-offs with respect to human image interpretability. While some recent studies have explored remote sensing system design as a function of simple computer vision algorithm performance, there has been little work relating this design to the state-of-the-art in computer vision:...

climextremes v0.2.1

Harinarayan Krishnan & Christopher Paciorek
Software package for R and Python for analysis of extremes in climate data. Functions for fitting GEV and POT (via point process fitting) models for extremes in climate data, providing return values, return probabilities, and return periods for stationary and nonstationary models. Also provides differences in return values and differences in log return probabilities for contrasts of covariate values. Functions for estimating risk ratios for event attribution analyses, including uncertainty. Under the hood, many of...

13 TeV pp collisions, SM type, PYTHIA8 generator: tev13pp_pythia8_ttbarwz_wgt

S. Chekanov
2->2 events with all W+jet, Z+jet, top, single top and SM Higgs proceses at LO+PS+hadronization. PhaseSpace:pTHatMin=100 GeV. 20,000 events per file. PDF: LHAPDF6:NNPDF23_lo_as_0130_qed. The sample was created using the Pythia8 tune Tune:pp = 14, similar to ATLAS. THis sample was created for ATLAS studies of dijet+lepton event topologies.

13 TeV pp collisions, Exotics type, MADGRAPH/PY8 generator: tev13pp_mg5_dm_a_boson

Henry Meng
Madgraph5 simulation of a simplified model of Zprime with dijets and lepton decays of W/Z. Interference effects are included. Pythia8 was used to shower events. LHAPDF6:NNPDF23_lo_as_0130_qed. The sample was created using the Pythia8 tune Tune:pp = 14 similar to ATLAS.

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