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Wild ungulates compound herbicide-mediated simplification of early-successional plant communities in forest plantations - Dataset

Thomas Stokely
This dataset consists of vascular plant species cover estimates collected from 12, 1x1-m quadrats, nested within 15x15-m plots that excluded and were open to wild ungulate access. The wild ungulate exclusion experiment was conducted in young forest plantations (<6 years old), each randomly assigned to one of 3 silvicultural herbicide treatments or an untreated control, collected from 2011-2016 in the Oregon Coast Range, USA. Data were used in the analyses presented in Stokely et al....

Fish and temperature data from Hinkle Creek summer 2021

Dana Warren, Kevin Bladon & David Roon
These data were all collected in summer 2021 at Hinkle Creek watershed, a headwater ecosystem in a managed forest landscape in western Oregon. The data set has two components. The first component of the data set includes information about age 1 and older fish collected from two sections of the South Fork of Hinkle Creek in summer 2021 using multiple pass depletion backback electrofishing methods. Electrofishing in these two reaches were conducted in July 2021...

Impacts of Intersection Treatments and Traffic Characteristics on Bicyclist Safety

David Hurwitz & Brendan Russo
This data provides observations and measurements used to answer questions of interest regarding how intersection and traffic characteristics impact the frequency and severity of bicycle-vehicle conflicts as part of the study titled “SPR 833 Intersection Treatments and Bicyclist Safety.” Data includes measurements from the field portion of the study used to assess post-encroachment time, hourly road user volumes, and conflict-involved road user speeds that were extracted from field-collected videos in Portland, Oregon. Also included are...

ICESat-2 Bathymetric Log10 Tomogram Data

Forrest Corcoran & Christopher Parrish
Bathymetry data (measurements of the elevations of submerged surfaces like the seafloor and lake beds) are an important factor in many scientific, economic, and engineering disciplines. Bathymetric surveys are widely used for benthic habitat mapping, flood inundation modeling, marine resource delineation, and nautical charting. While this ubiquity makes the generation of bathymetric data a high priority, acquisition of this type of data by traditional means (echosounding and/or airborne bathymetric lidar) can be infeasible in many...

Broadening Participation in Science through Arts-Facilitated Experiences at a Cultural Festival

Martin Storksdieck, Kari O'Connell & Keys Brianna
All of the data was collected at the FIGMENT art festival in New York City on June 23 and 24, 2018. The data was collected through: 1) paper survey for attendees to Guerilla Science activities, 2) short interviews (entry and exit) for attendees to Guerilla Science activities, and 3) short interviews for control population (visitors to Governor’s Island who did not attend Guerilla Science activities). Data collection included the following constructs for attendees to Guerilla...

Safest Placement for Crosswalks at Intersections

David Hurwitz, Christopher M. Monsere, Eileen Pei Ying Chai & Sirisha Kothuri
This data provides observations and measurements used to answer questions of interest regarding how setback crosswalks at intersections affect driver behavior and intersection safety as part of the study titled “SPR840 Safest Placement for Crosswalks at Intersections.” Data includes measurements from the simulator portion of the study which gathered information relating to average velocity and lateral position, eye-tracking fixations, galvanic skin response, and survey data to describe driver behavior as they approach and make turning...

Re-coding of the Dataset for Status of the European Green Crab, Carcinus maenas, in Oregon and Washington coastal Estuaries in 2019 and 2020

Kimberly Sims, Sylvia Behrens Yamada, Shon Schooler, Renee Heller, Luke Donaldson, Graham T Takacs, Andrea Randall & Chelsey Buffington
European green crab, Carcinus maenas, trapped and collected in coastal Oregon and Washington coastal estuaries during the 2019 and 2020. Data for individual crabs include: estuary, site, date of collection, sex, carapace width, weight, molt stage (color of abdomen), missing limbs, estimated year class, method of collection, and name of collector. This dataset has been re-coded for Kimberly Sims MNR capstone

Geochemical data from anoxic sequences of the Nicobar Fan, recovered during International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Expedition 362 to the Sumatra subduction zone

Marta Torres
We report on geochemical data from anoxic sequences of the Nicobar Fan, recovered during International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) expedition 362 to the Sumatra subduction zone. Analyses include strontium and carbon isotope composition of pore fluids, elemental and isotopic composition of carbonate concretions, and whole sediment analyses.

Vegetation, Bryophytes, Lichens, Environment, and Stand Dynamics in Forests of the Swan Valley, Montana

Bruce McCune & Joseph A. Antos
We sampled vegetation, bryophytes, lichens, environment, and stand dynamics in 56 plots in the Swan Valley, Montana in 1975-1978. The data include complete inventory of trees in 375 m2 plots, with whole-plot ocular estimates of plant cover by species, transect sampling of the ground layer bryophytes and lichens with microplots, and point-based sampling of epiphytic bryophytes and lichens on tree trunks. Stand age and forest history were inferred by increment boring. Canopy density was measured...

A Literature-based Dataset Containing Statistical Compositions and Reactivities of Commercial and Novel Supplementary Cementitious Materials

Keshav Bharadwaj, O. Burkan Isgor & W. Jason Weiss
This dataset contains the chemical composition and reactivities of commercially used SCMs such as silica fume, Class-F and Class-C fly ashes, slags, and calcined clays. The dataset also includes the chemical composition and reactivity (where available) for several SCMs that are currently not specified in standard specifications by ASTM or AASHTO such as fly ashes not conforming to ASTM C618, bottom ashes, and pumices. This dataset can be used (i) for the classification of SCMs...

Lichen Biomonitoring from Valley to Alpine in Central and Southern California

Adrienne I Kovasi
Chapter 2: The datasets are elemental concentrations for 25 elements from samples of the saxicolous lichens Umbilicaria phaea (n = 51), Rhizoplaca melanophthalma (n = 20), and the epiphytic lichen Letharia vulpina (n = 16) from the southern Sierra Nevada and San Bernardino Mountains of California. Lichen samples were collected between 2013 and 2019 at 31 plots between 180 and 3330 m of elevation. There are accompanying data of environmental variables. Chapter 3: The datasets...

Social Vulnerability Index for the state of Oregon (2020 ACS data)

Caitlyn Reilley & Mindy Crandall
Senate Bill 762, Oregon’s 2021 omnibus wildfire bill, directed Oregon State University to conduct a wildfire risk assessment including mapping socially vulnerable communities to help inform decisions and allocate resources related to state wildfire prevention, response, and recovery. This dataset was curated to identify socially vulnerable communities and largely follows the methodologies of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) Social Vulnerability Index initially developed by Flanagan...

Content analysis of institutional research data policies in the US

Clara Llebot & Diana Castillo
This dataset contains the data generated for a study to evaluate if institutional research data policies in the US support or encourage the FAIR principles (Wilkinson et al 2016). The data include a list of criteria developed for the analysis, and the reasoning behind the inclusion or exclusion of criteria from other sources. The comparison of the results of this study with the results of previous work by Briney et al 2015. And the resulting...

Geochronological and Compositional Dataset for the 3.1 Ma to 100 ka Goat Rocks Volcanic Complex

Kellie Wall
This dataset is a collection of digital appendices for the PhD dissertation by Kellie T. Wall (2022), entitled "The 3.1 Ma to 100 ka Goat Rocks Volcanic Complex: Persistence and Evolution of Magmatism at a Long-Lived Major Andesite Locus on the Cascade Arc." Each appendix is a file (e.g. Excel workbook, Word document) or subfolder of associated files (e.g. composition datasets for multiple samples, figures, images). Included in this dataset are twenty-two appendices labeled A.B...

A Dataset on the influence of air voids and fluid absorption on salt-induced calcium oxychloride damage

Rita M. Ghantous, Keegan Zetterberg, Hope Hall Becker, Amir Behravan, M. Tyler Ley, O. Burkan Isgor & W. Jason Weiss
This dataset aims to display damage induced by calcium oxychloride formation with respect to concrete air void content, and boundary conditions. The purpose of this data set is to complete the data in the paper submitted to Cement and Concrete Composites Journal. The citation for this journal paper is : [1] Rita M. Ghantous, K. Zetterberg, H. H. Becker, A. Behravan, M. T. Ley, O. B. Isgor, W. J. Weiss (2022). “The influence of air...

Counseling Video Mock Vignettes Examining Ruptures Within the Counseling Relationship Corpus Linguistic Data

Justin Jacques
The goal of this project is to produce a series of empirical studies examining the linguistic differences in rupture types (confrontation, withdrawal, or mixed) within the course of a counseling session. The three rupture type constructs are based on Safran and Muran's seminal research on therapeutic alliance ruptures that commonly occur in the course of therapy. This project will conduct these examinations using methods from corpus linguistics.

Zooplankton in Upper Willamette Reservoirs, 2015

Christina Murphy, Amanda Pollock, Angela Strecker & Sherri Johnson
Samples targeting crustacean zooplankton were collected from 3 upper Willamette Basin reservoirs during May-August 2015. Van Dorn sampling devices were used to collect samples at discrete depths from Fall Creek Reservoir, Lookout Point Reservoir, and Hills Creek Reservoir. Zooplankton samples were collected during daytime and nighttime corresponding with the new moon phase to evaluate zooplankton diel migration in these reservoirs. Zooplankton were visually identified using a microscope and the quantity found at each depth was...

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