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Data from: Water, water everywhere: Defining and assessing data sharing in academia

Steve Van Tuyl & Amanda L. Whitmire
This dataset supports a research project and paper where we define criteria for assessing the effectiveness of data sharing, under the assumption that the goal of data sharing is to make the data usable, with minimal effort, to the new user. We take the position that the bar should be set relatively low for the usability of data in order to facilitate the downstream goals of sharing such as validation of results, reproducibility of research,...

Data and Code for: The role of maternal age and context-dependent maternal effects in the offspring provisioning of a long-lived marine teleost

Linsey Arnold, Wade Smith, Paul Spencer, Allison Evans, Scott Heppell & Selina Heppell

Dataset for Finding Submerged Sites: An Exploration of Shoreline and Environmental Change in Oregon’s Yaquina River Basin using GIS Predictive Modeling

Kathryn Fujiye Nuss
Dataset analyzed in Nuss, K. F. (2018) Finding Submerged Sites : An Exploration of Shoreline and Environmental Change in Oregon’s Yaquina River Basin using GIS Predictive Modeling (master’s thesis) https://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/concern/graduate_thesis_or_dissertations/5712mc48k

SNP data for 295 snap bean genotypes utilized in a study of snap bean genetic diversity published in Genes

Lyle Wallace, Haidar Arkwazee, Kelly Vining & James Myers
The accessions used in this study were comprised of 246 snap bean and 49 dry bean genotypes. Of these, 150 snap bean accessions came from the Common Bean Coordinated Agriculture Project Snap Bean Diversity panel, an assemblage of 59 Chinese snap bean genotypes obtained from a trip to China in 1991 by Michael Dickson (Cornell University), placed in the United States Dept. of Agriculture National Plant Germplasm System (USDA-NPGS) Plant Introduction collection at Pullman, WA,...

Dataset for genomic resources for the neotropical tree genus Cedrela (Meliaceae) and its relatives

Kristen N. Finch
Tree species in the genus Cedrela are threatened by timber overexploitation across the Neotropics. Genetic identification of processed timber can be used to supplement wood anatomy to assist in the taxonomic and source validation of protected species and populations of Cedrela. However, few genetic resources exist that enable both species and source identification of Cedrela timber products. We developed several genomic resources including a leaf transcriptome, chloroplast genome, and diagnostic single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that...

Snowpack Contributions and Temperature Characterization of Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers in the Western Cordillera of the United States

J. Michelle Hu
This study utilized long-term daily precipitation and snow-water equivalent (SWE) data derived from the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Snow Telemetry Network. All existing SNOTEL sites in the Olympic, Coast and Cascade ranges in Washington (n = 66) and Oregon (n = 52) and in the California Sierra Nevada (n = 28) with data from water year 1984 to water year 2016 were included in this analysis. The Topography Weather data from Oyler et al. (2015)...

MidCoast Watersheds Council Landward Migration Zone (LMZ) Project Data

Laura S. Brophy & Michael J. Ewald
GIS data and metadata from the report "Modeling sea level rise impacts to Oregon’s tidal wetlands : Maps and prioritization tools to help plan for habitat conservation into the future.” This project maps potential future tidal wetlands (landward migration zones) for emergent, scrub-shrub and forested tidal wetlands of the 23 major estuaries of Oregon's outer coast, under 6 sea level rise (SLR) scenarios.

Benthic Habitat Mapping: eCognition Rule Set

Assessing the impact of multicomponent diffusion in direct numerical simulations of premixed, high-Karlovitz, turbulent flames: hydrogen data

Aaron Fillo, Jason Schlup, Guillaume Blanquart & Kyle E Niemeyer
This data contains results from direct numerical simulations of premixed, two-dimensional unsteady and three-dimensional, turbulent hydrogen/air flames, using the multicomponent and mixture-averaged diffusion models. In particular, this dataset contains information about diffusion flux angles and magnitudes. We performed the simulations using the finite-difference code NGA; simulation details are described completely in the associated article.

Multivariate Vegetation Mapping -- Code and Data

Emilie B. Henderson
This data set contains RCode designed for mapping correlated vegetation summary variables via univariate (modified random forest regression) and multivariate (random forest nearest neighbor) methods. It also contains a small vegetation plot dataset to illustrate the type of information needed to support such an analysis.

ODOT Blue Lights in Work Zone Study - Case Study Data

John Gambatese
The dataset was generated as part of a study conducted by Oregon State University (OSU) and funded by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). The study, titled "Use of Blue Lights on Paving Equipment in Work Zones," was conducted from June to December 2018. The dataset includes vehicle speed and length data collected over a total of 12 days on three case study projects on high-speed roadways in Oregon. A description of the study is...

Dataset used for “The early life stages of California yellowtail (Seriola dorsalis) and white seabass (Atractoscion nobilis) respond to food particle taste more than smell.”

Matt Hawkyard, Chris Langdon, Mark Drawbridge & Kevin Stuart
This dataset was produced as a result of experiments conducted with simple and alginate complex particles that were used to evaluate feeding in California yellowtail and white seabass post larvae. Retention data was collected from a series of retention trials whereby particles were suspended in seawater for various lengths of time and then encapsulated compounds were measured in the particles or in the seawater. Feeding data was obtained from either 1) gut dissections and determined...

Fish Schooling Data Subset

Yael Katz, Kolbjørn Tunstrøm, Christos C. Ioannou, Cristián Huepe & Iain D. Couzin
The data is a JSON format file containing the position, velocity, and fish identifier data for 300 golden shiners in a shallow water tank. There are 5000 individual frames (samples of position and velocity) corresponding to video taken at a rate of 30 frames/s and analysed to extract individual fish’s trajectories. The fields px, py, vx, vy correspond to the x- and y-components of each detected fish’s position and velocity. The onfish field gives each...

Isotopic and Geochemical Signatures of Mantle and Crustal Contributions in Rhyolites from Okataina and Taupo volcanoes, New Zealand

Nicole Rocco
Silicic caldera-forming eruptions are some of the largest and most destructive volcanic eruptions known, and present significant local and global hazards. The underlying processes within crustal magma plumbing systems that lead to the accumulation and eruption of large volumes of evolved magma remain enigmatic, yet there is broad consensus that interaction between mantle-derived magmas and surrounding crust is crucial to the generation of many silicic magmas. Constraining these processes are key to understanding the evolution...

Dataset for the analyses of the effect of wildfire and juniper phase on mule deer habitat selection

Elizabeth Schuyler
These data were obtained from GPS radio collared mule deer from 2015-2017. The data includes used vs available predictor variable information for time since fire, juniper canopy cover, NDVI, and vegetation community for winter, summer:migratory, summer:resident seasonal ranges.

Instruments to explore the adoption of good data management practices through a variation of the UTAUT model.

Clara Llebot & Hannah Rempel
This dataset features three types of content, all related to the article Llebot, C. Rempel, H (2021) Why won’t they just adopt good research data management practices? An exploration of research teams and librarians’ role in facilitating RDM adoption. First, we include three tables defining fictional personas. Second, one worksheet. Third, the translation of one of the tables of the article in Spanish and Catalan. (1) Personas. The tables have information on the three personas:...

Dataset: Experimental evaluation of herbicide use on biodiversity, ecosystem services and timber production tradeoffs in forest plantations.

Thomas D Stokely
This dataset consists of species richness of native plants, pollinators, and birds, ecosystem service response variables, and timber and revenue projections from forest plantations of the Oregon Coast Range, collected during the first 6 years of stand establishment (2011-2016). The objectives of the Intensive Forest Management experiment were to quantify the effects of herbicide use on biodiversity and ecosystem services and the relative tradeoffs between timber production and ecosystem services.

Willamette Reservoir Food Web Data

Christina Murphy, Jeremy D. Romer, Kevin Stertz, Ivan Arismendi, Ryan Emig, Fred Monzyk & Sherri Johnson
Isotope and stomach content data from piscivorous reservoir fishes collected from Hills Creek (isotopes; 43°40′16″N 122°25′33″W) and Lookout Point (isotopes and stomach contents; 43°53′48″N 122°43′34″W) reservoirs located on the Middle Fork Willamette River, Oregon. Additional details can be found in the related publication. Isotope sampling was conducted under OSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Permits 4476 and 5163, ODFW permits 18168,18390, 19499 and 20088, NOAA permits W1-13-OSU202, W1-14-OSU202, W1-15-ODFW204, W1-15-OSU202 and 20088, and USFWS permit...

Northern spotted owl reproductive rates

Jeremy T. Rockweit, Julianna M. A. Jenkins, James E. Hines, James D. Nichols, Katie M. Dugger, Alan B. Franklin, Peter C. Carlson, William L. Kendall, Damon B. Lesmeister, Christopher McCafferty, Steven H. Ackers, L. Steven Andrews, Larissa L. Bailey, Jesse Burgher, Kenneth P. Burnham, Tara Chestnut, Mary M. Conner, Krista E. Dilione, Raymond J. Davis, Eric D. Forsman, Elizabeth M. Glenn, Scott A. Gremel, Keith A. Hamm, Dale R. Herter, J. Mark Higley … & Charles B. Yackulic
These datasets were used in the prosepctive meta-analysis of northern spotted owl reproductive rates over 25 years across 11 study areas located throughout the range of the owl. A multi-state occupancy file was created by collapsing site-specific information on owl reproductive status into bimonthly (2 per month) survey occasisons. These data were then analyzed to estimate annual reproductive rates, defined as: # owls successfully reproducing/# owl pairs, while accounting for variation in survey effort by...

Fall Creek Reservoir Water Quality Dataset

Stephen Hamilton, Christina Murphy, Sherri Johnson & Amanda Pollock
Water chemistry measurements taken at or downstream of Fall Creek Reservoir, OR (43.9459714, -122.755765). Fall Creek is a tributary of the Middle Fork Willamette River, located approximately 20 miles SE of Eugene, Oregon, USA. Water chemistry measurements included water samples collected from the reservoir outflow (during autumn drawdown) and within Fall Creek Reservoir (during August). These water samples were analyzed to determine concentrations of dissolved organic carbon, suspended sediment, and nutrients. A sonde was used...

Librarians as Wikimedia Movement Organizers in Spain: an interpretive inquiry exploring activities and motivations - Dataset

Laurie Bridges & Clara Llebot
This dataset is a list of quotes used in the article "Librarians as Wikimedia Movement Organizers in Spain: An interpretive inquiry exploring activities and motivations", by Laurie Bridges and Clara Llebot. This dataset includes the quotes in the original language (English and Spanish) and, when the original language is not English, the translation to English. We interviewed a total of 18 Spanish librarians in 14 interviews. In the interviews the librarians discussed their use of...

Dataset associated with Long-Term Effects of Fuel Reduction Treatments on Surface Fuel Loading in the Blue Mountains of Oregon

Kat Morici
Dataset contains a 2015 partial re-measurement of the Blue Mountains Fire and Fire Surrogate study. 8 plots were measured from each of the 16 units, selected randomly from all plots in each unit. Species are recorded using USDA plant codes, "UNKN" is unknown species. For fine fuels, 3 Brown's transects were collected per plot. The length varied based on fuel size class. The "hr1/hr10/hr100" columns include the count of fuel particles within each size class...

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