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Datasets from Upper-Crustal Magma Evolution at Intermediate Arc Systems: Uranium-Series Zircon Chronochemistry of the Unzen Volcanic Complex, Southwestern Japan

Crystal-rich (40~50 vol.%) intermediate lava has been the primary eruptive product of several recent hazardous eruptions: Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines (1991), Soufriere Hills, Montserrat (1995-present), and Unzen, Japan (1990-1995). Despite this association with such devastating eruptions, the formation, timing, and evacuation of such magma is not well understood: do such eruptions tap a long-lived, multi-cycle crystal mush, or, is it generated in a single magmatic cycle prior to eruption? This thesis explores this question through research...

Blended sea level anomaly fields with enhanced coastal coverage along the U.S. West Coast.

Craig M. Risien
We form a new data set of fields of sea level anomalies by combining gridded daily fields derived from altimeter data with coastal tide gauge data. Within approximately 50-80 km of the coast, the altimeter data are discarded and replaced by a linear interpolation between the tide gauge and remaining offshore altimeter data. A 20-year mean is subtracted from each time series (tide gauge or altimeter) before combining the data sets to form the merged...

Contrasting Epiphytic and Ground Layer Macrolichen Communities along the Coast-to-inland Climatic Gradient in Oregon - Dataset

Abby L. Glauser
All necessary data files (including a README file) associated with the Master's Thesis titled: Contrasting Epiphytic and Ground Layer Macrolichen Communities along the Coast-to-inland Climatic Gradient in Oregon.

Steady-State Diffusion in a Spatially Varying Porous Medium: Data Sets

Peter T. Ferrero V & Brian D. Wood
This repository contains the data associated with the paper "Steady-State Diffusion in a Spatially Varying Porous Medium" to be published in Advances in Water Resources. These data include the information and program scripts required to reproduce the results reported in the publication. In particular, the data set includes (1) COMSOL and MATLAB files to reproduce the simulations for Cases 1-4, (2) the files required to calculate the closure problem source terms for all four cases,...

Torsion-Free Vertex-Regular Lattices of I55

Samantha T. Smith
This dataset contains the following: 1) A full list of the scaffolded presentations of the torsion-free vertex-regular lattices of Bourdon's building I55, classified up to isomorphism. 2) The source code for the programs used to construct these presentations in the software GAP 4. 3) The source code for the programs used to classify these presentations in the software GAP 4. 4) The source code for the program needed to convert these presentations to the corresponding...

First Leaf Emergence Force of Winter Wheat

Small, single-point load cells were used to measure force exerted by the first leaf of three hard red cultivars (Farnum, Finley, and Norwest 553) as it emerged from a deep planting depth in a small containerized volume of soil. Coleoptile diameter was determined using a 0 to 25 mm, ratchet-stop 102-301 micrometer (Mitutoyo America Corporation; Aurora, Ill). Diameter measurements were made five mm above the base (CDB), in the middle (CDM), and five mm below...

Experimental data for Experiments on the Hydraulics and Swimming Responses of Juvenile Chinook Salmon Encountering a Floating Guidance Structure

Samuel T. Swanson
Floating guidance structures are intended to promote safe in-stream passage for juvenile salmon migrating downstream through reservoirs. However, the ability of an engineered structure to guide fish to safe passage has been primarily tested either after large-scale implementation in existing reservoirs or in laboratory studies and computer simulations without live subjects. Research is needed that integrates environmental fluid mechanics with fish behavior to study how hydraulic conditions around a floating guidance structure trigger swimming behaviors....

Supplemental data to \"Casting a broader net: Using microfluidic metagenomics to capture aquatic biodiversity data from diverse taxonomic targets\"

Laura L. Hauck, Kevin A. Weitemier, Brooke E. Penaluna, Tiffany Garcia & Richard Cronn

Data for Runups of unusual size: rogueness and variability of swash

Gabriel García-Medina, H. Tuba Ozkan-Haller, Peter Ruggiero, Robert A. Homan & Chuan Li
This repository item contains the files needed to reproduce the results reported in the published work entitled "Runups of unusual size: rogueness and variability of swash" in the Journal of Geophysical Research. As described in the publication, the results described within it pertain to simulations of wave runup for various configurations of beaches using various idealized surface gravity wave conditions. All discussed results pertain to a model-generated data set using the publically-available code "funwavec" for...

Assessing the impact of multicomponent diffusion in direct numerical simulations of premixed, high-Karlovitz, turbulent flames: n-heptane data

Aaron Fillo, Jason Schlup, Guillaume Blanquart & Kyle Niemeyer
This data contains results from direct numerical simulations of premixed, three-dimensional, turbulent n-heptane/air flames, using the multicomponent and mixture-averaged diffusion models. In particular, this dataset contains information about diffusion flux angles and magnitudes. We performed the simulations using the finite-difference code NGA; simulation details are described completely in the associated article.

Dataset for Status of the European Green Crab, Carcinus maenas, in Oregon and Washington coastal Estuaries in 2019

Sylvia Behrens Yamada, Shon Schooler, Renee Heller, Luke Donaldson, Graham T. Takacs, Andrea Randall & Chelsey Buffington
Carapace width of crabs trapped and collected in coastal Oregon and Washington coastal estuaries during the 2019.

Direct numerical simulation results for turbulent hydrogen/air flame: mixture-averaged diffusion model

Aaron J. Fillo, Jason Schlup, Guillaume Beardsell, Guillaume Blanquart & Kyle E. Niemeyer

Effects of an engineered log jam on the flow field across submergence depths

William L'Hommedieu
Engineered log jams (ELJs) are commonly implemented in rivers to stabilize streambanks and diversify fish habitat, but few studies have verified the hydraulic benefits of ELJs by assessing their effects on the flow field. This field and modeling study assessed the effects of an ELJ on various characteristics of the flow field with increasing submergence. A 2D hydrodynamic model, iRIC SToRM, was applied to simulate flow conditions of the Calapooia River, Oregon with an ELJ...

Data Experimental evaluation of genomic DNA degradation rates for the pathogen Pseudogymnoascus destructans (Pd) in bat guano

Jenny Urbina
Raw data Peer j paper titled "Experimental evaluation of genomic DNA degradation rates for the pathogen Pseudogymnoascus destructans (Pd) in bat guano"

Synergistic effects of wild ungulates and management intensification suppress native plants and promote exotics - Dataset

Thomas D. Stokely
This dataset consists of native and exotic plant species metrics, including cover, richness, relative abundance and responses to the exclusion of wild ungulates and herbivory. The data were used for the manuscript: "Synergistic effects of wild ungulates and management intensification suppress native plants and promote exotics", published in the journal Forest Ecology and Management. We used mixed-effects models in the R Statistical Package to test the interactive effects of herbicide and herbivory on native and...

Data for Investigating Protein-lipid-membrane Interactions in Plant Cells using Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation

Kai Tao
Datasets generated during a dissertation that has the goal of studying the distribution of specific lipids and membrane proteins of the external and internal membranes of plant cells, in the context of the roles that those lipids and proteins may play in microbe-plant interactions.

Comparing anuran performance and movement

Evan Bredeweg, Anita Morzillo, Lindsey Thurman, Tiffany Garcia & Jenny Urbina
Movement in an important component of an animal's life cycle when it relies on both aquatic and terrestrial habitats. When multiple species overlap in the use of these habitats, they rely on other methods to reduce competition for shared resources. This dataset measured the jumping performance and movement behavior of three anuran species as juveniles. By relating their movement behavior to physical and behavioral attributes, we worked to understand the factors that determine an individual's...

Nays2D Modelling results for three reaches in the Oregon Coast Range before and after the addition of Large Wood

Catalina Segura & Russell Bair

Long-term effects of forest harvesting on summer low flow deficiets in the Coast Range of Oregon

Catalina Segura, Kevin Bladon, Jeff Hatten, Julia Jones, Cody Hale, George G. Ice & Jon Souder
We examined long-term changes in daily streamflow associated with forestry practices with two datasets (this one and the original Alsea Streamflow dataset(1972)) over a 60-year period (1959–2017) in the Alsea Watershed Study, Oregon Coast Range, Pacific Northwest, USA. In this contemporary period, 2006 to 2017 (12 water years), data were collected at 10-minute intervals, including three to eight years of pre-harvest data rating curves were developed. Based 40 to 55 stage-discharge data points collected for...

Hyperspectral imagery of Pinus strobiformis infected with fungal pathogen

Marja Haagsma, Gerald F. M. Page & Jeremy S. Johnson
Hyperspectral images were taken from March till October, 2018, of southwestern white pine (Pinus strobiformis), SWWP, seedlings of ten different seed-source families. Half of the seedlings were inoculated with white pine blister rust (Cronartium ribicola). Visual assessments of vigor coincided with hyperspectral data acquisition. The aim of the experiment was to use hyperspectral data to automaticaly and objectively identify infection and degree of infection in SWWP seedlings. Moreover, we developed and evaluated a feature importance...

Invertebrates (except family Carabidae) caught by pitfall and refuge trap sampling in Linn Co March 2018-June 2019

Inga Reich, Casi Jessie, Mike Gormally & Rory Mc Donnell

Alsea Watershed Study 1959-1972

Jon Souder
To investigate the effects of logging, three small watersheds in the Alsea River basin on the west slope of the Oregon Coast Range were selected for study. This was an interdisciplinary investigation to evaluate the influence of specific logging methods on stream regimen and on aquatic resources. The study plan involved (1) clear-cut logging one watershed [Needle Branch Creek]; (2) a second watershed with smaller, more spaced clear cuts and a riparian stream buffer left...

Alsea watershed study revisited: unpublished temperature datasets from pre-harvest 2006 to 2010

Kevin Bladon, Nicholas Cook, Jeffery Light, Catalina Segura, Arne Skaugset, Cody Hale, David Leer, Tina Garland, Amy Simmons, Alex Irving, George G. Ice, Robert Danehy, Terry Bousquet, Diana Cook, Jan Napack, David Campbell, Jeff Louch, John Stednick & Matthew Menk
These data contain temperature readings from dataloggers launched in Deer Creek, Flynn Creek, and Needle Branch from 2006 to 2010. These loggers were apart of the Alsea Watershed Revisisted Study Revisited articles, but the data was incomplete due to logging gaps, temperature spikes, or other issues. The "ThermistorFunction" datasets indicate whether dataloggers launched in each stream have complete datasets or not. Despite these data not being complete, they help tell the data collection story for...

Wild ungulates compound herbicide-mediated simplification of early-successional plant communities in forest plantations - Dataset

Thomas Stokely
This dataset consists of vascular plant species cover estimates collected from 12, 1x1-m quadrats, nested within 15x15-m plots that excluded and were open to wild ungulate access. The wild ungulate exclusion experiment was conducted in young forest plantations (<6 years old), each randomly assigned to one of 3 silvicultural herbicide treatments or an untreated control, collected from 2011-2016 in the Oregon Coast Range, USA. Data were used in the analyses presented in Stokely et al....

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