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MidCoast Watersheds Council Landward Migration Zone (LMZ) Project Data

Laura S. Brophy & Michael J. Ewald
GIS data and metadata from the report "Modeling sea level rise impacts to Oregon’s tidal wetlands : Maps and prioritization tools to help plan for habitat conservation into the future.” This project maps potential future tidal wetlands (landward migration zones) for emergent, scrub-shrub and forested tidal wetlands of the 23 major estuaries of Oregon's outer coast, under 6 sea level rise (SLR) scenarios.

Dataset for genomic resources for the neotropical tree genus Cedrela (Meliaceae) and its relatives

Kristen N. Finch
Tree species in the genus Cedrela are threatened by timber overexploitation across the Neotropics. Genetic identification of processed timber can be used to supplement wood anatomy to assist in the taxonomic and source validation of protected species and populations of Cedrela. However, few genetic resources exist that enable both species and source identification of Cedrela timber products. We developed several genomic resources including a leaf transcriptome, chloroplast genome, and diagnostic single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that...

Snowpack Contributions and Temperature Characterization of Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers in the Western Cordillera of the United States

J. Michelle Hu
This study utilized long-term daily precipitation and snow-water equivalent (SWE) data derived from the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Snow Telemetry Network. All existing SNOTEL sites in the Olympic, Coast and Cascade ranges in Washington (n = 66) and Oregon (n = 52) and in the California Sierra Nevada (n = 28) with data from water year 1984 to water year 2016 were included in this analysis. The Topography Weather data from Oyler et al. (2015)...

Benthic Habitat Mapping: eCognition Rule Set

Dataset for Finding Submerged Sites: An Exploration of Shoreline and Environmental Change in Oregon’s Yaquina River Basin using GIS Predictive Modeling

Kathryn Fujiye Nuss
Dataset analyzed in Nuss, K. F. (2018) Finding Submerged Sites : An Exploration of Shoreline and Environmental Change in Oregon’s Yaquina River Basin using GIS Predictive Modeling (master’s thesis) https://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/concern/graduate_thesis_or_dissertations/5712mc48k

SNP data for 295 snap bean genotypes utilized in a study of snap bean genetic diversity published in Genes

Lyle Wallace, Haidar Arkwazee, Kelly Vining & James Myers
The accessions used in this study were comprised of 246 snap bean and 49 dry bean genotypes. Of these, 150 snap bean accessions came from the Common Bean Coordinated Agriculture Project Snap Bean Diversity panel, an assemblage of 59 Chinese snap bean genotypes obtained from a trip to China in 1991 by Michael Dickson (Cornell University), placed in the United States Dept. of Agriculture National Plant Germplasm System (USDA-NPGS) Plant Introduction collection at Pullman, WA,...

Data for Highways, crossing structures and risk: Behaviors of Greater Yellowstone pronghorn elucidate efficacy of road mitigation

David S. Green
These datasets document observations of pronghorn crossing structures in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem between 2011 and 2014. These datasets include information about the probability of pronghorn crossing the structures and their behaviors around the structures themselves (e.g., sustained vigilance, stress).

Dateset for : Ampelisca eschrichtii Krøyer, 1842 (Ampeliscidae) of the Sakhalin Shelf in the Okhotsk Sea starve in summer and feast in winter

Valentina B. Durkina, John W. Chapman & Natalia L. Demchenko
Background. Ampelisca eschrichtii Krøyer, 1842 of the Sakhalin Shelf of the Okhotsk Sea, Far Eastern Russia, comprise the highest known biomass concentration of any amphipod population in the world and are a critically important prey source for western gray whales. Growth and reproduction in this population has not been apparent in summer. However, they are not accessible for sampling in winter to test a previous default conclusion that they grow and reproduce in winter. Methods....

Daily Snowpack Fate Data Supporting New Metrics for Snow in a Warming Climate: Indicators for the National Climate Assessment

J. Michelle Hu
Snowpack impacts and trends in precipitation regimes are investigated for the mountainous western United States from water years 1984–2016. The vast majority of snow trend studies utilize undifferentiated air temperature records, which do not segregate between days with and without precipitation and effectually dilute temperature trends relevant for snowpack monitoring. In this work, 33 years of daily meteorological data from 567 Snow Telemetry (SNOTEL) sites and a homogenized daily temperature dataset were used to investigate...

Data from: Methodology for comparing wood adhesive bond load transfer using digital volume correlation

Daniel J. Ching, Paige E. McKinley, Frederick A. Kamke, Michaela Zauner & Xianghui Xiao
There is a lack of fundamental knowledge about the role which adhesive flow and infiltration plays in the micro-mechanical performance of wood adhesive bonds. This data set, for the first time, provides a way to study directly the relationship between adhesive flow and the micro-mechanics of wood adhesive bonds. Specimens of three species: loblolly pine (*Pinus taeda*), Douglas-fir (*Pseudotsuga menziesii*), and hybrid poplar (*Populus deltoides x Populus trichocarpa*); and bondlines of three types: earlywood-earlywood, earlywood-latewood,...

Seasonal distribution and environmental associations among late larval and juvenile rockfish (Sebastes spp.) off Oregon and Washington: new insights based on genetics

Mattias Johansson, Marisa N.C. Litz, Richard D. Brodeur, Tristan A. Britt, Camilo A. Vanegas, John R. Hyde & Michael A. Banks
Cytochrome B sequence data (FASTA format) from the paper “Seasonal distribution and environmental associations among late larval and juvenile rockfish (Sebastes spp.) off Oregon and Washington: new insights based on genetics”. The data was generated from a sample of 2534 unknown, field collected late-larval and juvenile rockfishes from the Pacific Ocean off Oregon and Washington. These unknowns identified by comparison with a data set of sequences generated from known (morphologically identified) adult fishes. This project...

Dataset for Status of the European Green Crab, Carcinus maenas, in Oregon and Washington coastal Estuaries in 2017

Sylvia B. Yamada, Adrianne Akmajian, Christina Geierman, Julia Indivero, Joel Prickett & Bree Yednock
Data on green crabs collected and trapped from Makah Bay to Coos Bay in 2017. Data included: Estuary, site, date, sex, carapace width, weight, molt state, estimated year class, missing limbs, collection method and collector.

Contrasting Epiphytic and Ground Layer Macrolichen Communities along the Coast-to-inland Climatic Gradient in Oregon - Dataset

Abby L. Glauser
All necessary data files (including a README file) associated with the Master's Thesis titled: Contrasting Epiphytic and Ground Layer Macrolichen Communities along the Coast-to-inland Climatic Gradient in Oregon.

Steady-State Diffusion in a Spatially Varying Porous Medium: Data Sets

Peter T. Ferrero V & Brian D. Wood
This repository contains the data associated with the paper "Steady-State Diffusion in a Spatially Varying Porous Medium" to be published in Advances in Water Resources. These data include the information and program scripts required to reproduce the results reported in the publication. In particular, the data set includes (1) COMSOL and MATLAB files to reproduce the simulations for Cases 1-4, (2) the files required to calculate the closure problem source terms for all four cases,...

Torsion-Free Vertex-Regular Lattices of I55

Samantha T. Smith
This dataset contains the following: 1) A full list of the scaffolded presentations of the torsion-free vertex-regular lattices of Bourdon's building I55, classified up to isomorphism. 2) The source code for the programs used to construct these presentations in the software GAP 4. 3) The source code for the programs used to classify these presentations in the software GAP 4. 4) The source code for the program needed to convert these presentations to the corresponding...

First Leaf Emergence Force of Winter Wheat

Small, single-point load cells were used to measure force exerted by the first leaf of three hard red cultivars (Farnum, Finley, and Norwest 553) as it emerged from a deep planting depth in a small containerized volume of soil. Coleoptile diameter was determined using a 0 to 25 mm, ratchet-stop 102-301 micrometer (Mitutoyo America Corporation; Aurora, Ill). Diameter measurements were made five mm above the base (CDB), in the middle (CDM), and five mm below...

Experimental data for Experiments on the Hydraulics and Swimming Responses of Juvenile Chinook Salmon Encountering a Floating Guidance Structure

Samuel T. Swanson
Floating guidance structures are intended to promote safe in-stream passage for juvenile salmon migrating downstream through reservoirs. However, the ability of an engineered structure to guide fish to safe passage has been primarily tested either after large-scale implementation in existing reservoirs or in laboratory studies and computer simulations without live subjects. Research is needed that integrates environmental fluid mechanics with fish behavior to study how hydraulic conditions around a floating guidance structure trigger swimming behaviors....

Data for Investigating Protein-lipid-membrane Interactions in Plant Cells using Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation

Kai Tao
Datasets generated during a dissertation that has the goal of studying the distribution of specific lipids and membrane proteins of the external and internal membranes of plant cells, in the context of the roles that those lipids and proteins may play in microbe-plant interactions.

Comparing anuran performance and movement

Evan Bredeweg, Anita Morzillo, Lindsey Thurman, Tiffany Garcia & Jenny Urbina
Movement in an important component of an animal's life cycle when it relies on both aquatic and terrestrial habitats. When multiple species overlap in the use of these habitats, they rely on other methods to reduce competition for shared resources. This dataset measured the jumping performance and movement behavior of three anuran species as juveniles. By relating their movement behavior to physical and behavioral attributes, we worked to understand the factors that determine an individual's...

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