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Fall Creek Reservoir Water Quality Dataset

Stephen Hamilton, Christina Murphy, Sherri Johnson & Amanda Pollock
Water chemistry measurements taken at or downstream of Fall Creek Reservoir, OR (43.9459714, -122.755765). Fall Creek is a tributary of the Middle Fork Willamette River, located approximately 20 miles SE of Eugene, Oregon, USA. Water chemistry measurements included water samples collected from the reservoir outflow (during autumn drawdown) and within Fall Creek Reservoir (during August). These water samples were analyzed to determine concentrations of dissolved organic carbon, suspended sediment, and nutrients. A sonde was used...

Phytoplankton in Upper Willamette Reservoirs Dataset

Christina Murphy, Amanda Pollock, Ivan Arismendi & Sherri Johnson
Phytoplankton samples were collected from 5 upper Willamette Basin reservoirs in variable months during years 2013-2016 and 2019. Samples were collected from Blue River Reservoir, Cougar Reservoir, Fall Creek Reservoir, Lookout Point Reservoir, and Hills Creek Reservoir. The phytoplankton were identified and enumerated by Jim Sweet at Aquatic Analysts. Density and biovolume were calculated for each phytoplankton species identified per sample collected. This dataset also includes environmental parameters corresponding to sample collection date or the...

Registration Year

  • 2021

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  • Oregon State University
  • US Forest Service
  • Michigan State University