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Benthic and substrate cover data derived from field photo-transect surveys for the Heron Reef flat and slope areas (2017-11)

Christiaan M Roelfsema, Eva M Kovacs, Kathryn Markey & Stuart R Phinn

Profile of vertical fish echo sounding with Simrad EK60 during Helmer Hanssen cruise CAGE 14.5 with links to raw data files

Jürgen Mienert

Sensitivity of tetrodotoxin and saxitoxin to changing ocean conditions, supplement to: Roggatz, Christina C; Fletcher, Nichola; Benoit, David M; Algar, Adam C; Doroff, Angela; Wright, Bruce; Wollenberg Valero, Katharina C; Hardege, Jörg D (2019): Saxitoxin and tetrodotoxin bioavailability increases in future oceans. Nature Climate Change

Christina C Roggatz, Nichola Fletcher, David M Benoit, Adam C Algar, Angela Doroff, Bruce Wright, Katharina C Wollenberg Valero & Jörg D Hardege
This dataset, consisting of 3 separate files, provides the basis for our manuscript entitled "Saxitoxin and tetrodotoxin bioavailability increases in future oceans". Each file contains the data for one figure. For detailed calculation methods please refer to the method and supplementary information sections of the associated manuscript. Fig1_STX_and_TTX_pH-availability contains abundance data of saxitoxin (STX) and tetrodotoxin (TTX) protonation states across the pH range from 6 to 10 at 3 different temperatures. It is calculated based...

Late Miocene model boundary condtions, supplement to: Knorr, Gregor; Butzin, Martin; Micheels, Arne; Lohmann, Gerrit (2011): A warm Miocene climate at low atmospheric CO2 levels. Geophysical Research Letters, 38(20)

Gregor Knorr, Martin Butzin, Arne Micheels & Gerrit Lohmann
Here we present Late Miocene (~11-7 Ma) model boundary conditions used by Knorr et al. [2011] in two files (Paleogeography.nc and Surface_conditions.nc). These boundary conditions relate to Figure 1 in the corresponding study. The file Paleogeography.nc (0.5°x 0.5° resolution) contains the orography (positive values and zero) and bathymetry (negative values). The file Surface_conditions.nc contains land surface conditions. Besides the glacier mask these surface conditions (3.75°x 3.75° resolution) contain the vegetation distribution that is represented by...

The Arctic Ocean volume, heat and fresh water transports time series from October 2004 to May 2010

Takamasa Tsubouchi, Wilken-Jon von Appen, Ursula Schauer, Torsten Kanzow, Craig Lee, Beth Curry, Laura de Steur, Randi Ingvaldsen & Rebecca A Woodgate
This dataset provides 68 months time series of the Arctic ocean heat and FW transports from October 2004 to May 2010. They are estimated based on large amount of mooring data (around 1,000 moored instrument records) in the Arctic main gateways (Davis Strait, Fram Strait, Barents Sea Opening and Bering Strait) using box inverse model method as described in Tsubouchi et al. (2018).Thus, this dataset quantifies inter-annual variability of ocean volume, heat and FW transports....

Nearshore sub-bottom profiles at Herschel Island - Qikiqtaruk, Yukon, Canada

Boris Radosavljevic, George Tanski & Hugues Lantuit
Shallow reflective seismic surveys were carried out in the vicinity of Herschel Island in 2013. These data were collected to investigate the depositional dynamics to the west, north and east of the island. A portion of the Herschel Basin was also surveyed. The surveys were carried out in nearshore waters ca. 3-45 m deep and to about 5 km offshore, with a total line length of about 80 km.The data were recorded using an Innomar...

Glacier outlines in the Ala Archa valley, Kyrgyzstan between 1968-2017

Matevz Vremec & Paul Schattan
The inventory contains shapefiles of the glacier area in the Ala Archa valley for the years 1968, 1975, 1994, 2010 and 2017. The Ala Archa valley lies in the Kyrgyz Ala-Too (Kyrgyz range) which represents the north-western part of the Tien Shan. The area is very important for scientific research and the freshwater supply for the greater Bishkek region, as it lies in the vicinity of Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The Mapping of the...

A trait collection of marine fish species from North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific continental shelf seas

Esther Beukhof, Tim S Dencker, M L D Palomares & Aurore Maureaud
This dataset containing traits of marine fish is based on fish taxa observed during international scientific bottom-trawl surveys regularly conducted in the Northeast Atlantic, Northwest Atlantic and the Northeast Pacific. These scientific surveys target primarily demersal (bottom-dwelling) fish species, but pelagic species are also regularly recorded. The overarching aim of this dataset was to collect information on ecological traits for as many fish taxa as possible and to find area-specific trait values in order to...

Data for Effect of Mesoscale Oceanic Eddies on Extratropical Cyclogenesis: a Tracking Approach, supplement to: Zhang, Xingzhi; Ma, Xiaohui; Wu, Lixin (2019): Effect of Mesoscale Oceanic Eddies on Extratropical Cyclogenesis: a Tracking Approach. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 124(12), 6411-6422

Xingzhi Zhang
Oceanic eddies populated in the western boundary current regions in the midlatitude, have been found to exert significant influence on atmospheric boundary layer, storm tracks as well as largescale atmospheric circulation. However, mechanisms governing how mesoscale sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies associated with oceanic eddies affect extratropical cyclogenesis remains unclear. Here, we investigate the influence of Kuroshio oceanic eddies on cyclogenesis in the North Pacific in high resolution climate model simulations using a cyclone tracking...

ArcCRUST: Arctic crustal thickness from 3D gravity inversion, links to files in NetCDF format, supplement to: Lebedeva-Ivanova, Nina; Gaina, Carmen; Minakov, Alexander; Kashubin, Sergei (2019): ArcCRUST: Arctic Crustal Thickness From 3‐D Gravity Inversion. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 20(7), 3225-3247

Nina Lebedeva-Ivanova, Carmen Gaina, Alexander Minakov & Sergei Kashubin
The ArcCRUST model consists of crustal thickness and estimated crustal thinning factors grids for the High Arctic and Circum-Arctic regions (north of 67°N). This model is derived by using 3D forward and inverse gravity modelling. Updated sedimentary thickness grid, an oceanic lithosphere age model together with inferred microcontinent rifting ages, variable crystalline crust and sediment densities, and dynamic topography models constrain this inversion. We use published high-quality 2D seismic crustal-scale models to create a database...

Density and stratigraphy of firn at Lomonosovfonna derived from shallow cores in 1997-2015

Sergey Marchenko, Veijo A Pohjola, Rickard Pettersson, Ward van Pelt, Carmen Paulina Vega & Elisabeth Isaksson
The present dataset contains measurements of density and observations of stratigraphy in the subsurface snow/firn/ice done at Lomonosovfonna during 1997-2015. The variables are named according to the year, when the data was derived: "LF" for Lomonosovfonna and "NN" corresponds to the year, e.g. 97 - 1997, 07 - 2007. Most variables contain the following fields:rho* - density measurements: column 1 - depth of sample top, m; column 2 - depth of sample bottom, m; column...

Trans Isthmus Costa Rica Scientific Exploration of a Crustal Transect - seismic refraction data from profiles p301 and p302 of Maurice Ewing cruise EW9502 with links to sgy data files, supplement to: Martinez-Loriente, Sara; Sallarès, Valenti; Ranero, César R; Ruh, Jonas B; Barckhausen, Udo; Grevemeyer, Ingo; Bangs, N L (2019): Influence of Incoming Plate Relief on Overriding Plate Deformation and Earthquake Nucleation: Cocos Ridge Subduction (Costa Rica). Tectonics, 38(12), 4360-4377

Ingo Grevemeyer, Kirk McIntosh, Manfred R Strecker & Sara Martinez-Loriente
The TICOSECT program aimed to investigate the crustal structure of the active continental margin of Costa Rica and to understand the geodynamic processes within the subduction system. With the help of a comprehensive wide-angle seismic data set, composed of an onshore/offshore experiment as well as refraction measurements on land in northern Costa Rica, the lithospheric structure from the Middle America Trench (MAT) to the Caribbean lowland was surveyed seismically.Here we provide seismic refraction data from...

Global aerosol emissions from biomass burning for the late preindustrial Holocene, link to data in NetCDF format

Jed O Kaplan & Douglas S Hamilton
Global black carbon, organic carbon, and sulphur dioxide (BC, OC, SO2) emissions from biomass burning simulated for the late preindustrial Holocene (1770 CE) by the LPJ-LMfire Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (Pfeiffer et al., 2013). For full details of the simulation protocol and the emission factors, see Hamilton, et al. (2017, pages 8-9).Data are provided as a netCDF classic-format file, on a global 0.5-degree, pixel-centered grid (720 cols x 360 rows). The emissions of BC, OC,...

Differential impact of anthropogenic pressures on Caspian Sea ecoregions, supplement to: Lattuada, Matteo; Albrecht, Christian; Wilke, Thomas (2019): Differential impact of anthropogenic pressures on Caspian Sea ecoregions. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 142, 274-281

Matteo Lattuada, Christian Albrecht & Thomas Wilke
Over the past decades, overall ecological conditions in the Caspian Sea have deteriorated. However, a comprehensive understanding of lake-wide spatial differences in anthropogenic pressures is lacking and the biological consequences of human impacts are poorly understood. This paper therefore aims at assessing the individual and combined effects of critical anthropogenic pressures on the Caspian Sea ecoregions. First, cumulative pressure scores were calculated with a cumulative environmental assessment (CEA) analysis. Then, the individual contribution of anthropogenic...

Increased extreme precipitation in Chinese deserts from 1960 to 2018, supplement to: Li, Guoshuai; Yang, Hong; Zhang, Ying; Huang, Chunlin; Pan, Xiaoduo; Ma, Mingguo; Song, Minhong; Zhao, Q H (2019): More Extreme Precipitation in Chinese Deserts From 1960 to 2018. Earth and Space Science (ESS), 6(7), 1196-1204

Guoshuai Li, Hong Yang, Ying Zhang, Chunlin Huang, Xiaoduo Pan, Mingguo Ma, Minhong Song & Q H Zhao
Extreme precipitation over drylands, especially deserts, has been often observed. The precipitation changes in Chinese deserts have been rarely studied. Here, we use a daily grid precipitation dataset generated via weather station data (0.25° horizontal grid spacing) to investigate the spatial and temporal changes in extreme precipitation in Chinese deserts. The extreme precipitation based on the changes in the total precipitation (PRCPTOT) and the annual-maximum daily precipitation (Rx1day) in the Chinese desert exhibits markedly increasing...

Parametric sediment echo sounder survey during R/V Heincke cruise HE501 in the German Bight with link to raw data files

Svenja Papenmeier & H Christian Hass
Parametric sediment echo sounder data were collected during R/V Heincke cruise HE501 with a Innomar SES-2000 medium. Data recording was executed along 118 parallel profiles in North Sea within German EEZ. The survey speed was 5 knots. The primary frequency is 100 kHz and the secondary 15 kHz.

Metabolite profiles of two Antarctic sister species (Notothenia rossii and Notothenia coriiceps) at different temperatures, supplement to: Rebelein, Anja; Pörtner, Hans-Otto; Bock, Christian (2018): Untargeted metabolic profiling reveals distinct patterns of thermal sensitivity in two related notothenioids. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology, 217, 43-54

Anja Rebelein & Christian Bock
Antarctic marine ectothermal animals may be affected more than temperate species by rising ocean water temperatures due to ongoing climate change. Their specialisation on stable cold temperatures make them vulnerable to even small degrees of warming. Thus, addressing the impacts of warming on Antarctic organisms and identifying their potentially limited capacities to respond is of particular interest.The objective of the study was to determine changes in metabolite profiles related to temperature exposure and acclimation. In...

Physical oceanography from mooring KPO_1123

Johannes Karstensen & Marilena Oltmanns
mooring_id = kpo_1123latitude = 59.2155longitude = -47.0818principal_investigator = Johannes Karstenseninstrument = Label:kpo_1123_01 File:OS_OSNAP-10692_KPO_1123_DSOW4_201408_D_MCTD_OSNAPstyleOceanSITES.nc Type: Seabird MicroCat SN:10692instrument = Label:kpo_1123_02 File:OS_OSNAP-2620901_KPO_1123_DSOW4_201408_D_CM_OSNAPstyleOceanSITES.nc Type: Nortek Aquadopp SN:2620901instrument = Label:kpo_1123_03 File:OS_OSNAP-10698_KPO_1123_DSOW4_201408_D_MCTD_OSNAPstyleOceanSITES.nc Type: Seabird MicroCat SN:10698instrument = Label:kpo_1123_04 File:OS_OSNAP-2620909_KPO_1123_DSOW4_201408_D_CM_OSNAPstyleOceanSITES.nc Type: Nortek Aquadopp SN:2620909

Microwave-induced self-organization in mineral systems. II. Prussian blue (conentrated sol; 2.45 GHz; 450 W; 2 min). Erosion and reticulation

Oleg V Gradov & Margaret A Gradova
In this dataset cycle we consider a multifactor nature of the self-organization procees of soft matter dissipative microstructures from the iron-containing colloidal precursors with different particle size under microwave irradiation. The resulting structures' morphology determined by the dehydration-aggregation procees under the microwave field, as well as their phase state, chemical composition and the degree of crystallinity, are shown to be dependent on the irradiation time, the microwave field power and the particle size of the...

Distribution of mangroves in the Galapagos islands, GIS and Google Earth layers, supplement to: Moity, Nicolas; Delgado, Byron; Salinas-de-León, Pelayo (2019): Mangroves in the Galapagos islands: Distribution and dynamics. PLoS ONE, 14(1), e0209313

Nicolas Moity & Byron Delgado
We provide here the most accurate cover for mangrove forests in the Galapagos Islands. We mapped mangroves using freely available Google Earth Very High Resolution images based on on-screen classification. The mangrove cover corresponds to 2014 since the images we used were mostly from this year. We obtained an area of 3657.1 ha of fringing mangrove that covers 35% of the coastline. Eighty percent of mangrove cover is found in Isabela island, and 90% in...

Prosome length frequencies of five calanoid copepod species from Helgoland Roads, North Sea, between 2000 and 2005

Hans-Jürgen Hirche & Ulrike Holtz

Tropical cyclone cold wake size dataset, supplement to: Zhang, Jishi; Lin, Yanluan; Chavas, Daniel R; Mei, Wei (2019): Tropical cyclone cold wake size and its applications to power dissipation and ocean heat uptake estimates. Geophysical Research Letters, 46(16), 10177-10185

Jishi Zhang & Yanluan Lin
1. Mixing of the upper ocean by the wind field associated with tropical cyclones (TCs) creates observable cold wakes in sea surface temperature and may potentially influence ocean heat uptake. We derive a novel oceanic metric of tropical cyclone size based on its induced cold wake using sea surface temperature data for a period from 2002 to 2011.2. The cold wake size dataset is based on the daily NOAA 1/4° Optimum Interpolation Sea Surface Temperature,...

Aerial images of eroding permafrost coastline, Qikiqtaruk - Hershel Island, Yukon, Canada, supplement to: Cunliffe, Andrew M; Tanski, George; Radosavljevic, Boris; Palmer, William; Sachs, Torsten; Lantuit, Hugues; Kerby, Jeffrey T; Myers-Smith, Isla H (2019): Rapid retreat of permafrost coastline observed with aerial drone photogrammetry. The Cryosphere, 13(5), 1513-1528

Andrew M Cunliffe, George Tanski, Boris Radosavljevic, William Palmer, Torsten Sachs, Jeffrey T Kerby & Isla H Myers-Smith
Permafrost landscapes are changing around the Arctic in response to climate warming, with coastal erosion being one of the most prominent and hazardous features. Using drone platforms, satellite images, and historic aerial photographs, we observed the rapid retreat of a permafrost coastline on Qikiqtaruk – Herschel Island, Yukon Territory, in the Canadian Beaufort Sea. This coastline is adjacent to a gravel spit accommodating several culturally significant sites and is the logistical base for the Qikiqtaruk...

Water vapour isotopes analyser raw data from POLARSTERN cruise PS111, links to files

Jean-Louis Bonne, Martin Werner, Hanno Meyer, Sepp Kipfstuhl, Benjamin Rabe, Melanie Behrens, Lutz Schönicke, Hans Christian Steen-Larsen, Claudia Hanfland & Fanny Wischnewski

EnKF Data Assimilation Outputs Modeling Preeruptive Deformation at Okmok AK, 2003-2008, supplement to: Albright, John A; Gregg, Patricia M; Lu, Zhong; Freymueller, Jeffrey T (2019): Hindcasting magma reservoir stability preceding the 2008 eruption of Okmok, Alaska. Geophysical Research Letters

John A Albright, Patricia M Gregg, Zhong Lu & Jeffrey T Freymueller
EnKF data assimilation outputs in support of Albright et al. (2009) in Geophysical Research Letters. Contains the modeled reservoir parameters, projected surface deformation, reservoir wall tensile stress, and host rock Mohr-Coulomb failure at each iteration of the assimilation for 4 different versions that vary input data and rock rheology.

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  • 2019

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