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Fish abundances and masses from trawl samples taken in the wider Weddell Sea (Antarctica) during POLARSTERN cruises ANT-XV/3

Rainer Knust & Alexander Schröder

Visual core description of IODP Hole 381-M0080A

XRF data of D. striatus and W. britannica at 17 keV

Baptiste Suchéras-Marx, Fabienne Giraud, Isabelle Daniel, Camille Rivard, Marie-Pierre Aubry, Karl-Heinz Baumann, Luc Beaufort, Rémi Tucoulou & Alexandre Simionovici
The data were generated at ESRF beamline ID22 with an incident energy at 17 keV. Discorhdabus striatus and Watznaueria britannica were analyzed with 0.1 µm x 0.1 µm pixel size and 2 s time analysis per pixel. Both coccoliths were picked from samples from Murtinheira section at Cabo Mondego, Portugal. D. striatus is from sample CM9 and W. britannica from sample CM60 both dated to the lower Bajocian (Middle Jurassic). Sample position in the section...

Color data (RGB) of IODP Hole 381-M0078B

First and second order one-point statistics of pipe0017 (vel_meanstdv0012-0132)

Daniel Feldmann & Marc Avila

Sky photos from the agricultural Gebesee test site (central Germany) in 2016

Sina C Truckenbrodt

Sea surface temperature calculated from Alkenone UK'37 in sediment core 77KL from the Bering Sea (Tab. 4)

Ralph Tiedemann & Lukas Belz

Sea water temperature (SWT) and pCO2 measurements in the Gulf of Papagayo (Culebra Bay), Costa Rica

Tim Rixen

Trace element analysis in the solid phase of sediment core GeoB1711-4

Verena B Heuer

Trace element analysis in the solid phase of sediment core GeoB3722-2

Verena B Heuer

Trace element analysis in the solid phase of sediment core GeoB4901-8

Verena B Heuer

Plant biomass determination and stability metrics calculations analysed during the Jena Expermint from 2012 to 2015

Sofia J van Moorsel, Terhi Hahl, Owen L Petchey, Anne Ebeling, Nico Eisenhauer, Bernhard Schmid & Cameron Wagg
The present study was conducted at the Jena Experiment field site from 2011 to 2015. The 48 experimental plant communities included twelve monocultures (of which one was removed from all analyses because it was planted with the wrong species), twelve 2-species mixtures, twelve 4-species mixtures and twelve 8-species mixtures. We used two community-evolution treatments (plant histories); plants with eight years of co-selection history in different plant communities in the Jena Experiment (communities of co-selected plants)...

Seawater carbonate chemistry and phytoplankton community structure

Natalia Osma, Laura Latorre-Melín, Bárbara Jacob, Paulina Y Contreras, Peter von Dassow & Cristian A Vargas
The interplay of coastal oceanographic processes usually results in partial pressures of CO2 (pCO2) higher than expected from the equilibrium with the atmosphere and even higher than those expected by the end of the century. Although this is a well-known situation, the natural variability of seawater chemistry at the locations from which tested organisms or communities originate is seldom considered in ocean acidification experiments. In this work, we aimed to evaluate the role of the...

Depth distribution of dissolved niobium in the (sub)tropical Atlantic Ocean

Sandra Poehle & Andrea Koschinsky
During research cruise M81/1 (GEOTRACES cruise GA11, RV Meteor, 04.02.-08.03.2010) 193 seawater samples were collected at 16 full water depth stations located in the (sub)tropical Atlantic. This cruise track covered an area from 30°N-11°S and 5°-50°W, which is characterized by different influencing parameters, e.g. dust input from the Saharan desert or riverine input from the Amazon. Seawater samples were collected with a trace metal clean CTD and filtration, subsampling and acidification was performed in the...

Multibeam bathymetry raw data (Kongsberg EM 122 entire dataset) of RV SONNE during cruise SO272

Simon Dreutter, Laura Hehemann, Ellen Werner & Gabriele Uenzelmann-Neben
Multibeam data were collected during RV Sonne cruise SO272 (2020-01-11 to 2020-03-04). Multibeam sonar system was Kongsberg EM122. Data are unprocessed and may contain outliers and blunders and should not be used for grid calculations and charting projects without further editing. The raw multibeam sonar data in Kongsberg multibeam processing format (*.all) were recorded with Kongsberg SIS software running on Windows operating system. Kongsberg data files can be processed using the software packages CARIS HIPS/SIPS...

Water level logger measurements of Suranti

Maren Bender, Thomas Mann, Paolo Stocchi, Dominik Kneer, Tilo Schöne, Julia Illigner, Jamaluddin Jompa & Alessio Rovere
24 Duration (h)

Table 1: Model-extracted velocity-dependent friction parameters

Matt J Ikari

Age determination along horizontal branches of from Dahurian larch (Larix gmelinii (Rupr.) Rupr.) krummholz individuals sampled in 2013 at region TY02 at the southern Taimyr Peninsula, north-central Siberia

Stefan Kruse, Alexei Kolmogorov, Luidmila A Pestryakova & Ulrike Herzschuh
In total 16 branches of three individuals were cut in the field into 10 cm-long pieces and dried. Samples were sanded using sandpaper and decreasing grain size until the surface was even and the tree rings clearly visible and then scanned at 4800 dpi on a flatbed scanner. Tree rings were counted in Coorecorder (Cybis Elektronik & Data AB) at the oldest part and the middle pieces, and for the longest branch at four positions.

Seawater carbonate chemistry and reproduction, energy metabolism and fatty acid composition of Ophryotrocha japonica and Ophryotrocha robusta

Cynthia Thibault, Gloria Massamba-N'siala, Fanny Noisette, Fanny Vermandele, Mathieu Babin & Piero Calosi
Trans-generational plasticity (TGP) represents a primary mechanism for guaranteeing species persistence under rapid global changes. To date, no study on TGP responses of marine organisms to global change scenarios in the ocean has been conducted on phylogenetically closely related species, and we thus lack a true appreciation for TGP inter-species variation. Consequently, we examined the tolerance and TGP of life-history and physiological traits in two annelid species within the genus Ophryotrocha: one rare (O. robusta)...

Scienceability of Greenland Weather Stations

Sasha Z Leidman
Data indicates whether a given day between July 6, 1996 and May 19, 2019 was "scienceable" (temperature, wind speed, snowfall, and sunlight hours met the criteria determined for safe fieldwork conditions). This data was used in Leidman et al., 2020, Methods for Predicting the Likelihood of Safe Fieldwork Conditions in Harsh Environments, submitted to Frontiers in Cryospheric Research.

Stable oxygen isotope ratios of Globigerina bulloides of sediment core LV53-19-1

Yonghua Wu, Xuefa Shi, Xun Gong, Zhimin Jian, Jianjun Zou, Yanguang Liu, Gerrit Lohmann, Sergey A Gorbarenko, Ralf Tiedemann & Lester Lembke-Jene

Evolution of the upper ocean stratification in the Japan Sea since the last glacial

Yonghua Wu, Xuefa Shi, Xun Gong, Zhimin Jian, Jianjun Zou, Yanguang Liu, Gerrit Lohmann, Sergey A Gorbarenko, Ralf Tiedemann & Lester Lembke-Jene
Paleoceanographic evidence commonly indicates that Last Glacial Maximum surface temperatures in the Japan Sea were comparable to modern conditions, in striking difference to colder neighboring regions. Here, based on a core from the central Japan Sea, our results show similar UK′37- and TEXL86-derived temperatures between 24.7-16.3 ka BP, followed by an abrupt divergence at ~16.3 ka BP and a weakening of divergence after ~ 8.7 ka BP. We attribute this process to a highly stratified...

Shear strength (handheld penetrometer) from IODP Hole 381-M0078A

Shear strength (handheld penetrometer) from IODP Hole 381-M0080A

Natural remanent magnetization of discrete samples from IODP Hole 381-M0078A

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