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Analysis of manganese nodules from Lake Baikal, supplement to: Bukharov, A A; Murashko, D N; Fialkov, V A (1993): Ferromanganese nodules on the underwater slopes of the Uskahan Islands, Lake Baykal. International Geology Review, 35(1), 89-100

A A Bukharov, D N Murashko & V A Fialkov
Although ferromanganese crusts from shallow depths in Lake Baykal have been described previously, the presence of nodules at depths of about 500 m are a new discovery made possible by exploration using manned submersibles. The nodules are comparable to oceanic nodules in composition, but have some significant differences, including a more rapid rate of growth. Sedimentary-diagenetic processes are mainly responsible for their formation, but there is reason to believe hydrothermal fluids play some role.

Stable isotope data (δ¹³C) from sediment core SO201-2-101KL (58°52' N, 170°41' E) and ODP Site 1240 (00°01' N, 82°27' W), supplement to: Max, Lars; Rippert, Nadine; Lembke-Jene, Lester; Mackensen, Andreas; Nürnberg, Dirk; Tiedemann, Ralf (2016): Evidence for enhanced convection of North Pacific Intermediate Water to the low-latitude Pacific under glacial conditions. Paleoceanography, 32, 15 pp

Lars Max, Nadine Rippert, Lester Lembke-Jene, Andreas Mackensen, Dirk Nürnberg & Ralf Tiedemann
We provide high-resolution foraminiferal stable carbon isotope (d13C) records from the subarctic Pacific and Eastern Equatorial Pacific (EEP) to investigate circulation dynamics between the extra-tropical and tropical North Pacific during the past 60 kyr. We measured the d13C composition of the epibenthic foraminiferal species Cibicides lobatulus from a shallow sediment core recovered from the western Bering Sea (SO201-2-101KL; 58°52.52' N, 170°41.45' E; 630 m water depth) to reconstruct past ventilation changes close to the source...

Zostera marina gene expression, growth parameters and wasting disease index of Labyrinthula zosterae inoculated plants at two nutrient levels, supplement to: Brakel, Janina; Reusch, Thorsten B H; Bockelmann, Anna-Christina (2017): Moderate virulence caused by the protist Labyrinthula zosterae in ecosystem foundation species Zostera marina under nutrient limitation. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 571, 97-108

Janina Brakel, Thorsten B H Reusch & Anna-Christina Bockelmann
In a mesocosm experiment Zostera marina plants were exposed to nutrient limitation and inoculation with the protist Labyrinthula zosterae in a fully crossed design. 2 days post inoculation and 20 days post abundance of Labyrinthula zosterae within eelgrass tissue were determined by real-time quantitative PCR, together with gene expression of 15 targeted genes. Further we analysed wasting disease symptoms over the course of 20 days and determined eelgrass growth parameters as leaf growth rate, biomass...

Moored measurements of current, temperature and salinity in the southern Weddell Sea, January 2009-January 2010

Ilker Fer
This data set includes measurements from moored instruments, collected at the southern Weddell Sea continental slope, in the period between 10 January 2009 and 10 January 2010. The data set was collected as a part of the International Polar Year project entitled “Bipolar Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation (BIAC)”, under the working theme “Downslope processes, pathways, cascading and mixing”. The objective was to study the dynamics and mixing of the dense overflow plume on the continental slope...

Reconstructed Pacific Decadal Oscillation versus Cape Bounty East Lake varve thickness, supplement to: Lapointe, François; Francus, Pierre; Lamoureux, Scott F; Vuille, Mathias; Jenny, Jean-Philippe; Bradley, Raymond S; Massa, Charly (2017): Influence of North Pacific decadal variability on the western Canadian Arctic over the past 700 years. Climate of the Past, 13(4), 411-420

François Lapointe, Pierre Francus, Scott F Lamoureux, Mathias Vuille, Jean-Philippe Jenny, Raymond S Bradley & Charly Massa
Understanding how internal climate variability influences arctic regions is required to better forecast future global climate variations. This paper investigates an annually-laminated (varved) record from the western Canadian Arctic and finds that the varves are negatively corre- lated with both the instrumental Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) during the past century and also with reconstructed PDO over the past 700 years, suggesting drier Arctic con- ditions during high-PDO phases, and vice versa. These results are in...

Vegetation and ecology of peat bogs from Goeldenitzer Moor and Teufelsmoor near Horst, supplement to: Precker, Axel (1993): Das Große Göldenitzer Moor und das Teufelsmoor bei Horst (Ein Beitrag zur Entstehungs- und Nutzungsgeschichte Mecklenburger Regenmoore und zu ihrer gegenwärtigen ökologischen Situation). Berichte-Reports, Geologisch-Paläontologisches Institut der Universität Kiel, 61, 127 pp

Axel Precker
Der Schutz und die Erhaltung natürlicher und/oder naturnaher Moorökosysteme sowie die Umwandlung bewirtschafteter und entwässerter - ungenutzt gebliebener - Moorstandorte oder Moorteile in Feuchtgebiete mit Moorcharakter sind in den vergangenen 20 Jahren ein wichtiges Thema für den Naturschutz geworden, was mit dem allgemeinen Rückgang wüchsiger, torfbildender Vegetation an ihren originären Standorten und deren ökologischen Besonderheiten zusammenhängt. Mit einer Ausnahme, bezeichnenderweise den Verlandungsmooren, betrifft dieser Rückgang auch alle Moortypen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (SUCCOW 1988), Damit ist ein...

TERENO (Terrestrial Environmental Observatories) bird monitoring in six agriculturally dominated landscapes of Saxony-Anhalt (Germany), supplement to: Frenzel, Mark; Everaars, Jeroen; Schweiger, Oliver (2016): Bird communities in agricultural landscapes: What are the current drivers of temporal trends? Ecological Indicators, 65, 113-121

Mark Frenzel & René Höhne
In 2001 we started as part of the EU FP5 project Greenveins monitoring of bird communities in the normal landscape of Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) dominated by agricultural use. We selected four landscape sites of 4x4 km (Friedeburg (FBG), Schafstaedt (SST), Greifenhagen (GFH), Wanzleben (WAN)) and recorded birds according to the point count method (see Bibby, C.J. (2000) Bird census techniques. Academic Press, London). A central core area of 3 × 3 km within each sample site...

Environmental parameters and morphological parameters of Globigerinoides ruber, Globigerina bulloides and Orbulina universa sampled during the MedSea2013 cruise, supplement to: Mallo, Miguel; Ziveri, Patrizia; Mortyn, P Graham; Schiebel, Ralf; Grelaud, Michaël (2017): Low planktic foraminiferal diversity and abundance observed in a spring 2013 west-east Mediterranean Sea plankton tow transect. Biogeosciences, 14, 2245-2266

Miguel Mallo, Patrizia Ziveri, P Graham Mortyn, Ralf Schiebel & Michaël Grelaud
Planktic foraminifera were collected with 150 µm BONGO nets from the upper 200 m water depth at 20 stations across the Mediterranean Sea between 02 May and 02 June, 2013. The main aim is to characterize the species distribution and test the covariance between foraminiferal area density (rho-A) and seawater carbonate chemistry in a biogeochemical gradient including ultraoligotrophic conditions. Average foraminifera abundances are 1.42 ±1.43 ind 10^-3 (ranging from 0.11 to 5.20 ind 10^-3), including...

Warming has stronger direct than indirect effects on benthic microalgae in a seaweed system in spring, supplement to: Werner, Franziska Julie; Matthiessen, Birte (2017): Warming has stronger direct than indirect effects on benthic microalgae in a seaweed system in spring. Marine Biology, 164(6)

Franziska Julie Werner & Birte Matthiessen
Using outdoor mesocosms we investigated the relative importance of the direct and indirect (here: altered grazing) effects of seawater warming on benthic microalgae in a Baltic Sea Fucus vesiculosus (Phaeophyceae) system during the spring season. Seawater warming had a direct positive effect on microalgal total biomass accrual and growth rate and on total mesograzer abundance and biomass. Moreover, under the existing resource-replete conditions in spring the direct positive effect of warming on microalgae was stronger...

Relative distribution of heterococcolithophores and holococcolithophores in the Mediterranean Sea during the MedSeA and Meteor M84/3 cruises (May 2013, April 2011), supplement to: D'Amario, Barbara; Ziveri, Patrizia; Grelaud, Michaël; Oviedo, Angela Maria; Kralj, Martina (2017): Coccolithophore haploid and diploid distribution patterns in the Mediterranean Sea: can a haplo-diploid life cycle be advantageous under climate change? Journal of Plankton Research, 1-14

Barbara D'Amario, Patrizia Ziveri, Michaël Grelaud, Angela Maria Oviedo & Martina Kralj
Coccolithophores are unicellular pelagic algae, capable of calcification. In the Mediterranean Sea, several species have a well-known haplo-diploid life cycle, alternating the production of different types of calcite plates, the holo- and hetero-coccoliths. The environmental triggers of haplo-diploid transformations in coccolithophores are still uncertain and studies in the natural environment are fundamental to reveal their ecology. We analyzed the distribution of both phases along a W-E Mediterranean transect during April 2011 and May 2013 (spring...

Temperature and current measurements in the Weddell Sea at mooring site C and S2 in 1977

Arne Foldvik & Tor Gammelsrød
In 1977, current meter moorings were deployed at 4 sites in the Weddell Sea during a cruise with the vessel Polarsirkel. This data collection contains temperature and current measurements from 2 of these sites, C and S2. For more details see reference Foldvik et al. (1985) or Foldvik et al. (2004).

Master tracks in different resolutions during POLAR 5 campaign CryoVEx_ANT_2010

Daniel Steinhage
This dataset was created via processing of raw position data acquired by the GPS sensor for scientific equipment on Polar 6/Polar 5 to receive a validated master track which is used as reference of further expedition data.

Master tracks in different resolutions during POLAR 2 campaign EPICA_I

Daniel Steinhage
This dataset was created via processing of raw position data acquired by the GPS sensor for scientific equipment on Polar 6/Polar 5 to receive a validated master track which is used as reference of further expedition data.

Stable isotope ratios on corals from the Philippines, supplement to: Pätzold, Jürgen (1986): Temperatur- und CO2-Änderungen im tropischen Oberflächenwasser der Philippinen während der letzten 120 Jahre: Speicherung in stabilen Isotopen hermatyper Korallen. Berichte-Reports, Geologisch-Paläontologisches Institut der Universität Kiel, 12, 92 pp

Jürgen Pätzold
Mit Hilfe der Verteilung stabiler Sauerstoff- und Kohlenstoff-Isotope im Skelett hermatyper Korallen von den Philippinen lassen sich frühere Umweltbedingungen rekonstruieren.Die massive Koralle Porites lobata zeigt saisonale Wachstumsbänder unterschiedlicher Skelettdichte, die durch Röntgenaufnahmen sichtbar gemacht werden können und eine Datierung sowie eine gezielte Probennehme für Isotopen-Analysen ermöglichen. Skelettbänder hoher Dichte werden im Sommer und Bereiche geringer Dichte im Winter gebildet.In den Sauerstoff-Isotopen-Verhältnissen werden die Temperaturen des Oberflächenwassers gespeichert. Die heutige saisonale Schwankung der Wassertemperatur von 4°C...

Meteorological observations from the automatic weather stations Drescher and Filchner, 1991-2002, supplement to: Brüne, Markus (2002): Interpretation of data from the automatic weather stations Drescher and Filchner and Comparison with European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) analysis model results. Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany, 44 pp

Markus Brüne & Gert König-Langlo
Automatic weather stations (AWS) are due to the extreme cold conditions an attractive option to get more dens climatic data from Antarctica. These data is needed for weather forecast models or other climatic models. Data sets of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) analysis model are used for comparison with AWS in the Weddell Sea. This region if of particular interest for the BRIOS2 (Bremerhaven Regional Ice-Ocean Simulations) model which produce results related...

Organic biomarker records and dinoflagellate cyst concentrations from the Pliocene to earliest Quaternary of ODP Site 907, Iceland Sea, supplement to: Clotten, Caroline; Stein, Ruediger; Fahl, Kirsten; De Schepper, Stijn (2018): Seasonal sea ice cover during the warm Pliocene: Evidence from the Iceland Sea (ODP Site 907). Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 481, 61-72

Caroline Clotten, Kirsten Fahl, Ruediger Stein & Stijn De Schepper
Sea ice is a critical component in the Arctic and global climate system, yet little is known about its extent and variability during past warm intervals, such as the Pliocene (5.33-2.58 Ma). Here, we present the first multi-proxy (IP25, sterols, alkenones, palynology) sea ice reconstructions for the Late Pliocene Iceland Sea (ODP Site 907). Our interpretation of a seasonal sea ice cover with occasional ice-free intervals between 3.50-3.00 Ma is supported by reconstructed alkenone-based summer...

Elemental and neodymium isotopic composition of sediments from the Oregon, USA margin, supplement to: Abbott, April N; Haley, Brian A; McManus, James (2016): The impact of sedimentary coatings on the diagenetic Nd flux. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 449, 217-227

April N Abbott, Brian A Haley & James McManus
Because ocean circulation impacts global heat transport, understanding the relationship between deep ocean circulation and climate is important for predicting the ocean's role in climate change. A common approach to reconstruct ocean circulation patterns employs the neodymium isotope compositions of authigenic phases recovered from marine sediments. In this approach, mild chemical extractions of these phases is thought to yield information regarding the epsilon-Nd of the bottom waters that are in contact with the underlying sediment...

Stable isotopes (δ¹³C, δ¹⁸O) on elevated epifauna from the Pliocene and Holocene, supplement to: García-Gallardo, Ángela; Grunert, Patrick; Voelker, Antje H L; Mendes, Isabel Maria de Paiva Pinto; Piller, Werner E (2017): Re-evaluation of the \"elevated epifauna\" as indicator of Mediterranean Outflow Water in the Gulf of Cadiz using stable isotopes (d13C, d18O). Global and Planetary Change, 155, 78-97

Ángela García-Gallardo, Patrick Grunert, Antje H L Voelker, Isabel Maria de Paiva Pinto Mendes & Werner E Piller
The presence and high abundances of the benthic foraminiferal group "elevated epifauna" has been proposed as indicator of the existence of Mediterranean Outflow Water (MOW) in the Gulf of Cadiz. Here we intend to use this potential proxy to reconstruct MOW in the early Pliocene at the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Hole U1387C. Cibicides lobatulus, Planulina ariminensis and Cibicides refulgens were found at this site, but high abundances of C. lobatulus and C. refulgens...

Collection of environmental data, soil water content, root water uptake, evapotranspiration, plant trait and root trait data of the Jena-Ecotron experiment, supplement to: Guderle, Marcus; Bachmann, Dörte; Milcu, Alexandru; Gockele, Annette; Bechmann, Marcel; Fischer, Christine; Roscher, Christiane; Landais, Damien; Ravel, Olivier; Devidal, Sébastien; Roy, Jacques; Gessler, Arthur; Buchmann, Nina; Weigelt, Alexandra; Hildebrandt, Anke (2017): Dynamic niche partitioning in root water uptake facilitates efficient water use in more diverse grassland plant communities. Functional Ecology

Marcus Guderle, Dörte Bachmann, Alexandru Milcu, Annette Gockele, Marcel Bechmann, Christine Fischer, Christiane Roscher, Damien Landais, Olivier Ravel, Sébastien Devidal, Jacques Roy, Arthur Gessler, Nina Buchmann, Alexandra Weigelt & Anke Hildebrandt
This data set contains environmental variables (imposed cumulative precipitation, measurements of radiation, air relative humidity and air temperature), measurements of soil water content, root water uptake estimated from soil moisture contents and community evapotranspiration derived from root water uptake as well as from weight changes, plant trait data (specific leaf area, leaf dry matter content, leaf water potential measured at predawn and midday, stomatal conductance, leaf greenness, height of species, aboveground biomass, species abundances, community...

Continuous porewater salinity observations within BEFmate artificial islands and saltmarsh control plots, Spiekeroog, Germany, 2015-05 to 2017-04

Oliver Zielinski, Daniela Meier, Michael Kleyer & Helmut Hillebrand
Data presented here were collected between May 2015 to April 2017 within the BEFmate project (Biodiversity - Ecosystem Functioning across marine and terrestrial ecosystems; https://www.icbm.de/verbundprojekte/befmate/ ) of the Universities of Oldenburg and Göttingen and the Nationalparkverwaltung Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer. Experimental islands and saltmarsh control plots were created in the back barrier tidal flat and in the saltmarsh zone of Spiekeroog island. Data were measured with local installed conductivity logger within the experimental islands as well as...

Continuous water level observations within BEFmate artificial islands and saltmarsh control plots at different elevation levels, Spiekeroog, Germany, 2014-09 to 2017-04

Oliver Zielinski, Daniela Meier, Michael Kleyer & Helmut Hillebrand
Data presented here were collected between June 2015 to April 2017 within the BEFmate project (Biodiversity - Ecosystem Functioning across marine and terrestrial ecosystems; https://www.icbm.de/verbundprojekte/befmate/ ) of the Universities of Oldenburg and Göttingen and the Nationalparkverwaltung Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer. Experimental islands and saltmarsh control plots were created in the back barrier tidal flat and in the saltmarsh zone of Spiekeroog island. Data were measured with local installed pressure logger within the experimental islands as well as...

Thaw slump inventory and TanDEM-X elevation loss rates (2015): Tuktoyaktuk coastlands, Canada, and Lena Delta area, Sakha Republic, Russia, supplement to: Zwieback, Simon; Kokelj, Steven V; Günther, Frank; Boike, Julia; Grosse, Guido; Hajnsek, Irena (2018): Sub-seasonal thaw slump mass wasting is not consistently energy limited at the landscape scale. The Cryosphere, 12(2), 549-564

Simon Zwieback, Steven V Kokelj, Frank Günther, Julia Boike, Guido Grosse & Irena Hajnsek
Predicting future thaw slump activity requires a sound understanding of the atmospheric drivers and geomorphic controls on mass wasting across a range of time scales. On sub-seasonal time scales, sparse measurements indicate that mass wasting at active slumps is often limited by the energy available for melting ground ice, but other drivers such as rainfall or the formation of an insulating veneer are also thought important. To study the sub-seasonal drivers, we derive topographic changes...

Gene expression, growth and survival of European sea bass yolk-sac larvae (Dicentrarchus labrax) after PHB administration, supplement to: Franke, Andrea; Roth, Olivia; De Schryver, Peter; Bayer, Till; Garcia-Gonzalez, Linsey; Künzel, Sven; Bossier, Peter; Miest, Joanna; Clemmesen, Catriona (2017): Poly-ß-hydroxybutyrate administration during early life: effects on performance, immunity and microbial community of European sea bass yolk-sac larvae. Scientific Reports, 7(1)

Andrea Franke, Olivia Roth, Peter De Schryver, Till Bayer, Linsey Garcia-Gonzalez, Sven Künzel, Peter Bossier, Joanna Miest & Catriona Clemmesen
The reliable production of marine fish larvae is one of the major bottlenecks in aquaculture due to high mortalities mainly caused by infectious diseases. To evaluate if the compound poly-ß-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) might be a suitable immunoprophylactic measure in fish larviculture, its capacity to improve immunity and performance in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) yolk-sac larvae was explored. Dietary PHB was applied from mouth opening onwards to stimulate the developing larval immune system at the earliest...

Hydrographic measurements at Kiel276 from 1980 to 2011 (CTD data corresponing to moorings)

Thomas J Müller & Joanna J Waniek
This dataset comprises the hydrographic measurements at KIEL276 - Time Series Data from Moored Current Meters in the Madeira Abyssal Plain at 33°N, 22°W, 5285 m water depth from March 1980 – April 2011.

Oyster reproduction and seawater carbonate chemistry data across estuarine regions, supplement to: Ruesink, Jennifer L; Sarich, A; Trimble, Alan C (2018): Similar oyster reproduction across estuarine regions differing in carbonate chemistry. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 75(1), 340-350

Jennifer L Ruesink, A Sarich & Alan C Trimble
In laboratory studies, shellfish larvae often respond negatively to augmented [CO2], but no prior tests have related wild bivalve larval performance and carbonate chemistry spatiotemporally. The geography of Willapa Bay (Washington, USA) naturally generates two distinct regions of carbonate chemistry where non-native Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) dominate the intertidal fauna and successfully reproduce. On the river-influenced east side, pCO2 is higher and alkalinity lower, which both contribute to reduced aragonite saturation state (Omega aragonite 1.3-1.5)...

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