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Biomass growth and physiological parameters of the macroalga Fucus vesiculosus forma mytili, along with seawater parameters and inorganic nutrient concentrations of the tidal benthic mesocosms on the island of Sylt in spring 2014, supplement to: Mensch, Birte; Neulinger, Sven C; Graiff, Angelika; Pansch, Christian; Künzel, Sven; Fischer, Martin A; Schmitz, Ruth A (2016): Restructuring of Epibacterial Communities on Fucus vesiculosus forma mytili in Response to Elevated pCO2 and Increased Temperature Levels. Frontiers in Microbiology, 7

Birte Mensch, Sven C Neulinger, Angelika Graiff, Andreas Pansch, Sven Künzel, Martin A Fischer & Ruth A Schmitz
Ocean acidification and warming effects on the macroalgal species Fucus vesiculosus forma mytili were simulated in the tidal benthic mesocosm facility at the AWI Wadden Sea Station on the island of Sylt, Germany (55°01'19.2''N, 8°26'17.7''E). The SY1 experiment in spring 2014 (11 weeks from early April to late June) was based on a "Temp X pCO2" full-factorial setup (ambient or delta 5°C temperature X ambient or 1000 ppm pCO2) resulting in 4 treatment levels à...

Chemical determination of rock and vegetation materials from the Quiock Creek catchment, the volcanic part of the Guadeloupe archipelago, supplement to: Clergue, C; Dellinger, M; Buss, H L; Gaillardet, J; Dessert, C; Benedetti, M F (2015): Influence of atmospheric deposits and secondary minerals on Li isotopes budget in a highly weathered catchment, Guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles). Chemical Geology, 414, 28-41

C Clergue, M Dellinger, H L Buss, J Gaillardet, C Dessert & M F Benedetti
To better constrain Li dynamics in the tropics, we sampled critical zone compartments of a small forested andesitic catchment in Guadeloupe (soils, parent rock, atmospheric dust, plants, soil solutions, stream and rain waters). The aims of this study are to identify the origin of Li in the different compartments and to better characterize the behavior of Li and its isotopes during water-rock interaction in a highly cation-depleted soil. The Li isotope signature (d7Li) of throughfall...

Using the critical salinity (Scrit) concept to predict invasion potential of the anemone Diadumene lineata in the Baltic Sea, supplement to: Podbielski, Imke Anna; Bock, Christian; Lenz, Mark; Melzner, Frank (2016): Using the critical salinity (S crit) concept to predict invasion potential of the anemone Diadumene lineata in the Baltic Sea. Marine Biology, 163(11)

Imke Anna Podbielski, Christian Bock, Mark Lenz & Frank Melzner
It is widely assumed that the ability of an introduced species to acclimate to local environmental conditions determines its invasion success. The sea anemone Diadumene lineata is a cosmopolitan invader and shows extreme physiological tolerances. It was recently discovered in Kiel Fjord (Western Baltic Sea), although the brackish conditions in this area are physiologically challenging for most marine organisms. This study investigated salinity tolerance in D. lineata specimens from Kiel Fjord in order to assess...

Age determination and pyrite framboids analysis of sediment cores from the northern continental margin of the South China Sea, supplement to: Lin, Qi; Wang, Jiasheng; Algeo, Thomas J; Sun, Fei; Lin, Rongxiao (2016): Enhanced framboidal pyrite formation related to anaerobic oxidation of methane in the sulfate-methane transition zone of the northern South China Sea. Marine Geology, 379, 100-108

Qi Lin, Jiasheng Wang, Thomas J Algeo, Fei Sun & Rongxiao Lin
Many studies have confirmed that size distributions of framboidal pyrite can be an effective indicator of bottom-water redox conditions in modern as well as ancient sedimentary environments. However, one environment in which production of framboidal pyrite has not been sufficiently studied to date is the sulfate-methane transition zone (SMTZ), in which anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM) is coupled with microbial sulfate reduction (MSR) to enhance iron sulfide mineral precipitation (e.g., FeS2, FeS, and Fe3S4). Here,...

Zostera marina gene expression, growth parameters and wasting disease index of Labyrinthula zosterae inoculated plants at two nutrient levels, supplement to: Brakel, Janina; Reusch, Thorsten B H; Bockelmann, Anna-Christina (2017): Moderate virulence caused by the protist Labyrinthula zosterae in ecosystem foundation species Zostera marina under nutrient limitation. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 571, 97-108

Janina Brakel, Thorsten B H Reusch & Anna-Christina Bockelmann
In a mesocosm experiment Zostera marina plants were exposed to nutrient limitation and inoculation with the protist Labyrinthula zosterae in a fully crossed design. 2 days post inoculation and 20 days post abundance of Labyrinthula zosterae within eelgrass tissue were determined by real-time quantitative PCR, together with gene expression of 15 targeted genes. Further we analysed wasting disease symptoms over the course of 20 days and determined eelgrass growth parameters as leaf growth rate, biomass...

Continuous water level observations within BEFmate artificial islands and saltmarsh control plots at different elevation levels, Spiekeroog, Germany, 2014-09 to 2017-04

Oliver Zielinski, Daniela Meier, Michael Kleyer & Helmut Hillebrand
Data presented here were collected between June 2015 to April 2017 within the BEFmate project (Biodiversity - Ecosystem Functioning across marine and terrestrial ecosystems; https://www.icbm.de/verbundprojekte/befmate/ ) of the Universities of Oldenburg and Göttingen and the Nationalparkverwaltung Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer. Experimental islands and saltmarsh control plots were created in the back barrier tidal flat and in the saltmarsh zone of Spiekeroog island. Data were measured with local installed pressure logger within the experimental islands as well as...

Temperature and current measurements in the Weddell Sea at mooring site D1, D2, S2-1985 and S2-1987

Arne Foldvik, Tor Gammelsrød & Svein Østerhus
This data collection contains temperature and current measurements from 3 sites in the Weddell Sea: D1, D2 and S2. Current mooring meters were deployed at the sites in 1985 during a cruise with vessel Andenes (Norlund, 1992), and again at site S2 in 1987 during a cruise with vessel Polarstern (Østerhus and Krause, 1990).

Relative distribution of heterococcolithophores and holococcolithophores in the Mediterranean Sea during the MedSeA and Meteor M84/3 cruises (May 2013, April 2011), supplement to: D'Amario, Barbara; Ziveri, Patrizia; Grelaud, Michaël; Oviedo, Angela Maria; Kralj, Martina (2017): Coccolithophore haploid and diploid distribution patterns in the Mediterranean Sea: can a haplo-diploid life cycle be advantageous under climate change? Journal of Plankton Research, 1-14

Barbara D'Amario, Patrizia Ziveri, Michaël Grelaud, Angela Maria Oviedo & Martina Kralj
Coccolithophores are unicellular pelagic algae, capable of calcification. In the Mediterranean Sea, several species have a well-known haplo-diploid life cycle, alternating the production of different types of calcite plates, the holo- and hetero-coccoliths. The environmental triggers of haplo-diploid transformations in coccolithophores are still uncertain and studies in the natural environment are fundamental to reveal their ecology. We analyzed the distribution of both phases along a W-E Mediterranean transect during April 2011 and May 2013 (spring...

Climate Data Vent, Ötztal Alps, 2012-2016

Irmgard Juen & Georg Kaser
The climate data has been recorded in Vent, at an elevation of 1890 m a.s.l. The weather station (10°54'45'' E, 46°51'30'' N) is located close to the village (200 inhabitants) on the valley floor at the Southern end of the South-North extending Ötztal. In September 2015 a new weather station was installed close to the old one (10°54'46" E, 46°51'27" N, 1907 m a.s.l.).The standard weather station is part of the meteorological network of the...

Foraminifer, diatom frustules, and total organic carbon of sediment cores EMB046_6-5GC, EMB046_10-4GC, and EMB046_20-3GC in the Norwegian Trench and the Skagerrak, supplement to: Polovodova Asteman, Irina; Risebrobakken, Bjørg; Moros, Matthias; Binczewska, Anna; Dobosz, Slawomir; Jansen, Eystein; Slawinska, Joanna; Bak, Malgorzata (2018): Late Holocene palaeoproductivity changes: a multi-proxy study in the Norwegian Trench and the Skagerrak, North Sea. Boreas, 47(1), 238-255

Irina Polovodova Asteman, Bjørg Risebrobakken, Matthias Moros, Anna Binczewska, Slawomir Dobosz, Eystein Jansen, Joanna Slawinska & Malgorzata Bak
To detect climatic linkages between the Baltic Sea, the Skagerrak and the Nordic Seas, we present multi‐proxy reconstructions covering the last 4500 years from three sediment cores taken in the Skagerrak and along the SW Norwegian margin. Foraminiferal assemblages at all three sites show a distinct change at c. 1700 years BP, associated with a transition from absence and rare occurrence of Brizalina skagerrakensis during c. 4500–2300 years BP to its subsequent abundance increase, suggesting...

Microsatellite genotypes and biological data of Sebastes spp. caught from the North Atlantic, supplement to: Saha, Atal; Hauser, Lorenz; Hedeholm, Rasmus; Planque, Benjamin; Fevolden, Svein-Erik; Boje, Jesper; Johansen, Torild (2017): Cryptic Sebastes norvegicus species in Greenland waters revealed by microsatellites. ICES Journal of Marine Science

Atal Saha, Lorenz Hauser, Rasmus Hedeholm, Benjamin Planque, Svein-Erik Fevolden, Jesper Boje & Torild Johansen
The dataset includes microsatellite genotypes and biological data for 720 fish of Sebastes spp. caught on different cruises. Genotypes of the fish are saved in Supplement 3 (S3) and biological data are available as Supplement 4 (S4). Biological specifications of Sebastes norvegicus collected in 2012 from east Greenland waters are provided in a separate file.

Ice rafted debris of ODP Holes 104-642B and 104-644A in the Vøring Plateau, supplement to: Jansen, Eystein; Sjøholm, J; Bleil, Ulrich; Erichsen, JA (1990): Neogene and Pleistocene glaciations in the northern hemisphere and late Miocene - Pliocene global ice volume fluctuations: Evidence from the Norwegian Sea. In: Geological History of the Polar Oceans: Arctic Versus Antarctic, edited by U. Bleil and J. Thiede, Kluwer Academic Publishers, the Netherlands, 677-705

Eystein Jansen, J Sjøholm, Ulrich Bleil & JA Erichsen
Studies of ice-rafted detritus in ODP holes from the Norwegian Sea document a series of glacial episodes in the surroundings of the Norwegian - Greenland Sea from the late Miocene (5.45 Ma) through the Pliocene. These glacial events were of smaller magnitude than those of the period postdating the major onset of large scale northern hemisphere glacial cyclicity at 2.57 Ma. A further amplification of the glaciations took place after 1.2 Ma.Oxygen isotope records from...

Nutrients in porewater profiles from German Bight and Elbe Estuary, supplement to: Neumann, Andreas; van Beusekom, Justus; Holtappels, Moritz; Emeis, Kay-Christian (2017): Nitrate consumption in sediments of the German Bight (North Sea). Journal of Sea Research, 127, 26-35

Andreas Neumann, Justus van Beusekom, Moritz Holtappels & Kay-Christian Emeis
Denitrification on continental margins and in coastal sediments is a major sink of reactive N in the present nitrogen cycle and a major ecosystem service of eutrophied coastal waters. We analysed the nitrate removal in surface sediments of the Elbe estuary, Wadden Sea, and adjacent German Bight (SE North Sea) during two seasons (spring and summer) along a eutrophication gradient ranging from a high riverine nitrate concentrations at the Elbe Estuary to offshore areas with...

Sortable silt, alkenone-SST and ice rafted debris data from sediment core JR244-GC528 (southwest Atlantic), supplement to: Roberts, J; McCave, I Nick; McClymont, Erin L; Kender, Sev; Hillenbrand, Claus-Dieter; Matano, Ricardo; Hodell, David A; Peck, Victoria L (2017): Deglacial changes in flow and frontal structure through the Drake Passage. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 474, 397-408

Jenny Roberts, I Nick McCave, Erin L McClymont, Sev Kender, Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand, Ricardo Matano, David A Hodell & Victoria L Peck
The oceanic gateways of the Drake Passage and the Agulhas Current are critical locations for the inflow of intermediate-depth water masses to the Atlantic, which contribute to the shallow return flow that balances the export of deep water from the North Atlantic. The thermohaline properties of northward flowing intermediate water are ultimately determined by the inflow of water through oceanic gateways. Here, we focus on the less well-studied "Cold Water Route" through the Drake Passage....

Geochemical proxies of sediment core Hz11-PO3 from Lake Hazar in Eastern Anatolia, supplement to: Ön, Zeki Bora; Akcer-Ön, Sena; Özeren, M Sinan; Eris, K Kadir; Greaves, Alan M; Çagatay, M Namik (2018): Climate proxies for the last 17.3 ka from Lake Hazar (Eastern Anatolia), extracted by independent component analysis of μ -XRF data. Quaternary International, 486, 17-28

Zeki Bora Ön, Sena Akcer-Ön, M Sinan Özeren, K Kadir Eris, Alan M Greaves & M Namik Çagatay
The elemental composition of lake sediment cores is often the result of several independent processes. In this study we attempt to extract statistically independent climate related signals from µ-XRF multi element data of a core drilled from Lake Hazar in Eastern Anatolia, using the independent component analysis (ICA) method. In addition, we analysed ostracod shells for oxygen and carbon isotopes. The ICA method has advantages over traditional dimension reduction methods, such as principal component analysis...

Spatio-temporal dynamics of cod nursery areas in the Baltic Sea, supplement to: Hinrichsen, Hans-Harald; von Dewitz, Burkhard; Lehmann, Andreas; Bergström, Ulf; Hüssy, Karin (2017): Spatio-temporal dynamics of cod nursery areas in the Baltic Sea. Progress in Oceanography

Hans-Harald Hinrichsen, Burkhard von Dewitz, Andreas Lehmann, Ulf Bergström & Karin Hüssy
In this study the drift of eastern Baltic cod larvae and juveniles spawned within the historical eastern Baltic cod spawning grounds was investigated by detailed drift model simulations for the years 1971 to 2010, to examine the spatio-temporal dynamics of environmental suitability in the nursery areas of juvenile cod settlement. The results of the long-term model scenario runs, where juvenile cod were treated as simulated passively drifting particles, enabled us to find strong indications for...

Continuous porewater salinity observations within BEFmate artificial islands and saltmarsh control plots, Spiekeroog, Germany, 2015-05 to 2017-04

Oliver Zielinski, Daniela Meier, Michael Kleyer & Helmut Hillebrand
Data presented here were collected between May 2015 to April 2017 within the BEFmate project (Biodiversity - Ecosystem Functioning across marine and terrestrial ecosystems; https://www.icbm.de/verbundprojekte/befmate/ ) of the Universities of Oldenburg and Göttingen and the Nationalparkverwaltung Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer. Experimental islands and saltmarsh control plots were created in the back barrier tidal flat and in the saltmarsh zone of Spiekeroog island. Data were measured with local installed conductivity logger within the experimental islands as well as...

Optical and biogechemical field data,material-specific IOPs and measured vs. modeled constituent concentrations of surface water samples from RV Alliance cruise BP09, March 2009, supplement to: Ramírez-Pérez, Marta; Twardowski, Michael S; Trees, Charles; Piera, Jaume; McKee, David (2018): Inversion of In Situ Light Absorption and Attenuation Measurements to Estimate Constituent Concentrations in Optically Complex Shelf Seas. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 123(1), 720-737

Marta Ramírez-Pérez, Michael S Twardowski, Charles Trees, Jaume Piera & David McKee
A deconvolution approach is presented to use spectral light absorption and attenuation data to estimate the concentration of the major nonwater compounds in complex shelf sea waters. The inversion procedure requires knowledge of local material‐specific inherent optical properties (SIOPs) which are determined from natural samples using a bio‐optical model that differentiates between Case I and Case II waters and uses least squares linear regression analysis to provide optimal SIOP values. A synthetic data set is...

Sedimentological, geochemical, micropaleontological and palynological sediment record of TT Lake, southern-central Tibetan Plateau, supplement to: Ahlborn, Marieke; Haberzettl, Torsten; Wang, Junbo; Alivernini, Mauro; Schlütz, Frank; Schwarz, Anja; Su, Youliang; Frenzel, Peter; Daut, Gerhard; Zhu, Liping; Mäusbacher, Roland (2014): Sediment dynamics and hydrologic events affecting small lacustrine systems on the southern-central Tibetan Plateau - the example of TT Lake. The Holocene, 25(3), 508-522

Marieke Ahlborn, Torsten Haberzettl, Junbo Wang, Mauro Alivernini, Frank Schlütz, Anja Schwarz, Youliang Su, Peter Frenzel, Gerhard Daut, Liping Zhu & Roland Mäusbacher
A sedimentological, geochemical, micropaleontological, and palynological study of a lacustrine sediment record from the small TT Lake (southern-central Tibetan Plateau) shows that the background sedimentation was frequently interrupted by event-related deposits. These event-related deposits are interpreted as the result of hydrologic events that are triggered by above-average precipitation events. In total, 11 events were recorded in the TT Lake sequence. Two types can be differentiated: fluvial runoff events caused by precipitation that carried sediment in...

Chemical analysis of a basaltic weathering profile near Exeter, New South Wales, Australia, supplement to: Menozzi, Davide; Dosseto, Anthony; Kinsley, Leslie P J (2016): Assessing the effect of sequential extraction on the uranium-series isotopic composition of a basaltic weathering profile. Chemical Geology, 446, 126-137

Davide Menozzi, Anthony Dosseto & Leslie P J Kinsley
Soil sustainability implies maintaining the balance between soil erosion and production. While it is known how to assess soil erosion, only recently we have been able to estimate rates of soil and saprolite (namely regolith) production using uranium-series isotopes. This method assesses the time elapsed since rock-forming minerals start fractionating the U-series isotopes. In this study, we assess a sample pre-treatment protocol that has the potential to improve the method used to estimate regolith production...

Early-Holocene (9,500-7,500 years BP) and late-Holocene (4,200 years BP to present) sortable-silt records from box core JM97-948/2A and IMAGES piston core MD95-2011 from the mid-Norwegian Margin, supplement to: Tegzes, Andrea D; Jansen, Eystein; Telford, Richard J (2015): Which is the better proxy for paleo-current strength: Sortable-silt mean size (SS) or sortable-silt mean grain diameter (dSS)? A case study from the Nordic Seas. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 16(10), 3456-3471

Andrea D Tegzes, Eystein Jansen & Richard J Telford
The coarseness of the 10-63 µm terrigenous silt (i.e., sortable-silt) fraction tends to vary independently of sediment supply in current-sorted muds in the world's oceans, with coarser sediments representing relatively greater near-bottom flow speeds. Traditionally, the coarseness of this size fraction is described using an index called sortable-silt mean size (SS), which is an arithmetic average calculated from the differential volume or mass distribution of grains within the 10-63 µm terrigenous silt fraction, where the...

Gene expression, growth and survival of European sea bass yolk-sac larvae (Dicentrarchus labrax) after PHB administration, supplement to: Franke, Andrea; Roth, Olivia; De Schryver, Peter; Bayer, Till; Garcia-Gonzalez, Linsey; Künzel, Sven; Bossier, Peter; Miest, Joanna; Clemmesen, Catriona (2017): Poly-ß-hydroxybutyrate administration during early life: effects on performance, immunity and microbial community of European sea bass yolk-sac larvae. Scientific Reports, 7(1)

Andrea Franke, Olivia Roth, Peter De Schryver, Till Bayer, Linsey Garcia-Gonzalez, Sven Künzel, Peter Bossier, Joanna Miest & Catriona Clemmesen
The reliable production of marine fish larvae is one of the major bottlenecks in aquaculture due to high mortalities mainly caused by infectious diseases. To evaluate if the compound poly-ß-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) might be a suitable immunoprophylactic measure in fish larviculture, its capacity to improve immunity and performance in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) yolk-sac larvae was explored. Dietary PHB was applied from mouth opening onwards to stimulate the developing larval immune system at the earliest...

Thermal reaction of single life stages of Ceratitis rosa and Ceratitis quilicii, supplement to: Tanga, Chrysantus M; Khamis, Fathiya M; Tonnang, Henri E Z; Rwomushana, Ivan; Mosomtai, Gladys; Mohamed, Samira Abuelgasim; Ekesi, Sunday (2018): Risk assessment and spread of the potentially invasive Ceratitis rosa Karsch and Ceratitis quilicii De Meyer, Mwatawala & Virgilio sp. nov using life-cycle simulation models: Implications for phytosanitary measures and management. PLoS ONE, 13(1), e0189138

Chrysantus M Tanga, Fathiya M Khamis, Henri E Z Tonnang, Ivan Rwomushana, Gladys Mosomtai, Samira Abuelgasim Mohamed & Sunday Ekesi
Integrative taxonomy has resolved the species status of the potentially invasive Ceratitis rosa Karsch into two separate species with distinct ecological requirements: C. rosa "lowland type" and the newly described species Ceratitis quilicii De Meyer, Mwatawala & Virgilio sp. nov. "highland type". Both species are notorious tephritid pests threatening the production of horticultural crops in Africa and beyond. Studies were carried out by constructing thermal reaction norms for cohorts of single life stages of both...

Spatial distribution of abandoned arable land in former Soviet Union Countries, supplement to: Lesiv, Myroslava; Schepaschenko, Dmitry; Moltchanova, Elena; Bun, Rostyslav; Dürauer, Martina; Prishchepov, Alexander V; Schierhorn, Florian; Estel, Stephan; Kuemmerle, Tobias; Alcantara, Camilo; Kussul, Natalia; Shchepashchenko, Maria; Kutovaya, Olga; Martynenko, Olga; Karminov, Viktor; Shvidenko, Anatoly; Deppermann, Andre; Havlik, Petr; Kraxner, Florian; See, Linda; Fritz, Steffen (2018): Spatial distribution of arable and abandoned land across former Soviet Union Countries. Scientific Data, 5, 180056

Myroslava Lesiv, Dmitry Schepaschenko, Elena Moltchanova, Rostyslav Bun, Martina Dürauer, Alexander V Prishchepov, Florian Schierhorn, Stephan Estel, Tobias Kuemmerle, Camilo Alcantara, Natalia Kussul, Maria Shchepashchenko, Olga Kutovaya, Olga Martynenko, Viktor Karminov, Anatoly Shvidenko, Andre Deppermann, Petr Havlik, Florian Kraxner, Linda See & Steffen Fritz
We present a map of arable land (both utilized and abandoned) together with a validation data set for eight countries of the former Soviet Union (fSU), namely Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation and Ukraine. The map has a spatial resolution of 10 arc-seconds and represents the year 2010. The map is based on the integration of a number of existing maps and a training data set collected using visual interpretation...

Geochemical and sedimentological record of core KOT-3 from obtained from the alluvial plain of the Kotychi Lagoon (Peloponnese, Greece), supplement to: Haenssler, Elke; Unkel, Ingmar; Dörfler, Walter; Nadeau, Marie-Josée (2014): Driving mechanisms of Holocene lagoon development and barrier accretion in Northern Elis, Peloponnese, inferred from the sedimentary record of the Kotychi Lagoon. E&G - Eiszeitalter und Gegenwart - Quaternary Science Journal, 63(1), 60-77

Elke Haenssler, Ingmar Unkel, Walter Dörfler & Marie-Josée Nadeau
In April 2011, the sediment core KOT-3 (37°59,752N /21°18,133E, Fig.2) was retrieved on the alluvial plain at the eastern shore of the Kotychi Lagoon using a high-precision rod-operated piston corer (Usinger-System). With a total length of 980 cm KOT-3 comprises 10 segments each approximately one meter in length. The sediments in the uppermost centimeter of each core segment might be disturbed during the coring process, which introduces gaps to the sedimentary sequence. Further, a sand...

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