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(Supplement S1) Volcanic ash layer description and thickness analysis from different DSDP, ODP and IODP Holes

Sue H Mahony, R Stephen J Sparks & Nick H Barnard

(Supplement T2) Calculated sediment thickness on the Cocos Ridge from MV1014_line04

Yuantao Liao & Mitchell W Lyle

(Supplement T2) Calculated sediment thickness on the Cocos Ridge from MV1014_line05

Yuantao Liao & Mitchell W Lyle

(Table S1) Porewater chemistry in sediment core US5B in 2012

Matthias Egger, Olivia Rasigraf, Célia-Julia Sapart, Tom Jilbert, Mike S M Jetten, Thomas Röckmann, Carina van der Veen, Narcisa Bânda, Boran Kartal, Katharina Ettwig & Caroline P Slomp

Water transparency measurements with a secchi disc at CTD stations during POSEIDON cruise POS363 in March 2008

Jana Friedrich, Laurence Mee, Antje Eulenburg & Galina Minicheva
The goal of the 363th cruise of R/V Poseidon in March 2008 was to study the state of the pelagic and benthic ecosystems on the western Black Sea shelf in late winter/early spring. This data set contains data on nutrients in the water (dissolved inorganic and organic forms) and particle-bound nutrient forms on the western Black Sea shelf during March 2008. Further details can be found in the cruise report of POS363 cruise (see "Related...

(Table 3) Stable oxygen isotope values and SST reconstruction for LGM samples

Timothy T Barrows, Stephen Juggins, Patrick De Deckker, Jörn Thiede & José Ignacio Martínez

Ground temperature from borehole GTN-P_TSP_0032

Naum G Oberman, Ivan Valentinovich Derevyanko & Vladimir E Romanovsky

(Table A5) Distribution of planktic foraminifera and sea surface temperature reconstruction of sediment core V30-97 in the North Atlantic

William F Ruddiman, Maureen E Raymo, Douglas G Martinson, Bradford M Clement & Jan Backman

Biogenic composition of the coarse fraction from ODP Hole 104-643A

Thomas C W Wolf

Stable isotopes of sediment core M31/2_KL17

Susanne Geiselhart & Christoph Hemleben

Biogenic barium concentrations and productivity reconstruction of ODP Hole 160-969E in the eastern Mediterranean Sea

Syee Weldeab, Kay-Christian Emeis, Christoph Hemleben, Gerhard Schmiedl & Hartmut Schulz

Stable isotope of sediment core RC11-120 (specmap.013)

Andrew McIntyre & John D Imbrie

Grain size distribution of surface sediments from Lake Pjassino

Oliver Stock & Martin Melles

Geochemistry of sediment core IOW211610-2

Peter Nytoft

Physical oceanography at CTD station PO1200-P20

Alfredo Boldrin

Age determinations at sites Jouma1, Pikalevo2, 3 and Rayadan

Matti Saarnisto

Calcium carbonate content of sediment core K708-001

William F Ruddiman

Carbon raw data of sediment core GeoB4238-2

Peter J Müller

Biogenic particle flux at AWI HAUSGARTEN northern station HGN from mooring FEVI17

Eduard Bauerfeind, Eva-Maria Nöthig, Christiane Lorenzen, Nadine Knüppel & Thomas Soltwedel

Diatom concentration in Lake Baikal sediment core CON01-603-5

George E A Swann, Anson W Mackay, Melanie J Leng & François Demory
Given in valves/g dry wt. sediment

Age determination of Lake Baikal sediment cores

Natalia Piotrowska, Andrzej Bluszcz, Dieter Demske, Wojciech Granoszewski & Georg Heumann

Colored dissolved organic matter (cDOM) absorption measurements during Yamal-Arctic Expedition in 2012

Tatiana Skorospekhova, Irina V Fedorova, Alexander Evdokimov, Alexandra Shadrina, Natalia Alekseeva, Antonina Chetverova & Birgit Heim

Meteorological observations during HAARDIAADE cruise 58ER5730

Gennady G Matishov, Aleksey N Zuyev, Valery A Golubev, Nikolai M Adrov, Sergey F Timofeev, O Karamusko, L Pavlova, O Fadyakin, A Buzan, A Braunstein, Denis Moiseev, I Smolyar, Ricardo A Locarnini, R Tatusko, Timothy P Boyer & Sydney Levitus

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