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Analytical and Numerical Studies of an Unsymmetrical Sandwich Beam – Bending, Buckling and Free Vibration

The subject of the paper is an unsymmetrical sandwich beam. The thicknesses and mechanical properties of the beam faces are different. Mathematical model of the beam is formulated based on the classical broken-line hypothesis. The equations of motions of the beam is derived on the ground of the Hamilton’s principle. Bending, buckling and free-vibration are studied in detail for exemplary unsymmetrical structure of the beam. The values of deflection, critical force and natural frequency are...

Theoretical and Numerical Analyses of an Aluminium-Concrete Composite Beam with Channel Shear Connectors

This paper presents a numerical simulation and a theoretical investigation of an aluminiumconcrete composite (ACC) beam subjected to bending. ACC structures are similar to steel-concrete composite (SCC) structures. However, their girders are made of aluminium instead of steel. The use of ACC structures is limited because of the lack of relevant design rules. Due to this fact the authors suggest applying the theory for SCC structures to ACC structures. In this paper, the methods for...

Approximate Estimation of Stability of Homogeneous Beam on Elastic Foundation

Iwona Małgorzata WSTAWSKA, Krzysztof MAGNUCKI & Piotr KĘDZIA
The paper deals with a proposition of obtaining an analytical solution for a beam on elastic foundation. The main objective of presented work was stability analysis of the axially compressed beam. The analytical model was proposed. Shape function for inhomogeneous properties of the foundation was assumed. The Galerkin method was used to calculate the values of critical forces. Main conditions have been defined. The critical loads as a function of geometric and mechanical properties of...

A Shear Deformation Theory of Beams with Bisymmetrical Cross-Sections Based on the Zhuravsky Shear Stress Formula

This paper is devoted to simply supported beams with bisymmetrical cross-sections under a generalized load. Based on the Zhuravsky shear stress formula, the shear deformation theory of a planar beam cross-section is formulated. The deflections and the shear stresses of example beams are determined. Moreover, the numerical-FEM computations of these beams are carried out. The results of the research are shown in figures and tables.

Bending of Beams with Consideration of a Seventh-Order Shear Deformation Theory

The subject of the paper is a simply- supported prismatic beam with bisymmetrical crosssections under non-uniformly distributed load. The shapes of the cross-sections and the nonuniformly distributed load are described analytically. The individual seventh-order shear deformation theory-hypothesis of the planar beam cross-sections is assumed. Based on the principle of stationary potential energy two differential equations of equilibrium are obtained. The system of the equations is analytically solved, and the shear and deflection coefficients of the...

Application of 1-D and 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform to Crack Identification in Statically and Dynamically Loaded Plates

Anna Knitter-Piątkowska & Michał Jan Guminiak
The paper presents the problem of damage detection in thin plates while considering the influence of static and dynamic characteristics, especially with regard to the modes of vibration as well as the excitation by static loads. The problem of Kirchhoff plate bending is described and solved by the Boundary Element Method (BEM). Rectangular plates supported on boundary or plates supported on boundary and resting on the internal columns are examined. A defect is introduced by...

Investigation of Free Vibration and Buckling of Timoshenko Nano-beam Based on a General Form of Eringen Theory Using Conformable Fractional Derivative and Galerkin Method

Farogh Soufi MOHAMMADI, Zaher RAHIMI, Wojciech SUMELKA & Xiao-Jun YANG
The purpose of this paper is to study the free vibration and buckling of a Timoshenko nano-beam using the general form of the Eringen theory generalized based on the fractional derivatives. In this paper, using the conformable fractional derivative (CFD) definition the generalized form of the Eringen nonlocal theory (ENT) is used to consider the effects of integer and noninteger stress gradients in the constitutive relation and also to consider small-scale effect in the vibration...

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