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Primal- and Dual-Mixed Finite Element Models for Geometrically Nonlinear Shear-Deformable Beams – A Comparative Study


Three-Dimensional Analysis of Laminated Plates with Functionally Graded Layers by Two-Dimensional Numerical Model

This work presents a three-dimensional (3D) numerical analysis of multi-layered laminated plates in which selected layers may be made of functionally graded material (FGM), in which the Young’s modulus may change along the thickness as a consequence of a continuous and graded mixture of two materials. For the analysis, the method, known as FEM23, is applied, which uses a two-dimensional (2D) mesh, yet enables obtaining full 3D results for the layered structure. In FEM23, the...

Description of large deformations of continuum and shells and their visualisation with Mathematica


Image segmentation and classification with application to dietary assessment using BMI-calorie calculator


Three-phase parabolic inhomogeneities with internal uniform stresses in plane and anti-plane elasticity

X. Wang & P. Schiavone
We examine the in-plane and anti-plane stress states inside a parabolic inhomogeneity which is bonded to an infinite matrix through an intermediate coating. The interfaces of the three-phase parabolic inhomogeneity are two confocal parabolas. The corresponding boundary value problems are studied in the physical plane rather than in the image plane. A simple condition is found that ensures that the internal stress state inside the parabolic inhomogeneity is uniform and hydrostatic. Furthermore, this condition is...

Thermal buckling and free vibration of Euler–Bernoulli FG nanobeams based on the higher-order nonlocal straingradient theory

A size-dependent Euler–Bernoulli beam modelis derived within the framework of the higher-order nonlocal strain gradient theory. Nonlocal equations of motion are derived by applying Hamilton’s principle and solved withan analytical solution. The solution is obtained using the Navier solution procedure. In the case of simply supported boundary conditions, the analytical solutions of natural frequencies and critical buckling temperature for free vibration problems are obtained. The paper investigates the thermal effects on buckling and free vibrational...

In Memoriam – Professor Witold Gutkowski


Mechanical characterization of millimetric agarose spheres using a resonant technique

J. Yescas, P. Mandal, J. Sinha, R. Snook, J. Hawkes, P. Moreno Garibaldi & R. Carrera-Espinoza
This paper presents a methodology for the mechanical characterization of agarose millimetric spheres using resonant principles. Detection of the modes of vibration was conducted using a low-cost experimental setup based on an electret microphone adapted with a thin latex elastic membrane for the sensing stage and a piezoelectric actuator driven by a conventional transformer for the excitation stage. The identification of vibration modes is supported through an ANSYS Finite Element model of the experimental setup....

Michell Structures within L-Shaped Domains


Nanofluid flow and heat transfer of carbon nanotube and graphene platelette nanofluids in entrance region of microchannels

M.E. Fuller & J.T.C. Liu
Suspensions of nano-scale particles in liquids, dubbed nanofluids, are of great interest for heat transfer applications. Nanofluids potentially offer superior thermal conductivity to alternative, pure fluids and are of particular interest in applications where active cooling of power-dense systems is required. In this work, the thermophysical properties of carbon nanotube nanofluids (CNTNf) and those of graphene nanoplatelette nanofluids (GNPNf) as functions of particle volume fraction are deduced from published experiments. These properties are applied to...

Applications of Michell’s Theory in Design of High-Rise Buildings, Large-Scale Roofs and Long-Span Bridges


Formulas for the slowness of Stoneley waves with sliding contact

P.T.H. Giang, P.C. Vĩnh & V.T.N. Anh
The main aim of this paper is to derive formulas for the slowness of Stoneley waves traveling along the sliding interface of two isotropic elastic half-spaces. These formulas have been obtained by employing the complex function method. From the derivation of them, it is shown that if a Stoneley wave exists, it is unique. Based on the obtained formulas, it is proved that a Stoneley wave is always possible for two isotropic elastic half-spaces with...

The Overview of Optimization Methods Applied to Truss-Z Modular System


Integro-differential form of the first-order dual phase lag heat transfer equation and its numerical solution using the Control Volume Method

M. Ciesielski, B. Mochnacki & E. Majchrzak
The start point of the dual phase lag equation (DPLE) formulation is the generalized Fourier law in which two positive constants (the relaxation and thermalization times) appear. This type of equation can be used (among others) to describe the heat conduction processes proceeding in micro-scale. Depending on the number of components in the development of the generalized Fourier law into a power series, one can obtain both the first-order DPLE and the second-order one. In...

Building Information Modeling and Building Knowledge Modeling in Project Management

Nidal A. JASIM, Hadi S.M. ALJUMAILY, Ibrahim Farouq VAROUQA & Faiq M.S. AL-ZWAINY
Background: The key element for the success of construction projects in the era of technology and information is knowledge. Knowledge management in the construction sector has become a necessary and vital matter, starting with the planning stage, designing, implementing and ending with operation and maintenance stage. One of the most prominent features of knowledge in the construction sector is the building knowledge modeling (BKM). Problem: Although the design stage is considered one of the most...

Segregation Effect on Solidification Cracking in Spot Welding of the 6XXX Aluminum

Solidification cracking is a critical phenomenon, especially in the welding of AA6XXX, due these alloys present a wider freezing temperature range. The amount of liquid at the end of the solidification is a dominant factor in promoting or reducing the number of cracks. This paper proposes to assess the effect of the heat input in controlling the cracking during the spot welding in AA6061-T6. Four deposit conditions, made with GTAW, were assessed, in which the...

Numerical investigation on the nanofluids heat transfer inside a porous inclined cavity with wavy boundary

B. Karimi, M. Pirmohammadi & A. Salehi-Shabestari
In the present work, a numerical study on the free-convective heat transfer in a porous media cavity with a wavy boundary was carried out. The validation was done by comparing the results with the experimental data. The cavity inclination angle, material of nanofluid, nanoparticles volume fraction, the Rayleigh number, and porosity of the medium are the parameters which are investigated in this study. Results suggested that, due to the thermophysical properties of Cu particles in...

Vertical heat transport at infinite Prandtl number for micropolar fluid

M. Caggio, P. Kalita, G. Łukaszewicz & K.A. Mizerski
We investigate the upper bound on the vertical heat transport in the fully 3D Rayleigh–Bénard convection problem at the infinite Prandtl number for a micropolar fluid. We obtain a bound, given by the cube root of the Rayleigh number, with a logarithmic correction. The derived bound is compared with the optimal known one for the Newtonian fluid. It follows that the (optimal) upper bound for the micropolar fluid is less than the corresponding bound for...

Implementation of Fuzzy PID Controller in Cascade with Anti-Windup to Real-Scale Test Equipment for Pavements

In the industry and academia, large-scale equipment has been developed, which requires control systems that provide safety and efficiency with the lowest possible energy consumption. In the industrial cascade control system, nested controllers have been a versatile tool for the control of large-scale equipment. Research shows that these types of controllers improve their performance with the integration of artificial intelligence algorithms and prevention methods against controller saturation. For this reason, this paper presents the development...

Experimental verification of a numerical model of RC beam with CFRP rope strengthening


Similarity detection based on document matrix model and edit distance algorithm


Static, free and forced vibration analysis of a delaminated microbeam-based MEMS subjected to the electrostatic force

A. Razeghi-Harikandeei, B. Azizollah Ganji, R.-A. Jafari-Talookolaei & A. Abdipour
In this paper, the delamination effect on the static and natural frequency response of a microbeam subjected to the nonlinear electrostatic force is studied using a semi-analytical approach for the first time. The Euler–Bernoulli beam assumption along with the non-classical modified couple stress theory is used to obtain the governing differential equation of motion and then a reduced-order model based on Galerkin’s decomposition method is obtained. At first the microbeam with very small delamination like...

Size and Shape Design Optimization of Truss Structures Using the Jaya Algorithm


Thermo-diffusion of a thick circular plate via modified Green–Naghdi models

A.M. Zenkour
This article presents the thermo-diffusion of an isotropic thick circular plate. The Green and Naghdi’s models including the energy dissipation are anticipated in their simple forms. Novel multi single/dual-phase-lag models with higher-order timederivatives are also provided to examine the thermo-diffusion response of the circular plate. The simple and refined forms of Green and Naghdi’s types II and III are investigated in this work. The closed-form solution of thermal diffusion governing equations is attained by taking...

A study of the local entropy generation rate in a porous media burner

I. Mohammadi, J.A. Esfahani & K.C. Kim
In this paper, the work and performance of the premixed methane-air porous axisymmetrical burner have firstly been simulated numerically using the CFD tools. For this purpose the set of governing equations has been enriched by an additional energy equation in porous solid, and the chemical species transport has been extended onto the multi-step mechanism (GRI-2-11). This numerical model has been verified on the base of available benchmark experiments. Next, we have studied the local entropy...

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