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The meaning of universities in the post-truth era

Jerzy Wilkin
Quarterly NAUKA is the official scientific journal of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The quarterly is publishing the reviewed original research papers and reviews articles from various fields of science, as well as articles devoted to the current problems concerning organization of science and higher education. The journal is intended to the whole scientific society and to all interested in recent problems of science and higher education.

Maintenance 4.0 technologies – new opportunities for sustainability driven maintenance

Małgorzata Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek, Stanisław Legutko & Piotr Kluk
Digitalization and sustainability are important topics for manufacturing industries as they are affecting all parts of the production chain. Various initiatives and approaches are set up to help companies adopt the principles of the fourth industrial revolution with respect sustainability. Within these actions the use of modern maintenance approaches such as Maintenance 4.0 is highlighted as one of the prevailing smart & sustainable manufacturing topics. The goal of this paper is to describe the latest...

A literature review of electronic data interchange as electronic business communication for manufacturing

Rika Yunitarini, , Purnomo Budi Santoso &
In the present dynamic environment, manufacture are required to reduce product development cycle time and enhance product quality. To meet such challenges many business are developing closer relationships with their business partner through application of interorganisational system. Electronic data interchange (EDI) providing a structured form of communication and has become very popular vehicle for electronic communication. Since the EDI concept was popularised in 1990, there is a growing recognition by practitioners and academics. The aim...

Control and integration of milk-run operation in Japanese automotive company in Indonesia

Humiras Hardi Purba, Adi Fitra & Aina Nindiani
The implementation of milk-run in Indonesia has been started since 2005. As a developing country, there is a challenge to operate milk-run smoothly especially in urban area due to severe traffic congestion and unfavourable road condition in some areas. This research aimed to analyze the practice of milk-run operation in one of the biggest Japanese automotive companies in Indonesia. Transportation Value Stream Mapping (TVSM) is applied in order to perform just-in-time delivery in the supply...

Application of instance-based learning for cast iron casting defects prediction

Robert Sika, Damian Szajewski, Jakub Hajkowski & Paweł Popielarski
The paper presents an example of Instance-Based Learning using a supervised classification method of predicting selected ductile cast iron castings defects. The test used the algorithm of k-nearest neighbours, which was implemented in the authors’ computer application. To ensure its proper work it is necessary to have historical data of casting parameter values registered during casting processes in a foundry (mould sand, pouring process, chemical composition) as well as the percentage share of defective castings...

Lean integration in maintenance logistics management: a new sustainable framework

Salima Hammadi & Brahim Herrou
The current industrial constraints on production systems, especially availability problems are complicating maintenance managers’ mission and making longer and further performance improvement process. Dealing with these problems in a wiser managerial vision respecting sustainability dimensions would be more efficient to optimize all resources. In this paper, and after addressing the lean/sustainability challenge in a the literature to define main research orientations and critical points in manufacturing and then maintenance specific context, two case studies have...

Barriers in strategic projects of Polish companies

Szymon Cyfert, Paweł Markowski & Paweł Mielcarek
Management and Production Engineering Review (MPER) is a peer-refereed, international, multidisciplinary journal covering a broad spectrum of topics in production engineering and management. Production engineering is a currently developing stream of science encompassing planning, design, implementation and management of production and logistic systems. Orientation towards human resources factor differentiates production engineering from other technical disciplines. The journal aims to advance the theoretical and applied knowledge of this rapidly evolving field, with a special focus on...

Collaborative manufacturing based on cloud, and on other I4.0 oriented principles and technologies:a systematic literature review and reflections

Maria Varela, José Machado, Goran Putnik, Vijay Manupati, Gadhamsetty Rajyalakshmi & Justyna Trojanowska
Recent rapid developments in information and network technology have profoundly influenced manufacturing research and its application. However, the product’s functionality and complexity of the manufacturing environments are intensifying, and organizations need to sustain the advantage of huge competitiveness in the markets. Hence, collaborative manufacturing, along with computer-based distributed management, is essential to enable effective decisions and to increase the market. A comprehensive literature review of recent and state-of-the-art papers is vital to draw a framework...

Generalized utilization-based similarity coefficient for machine-part grouping problem in cellular manufacturing

Tamal Ghosh
This article intends to justify the gap in the research of similarity coefficient driven approaches and cell formation problems (CFP) based on ratio data in cellular manufacturing systems (CMS). The actual implication of ratio data was vaguely addressed in past literature, which has been corrected recently. This research considered that newly projected CFP based on ration data. This study further revealed the lack of interest of researchers in investigation for an appropriate and improved similarity...

An optimum scheduling method for multi-option product flows through production lineswithout intermediate buffers

Marek Magiera
The presented method is constructed for optimum scheduling in production lines with parallel machines and without intermediate buffers. The production system simultaneously performs operations on various types of products. Multi-option products were taken into account – products of a given type may differ in terms of details. This allows providing for individual requirements of the customers. The one-level approach to scheduling for multioption products is presented. The integer programming is used in the method –...

Analysis of human operators and industrial robots performance and reliability

Grzegorz Gołda, Adrian Kampa & Iwona Paprocka
In the article problems related to human labor and factors affecting the increasing use of industrial robots are discussed. Since human factors affect the production processes stability, robots are preferred to apply. The application of robots is characterized by higher performance and reliability comparing to human labor. The problem is how to determine the real difference in work efficiency between human operator and robot. The aim of the study is to develop a method that...

Wireless technologies for lean manufacturing – a literature review

Bartlomiej Gladysz & Aleksander Buczacki
The paper discusses possible applications of wireless technologies in support of lean manufacturing tools. The typology of lean tools is provided. It distinguishes three main categories, which are identification and analysis of waste, improvement implementation, and process monitoring. The set of lean tools was analyzed in terms of information requirements. On the other hand, the typology of wireless technologies was discussed including RFID and Wi-Fi. The literature review of wireless technology applications for support of...

The process of opportunities exploration and exploitation in the development of SMES’ innovativeness

Marek Matejun
The aim of the paper is to present an overview of the theoretical basis and stages of the process of opportunities exploration and exploitation in the development of innovativeness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and its preliminary empirical verification on the basis of experience derived from economic practice. The aim of the paper is realized based on the author’s own empirical research carried out in the form of a case study conducted among 5...

Lean principles for organizing items in an automated storage and retrieval system:an association rule mining – based approach

Maurizio Bevilacqua, Filippo Emanuele Ciarapica & Sara Antomarioni
The application of the 5S methodology to warehouse management represents an important step for all manufacturing companies, especially for managing products that consist of a large number of components. Moreover, from a lean production point of view, inventory management requires a reduction in inventory wastes in terms of costs, quantities and time of non-added value tasks. Moving towards an Industry 4.0 environment, a deeper understanding of data provided by production processes and supply chain operations...

Exploring heuristic techniques for flow shop scheduling

Zuzana Soltysova, Pavol Semanco & Jan Modrak
This paper explores selected heuristics methods, namely CDS, Palmer’s slope index, Gupta’s algorithm, and concurrent heuristic algorithm for minimizing the makespan in permutation flow shop scheduling problem. Its main scope is to explore how different instances sizes impact on performance variability. The computational experiment includes 12 of available benchmark data sets of 10 problems proposed by Taillard. The results are computed and presented in the form of relative percentage deviation, while outputs of the NEH...

Information technology adaptation in Indian small and medium sized enterprises: opportunities and challenges ahead

Ibrahim Khan & Stefan Trzcieliński
The purpose of the study is to analyze the opportunities and the challenges associated with the adoption of Information technology in the Indian SMEs. The significant usage of Information Technology in the SME sector and the factors that influence the business are discussed. SME industry in India has shown substantial growth over the past few years. The implementation of new technologies tends to offer better opportunities to the companies particularly for SME sector in India....

Integration of machine operators with shop floor control system for Industry 4.0

Przemysław Oborski
Research focused on integration of machine operators with information flow in manufacturing process according to Industry 4.0 requirements are presented in this paper. A special IT system connecting together machine operators, machine control, process and machine monitoring with companywide IT systems is developed. It is an answer on manufacture of airplane industry requirements. The main aim of the system presented in the article is full automation of information flow between a management level represented by...

Case study: Lean-RFID based waste identification system on example of small-mediummanufacturing industries

Zen-Hao Yap, Foon-Siang Low & Heap-Yih Chong
The purpose of this research is to develop a Lean-RFID based waste identification system (LRWIS) for small-medium manufacturing companies. The specific objective of this research is to develop and implement the LRWIS from integrating the appropriate lean tools and advanced technologies for wastes reduction and inventory management. Subsequently, the framework was converted into a system for a small-medium sized wood processing manufacturer in Malaysia and integrated into a computerized program. The LRWIS can monitor real-time...

A web-based electronic data interchange as supplier and assembly interface

Rika Yunitarini, Pratikto Pratikto, Purnomo Budi Santoso & Sugiono Santoso
In the assembly industry, almost all components are outsourced or transferred to other parties, in order to meet the need for supply. This is referred as outsourcing of production. The outsourcing of assembly product components is based on a relationship model between the contractor and the industry. However, there is no relationship or communication pattern between the contractor or supplier and the assembler. Hence, in order to accelerate line production and overcome problems with assembly...

Model of the employees’ recruitment for creative teams in manufacturing company

Kamila Tomczak-Horyn & Barbara Wasilewska
The article deals with the subject of recruitment of a candidate for a creative team in manufacturing company. For this purpose, a recruitment model has been developed. It consists of three main stages: preliminary selection of candidates, assessment of the predispositions of the selected candidates to work in a team and creative team building. The authors developed recruitment model of a candidate for a creative team includes a set of tools supporting the assessment at...

Comparing heuristic methods’ performance for pure flow shop scheduling under certainand uncertain demand

Filscha Nurprihatin, Ester Lisnati Jayadi & Hendy Tannady
The main aim of this research is to compare the results of the study of demand’s plan and standardized time based on three heuristic scheduling methods such as Campbell Dudek Smith (CDS), Palmer, and Dannenbring. This paper minimizes the makespan under certain and uncertain demand for domestic boxes at the leading glass company industry in Indonesia. The investigation is run in a department called Preparation Box (later simply called PRP) which experiences tardiness while meeting...

Development and application of a decision making tool for fault diagnosis of turbocompressor basedon Bayesian network and fault tree

Abdelaziz Lakehal, Mourad Nahal & Riad Harouz
Fault Tree is one of the traditional and conventional approaches used in fault diagnosis. By identifying combinations of faults in a logical framework it’s possible to define the structure of the fault tree. The same go with Bayesian networks, but the difference of these probabilistic tools is in their ability to reasoning under uncertainty. Some typical constraints to the fault diagnosis have been eliminated by the conversion to a Bayesian network. This paper shows that...

Demand driven material requirements planning. Some methodical and practical comments

Miriam Pekarcıkova, Peter Trebuna, Marek Kliment & Jozef Trojan
Industry 4.0 will affect the complexity of supply chain networks. It will be necessary to adapt more and more to the customer and respond within a time interval that is willing to accept the product waiting. From these considerations, there is a need for a different way of managing the supply chain. The traditional concept of supply chain as a linear system, which allows optimizing individual subsystems, thus obtaining an optimized supply chain, is not...

New Regulations on Transforming the Right of Perpetual Usufruct into Ownership Title

Anna Trembecka
The Geodesy and Cartography is an open access international journal concerned with the study of scientific problems in the field of geodesy, cartography and their related interdisciplinary sciences. The journal has a rigorous peer–review process to ensure the best research publications. It is publishing peer–reviewed original articles on theoretical or modelling studies, and on results of experiments associated with geodesy and geodynamics, cartography and GIS, cadastre and land management, photogrammetry, remote sensing and related disciplines....

A review on eye movement analysis in map reading process: the status of the last decade

Vassilios Krassanakis & Paweł Cybulski
The Geodesy and Cartography is an open access international journal concerned with the study of scientific problems in the field of geodesy, cartography and their related interdisciplinary sciences. The journal has a rigorous peer–review process to ensure the best research publications. It is publishing peer–reviewed original articles on theoretical or modelling studies, and on results of experiments associated with geodesy and geodynamics, cartography and GIS, cadastre and land management, photogrammetry, remote sensing and related disciplines....

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