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Zastosowanie modelu ryzyka uszkodzenia drzewostanu przez wiatr do oceny prawdopodobieństwa lokalizacji szkód w lasach Regionalnej Dyrekcji Lasów Państwowych w Białymstoku

Arkadiusz Bruchwald & Elżbieta Dmyterko
In June 2016, a hurricane damaged the forests of the Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Białystok (eastern Poland), resulting in the removal of approximately 1.9 million cubic meters of wind−fallen and wind−broken trees and deadwood by the end of 2018. The research material was obtained from the database of the State Forests Information System and used to assess the functioning of the wind damage risk model. The wind damage risk model determines the...

Warunki termiczne powietrza na zrębie zupełnym i gnieździe

Longina Chojnacka-Ożga, Wojciech Ożga & Tadeusz Andrzejczyk
The aim of the study was to determine the spatial variation of air temperature on the clear−cut and gap as well as to compare the distribution of thermal conditions on both areas. The research was carried out in Rogów Forest Experimental Station (51.827023°N, 19.922315°E) on a clear−cut with a width of 60 m and on a gap (of an ellipsoid shape; 40×70 m). The measurements were carried out in two series: spring−summer, in the period...

Ocena efektywności ekonomicznej gospodarki leśnej w Leśnym Kompleksie Promocyjnym Puszcza Białowieska. Część 1. Analiza działalności i wynik finansowy

Andrzej A. Konieczny & Adam T. Sikora
The aim of this study is to assess the economic efficiency of forest management based on the revenues and costs of selected activities and the financial result of the forest districts within the ‘Puszcza Białowieska’ Forest Promotional Complex (FPC), i.e. Białowieża, Browsk and Hajnówka forest districts. The assessment of the economic efficiency of the forest management in ‘Puszcza Białowieska’ FPC forest districts was analyzed in relation to the average values for comparative units (28 other...

Zastosowanie elektronicznego nosa do detekcji lotnych związków organicznych wytwarzanych przez grzyby patogeniczne dla roślin

Miłosz Tkaczyk, Sławomir Ślusarski & Iwona Skrzecz
The dynamic recent development of technologies provides more and more new tools, thanks to which it is possible to quickly detect and identify the chemical composition of volatile organic compounds of fungal origin. An ‘electronic nose’ (e−nose) is one of such tools. The Forest Research Institute launched in the period of 2018−2020 the project entitled ‘Forecasting threats to forest ecosystems through the implementation of innovative electronic odor recognition system’. Its aim is to use an...

Wydajność zrywki drewna skiderem na terenach pochyłych

Dariusz Kulak, Arkadiusz Stańczykiewicz, Grzegorz Szewczyk & Łukasz Wala
The aim of the study is to characterise the working time structure of an operator of the LKT 82 skidder performing timber skidding on the sloping area, and to develop models of efficiency and time−consumption of the work depending on selected factors characteristic of the described transport process. The research was performed in the Sucha Forest District (S Poland). We considered two treatments: late thinning and felling performed in stands with the dominating share of...

Odnowienie naturalne drzew w Puszczy Białowieskiej

Bogdan Brzeziecki, Tadeusz Andrzejczyk & Henryk Żybura
Since several years already, a massive infestation of bark beetle has taken place in the Białowieża Forest, decimating a local Norway spruce population. In consequence, many open areas appeared, practically deprived of trees and other forest vegetation. The existence of such areas has a very negative impact on multiple values of the Białowieża Forest: natural, social, economical and landscape−aesthetic values. The local forest administration prepared a strategy aimed at active restoration of diverse woodland communities...

Oszacowanie biomasy korzeni w drzewostanach sosnowych Borów Lubuskich

Szymon Bijak & Michał Zasada

Ocena cech adaptacyjnych i morfologicznych potomstwa drzewostanów jodłowych objętych ochroną w Karpackim Banku Genów

Marta Kempf, Janusz Sabor & Helena Stanuch
The aim of this study is to find differences in adaptive and morphological traits between the provenances of fir in the juvenile phase of development growing under similar conditions of the Felczyn nursery in the Nawojowa Forest District. The analysis of variance applied to adaptive and morphological traits indicated high between provenance variability of Carpathian fir. It confirms the hypothesis that intraspecific variation of fir is noticeable already in the juvenile phase of growth and...

Lasy falowe, czyli o niezamierzonym lecz nieprzypadkowym podobieństwie pomiędzy rębnią Wagnera i lasami naturalnymi

Leszek Bolibok
A characteristic spatial structure of natural forests called „wave forest” or „Shimagare forest” is very similar to structure which is shaped by silvicultural system invented by Christopher Wagner. This review presents regions of occurrence, mechanisms of arising and maintenance of mentioned natural forests and compares them with theory and praxis of Wagner's Blendersaumschlag.

Kształtowanie krajobrazu rolniczego a polityka leśna państwa

Lech Ryszkowski & Stanisław Bałazy
The National Policy on Forests and the National Programme for the Augmentation of Forest Cover indicate regional needs, possibilities, legal and financial principles of afforestations as the most important elements of the improvement and maintenance of a good state of the country's environment. The documents put emphasis on the need for the establishment and restoration of afforestations between fields, however, neither the guidelines for their legal and administrative status nor sources of financing have been...

Wpływ trzebieży na dynamikę rozwoju drzewostanów sosnowych

Karl-Willi Lockow
The paper presents research results obtained from permanent experimental plots established in pine stands in the northeast German Lowland. It was demonstrated that thinnings affect the dynamics of stand development, quality and productivity.

Określenie dynamiki i kierunków zmian zgrupowań pająków (Aranei) zachodzących w procesie spontanicznego odtwarzania lasu

Dariusz Łęgowski
Forest ecosystems established on former agricultural lands are affected by pathogenic factors described as „chain disease”. The regeneration of such ecosystems lasts longer (ca by 30 to 50 years) as compared with the regeneration rate of stands growing on forest sites. One of the restoration methods of forest ecosystems is the leaving of fallow lands for natural succession. The paper is an attempt to find the dynamics and direction of changes that undergo in various...

Porównanie oceny zwarcia drzewostanu za pomocą metody wizualnej i zwarciomierza

Damian Chmura, Anna Salachna & Edyta Sierka
The visual estimates of tree canopy cover belong to the fundamental measurements of analytical features of forest phytocoenoses. However, it is the subjective method, which results in error difficult to control. The objective of the research was to present a canopyscope and to compare results of canopy cover estimation using it with visual estimates. We conducted several experiments in oak−hornbeam, pine and spruce forest stands in southern Poland. We engaged in fieldwork well− and less−experienced...

Grzyby saproksyliczne w resztkach pozrębowych sosny zwyczajnej

Hanna Kwaśna, Piotr Łakomy & Roman Gornowicz
Awareness of the importance of the presence of deadwood in forest ecosystems has increased in recent decades. Today, deadwood is not only recognized as a key element in carbon sequestration, nutrient supply and water retention, but is also known to be a reservoir of saproxylic species (species associated with the decay of wood on living and dead trees). The amount of deadwood in clear−cut forest is currently higher than 100 years ago. The issue of...

Warunki glebowe świerczyny nawapiennej (Polysticho−Piceetum) w górnej części regla dolnego Tatr

Jarosław Lasota, Ewa Błońska & Maciej Zwydak
The aim of this paper is to present the properties of soils and topography conditions of Norway spruce forests growing on the limestone (Polysticho−Piceetum) in the upper part of the lower montane zone. The study was conducted in the Tatra Mts. (southern Poland) on six study plots reflecting the living conditions of spruce forest on limestone. On each plot the topography conditions were described, soil pits were dug and samples for laboratory analysis were collected....

Leśnictwo w sektorowym rozwoju gospodarki w Polsce

Hubert Szramka, Monika Starosta-Grala & Krzysztof Adamowicz
The theory of sectoral economic development is evolving, as new forms of work organization and new economic sectors are created. Lack of clear definition of the economic sector makes it difficult to determine the impact of economic sectors on the development of the Polish forestry precisely. Forestry activities focus in three main sectors of the economy: agriculture, industry and services. In addition, they focus in three institutional sectors: the non−financial corporate sector, the household sector...

Jakość surowca sosnowego pochodzącego z terenów rekultywowanych dla leśnictwa na przykładzie zwałowiska odpadów po wydobyciu siarki w Piasecznie

Marek Pająk, Krzysztof Michalec, Radosław Wąsik & Michał Kościelny
The research was conducted on the external spoil heap of the 'Piaseczno' Sulphur Mine (southern Poland). This paper aimed to determine the quality of wood in 40−year−old Scots pine trees planted onto the external spoil heap of the mine, in the scope of forest reclamation, depending on the soil substrate and employed reclamation treatments. The investigations were carried out at one−are circular trial plots. A total number of 17 study plots was established, located on:...

Eksport i import surowca drzewnego w wybranych krajach Unii Europejskiej

Krzysztof Adamowicz, Hubert Szramka, Monika Starosta-Grala & Piotr Szczypa
The aim of this work was to assess the rate of the changes in roundwood export and import in selected countries of the European Union during the period of 2003−2012. The data published in the FAO statistical yearbooks and concerning exported and imported timber amounts and values in the majority of the EU member states was analyzed. Based on the study, it can be concluded that international trade of wood is increasingly important in the...

Przydatność szlaków turystycznych oraz elementów infrastruktury w świetle wyników ogólnopolskiego badania opinii społecznej

Jarosław W. Skłodowski & Piotr Gołos
The objective of the article is to present different types of tourist routes and infrastructure elements preferred by the society basing on the results of the nationwide survey, which was conducted in 2013 on a representative sample of 1000 individuals over the age of 18. The sample was of random−amount character. Respondents evaluated the usability of several types of tourist objects (routes and paths) as well as different devices constituting their equipment. The survey also...

Wpływ cech poroża na jakość osobniczą jelenia szlachetnego (Cervus elaphus L.)

Dariusz Zalewski

Wielocechowa ocena potomstwa populacji buka zwyczajnego (Fagus sylvatica L.) z południowo−wschodniej Polski w początkowych latach wzrostu

Włodzimierz Buraczyk, Henryk Szeligowski, Marcin Studnicki, Stanisław Drozdowski & Kamil Bielak
European beech is one of the most important broadleaved tree species in Poland and will play probably even more significant role in the future due to the predicted climate change. The main objectives of this study was to analyse and compare the growth parameters and morphological traits between 23 European beech provenances from south−eastern Poland (fig. 1). The research was conducted on the experimental plot established in Łosie Forest District in 2006. The experiment employed...

Ocena wpływu wybranych zabiegów hodowlanych i typów siedliskowych lasu na koszt pozyskania surowca drzewnego w czyszczeniach i trzebieżach

Krzysztof Adamowicz, Radosław Gostołek, Roman Jaszczak, Piotr Szczypa & Hubert Szramka
Integrating the economic aspects of forest management (cost) with ecological elements of timber production (habitat type) significantly contributes to a better understanding of forest growth and utilisation. The type of silvicultural treatments and forest habitat types determine number of economic activities carried out in the stands and have an important impact on the associated costs. The aim of the study was to describe the impact of silviculture treatments and types of forest habitat on unit...

Wpływ efektu brzegowego drogi na cechy drzewostanów sosnowych Puszczy Noteckiej

Sylwester Grajewski & Paweł Mizera
The development of the transportation network brings both benefits and threats. Much attention is paid to soil contamination with trace elements, difficulties in animal migration, noise propagation or synanthropisation of the vegetation cover. This paper deals with the effect of provincial road No. 150 on inventory characteristics of neighboring Scots pine stands in the Notecka Forest (western Poland) – one of the larger forest complexes in Europe. Twelve rectangular experimental sites were established perpendicular to...

Wpływ sposobu przygotowania gleby na dynamikę jej temperatury na wydmach Kotliny Toruńskiej

Piotr Sewerniak & Paweł Stelter
The objective of the study was to determine the dynamics of soil temperature on inland dunes in the Toruń Basin (N Poland) with reference to the two methods of site preparation: homogenization of belts with a forest mill (FR) and preparation of trenches with a double−mouldboard plough LPZ−75 (LPZ). The study was conducted in a young Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) plantation on plots with soil prepared by a forest mill on north− and south−facing slopes...

Wykorzystanie dolnych warstw drzewostanu w planowaniu hodowlanym

Henryk Żybura & Bartosz Pewniak
Currently observed climate change creates favourable conditions for the development of not only deciduous species (oak and beech), but also some coniferous (e.g. fir). In the Scots pine stands growing on fertile forest site types one can observe the dynamic development of the under−canopy layers composed of those species. Oak or beech saplings are often characterized by good silvicultural value. Also silver fir creates a well−developed cover under Scots pine trees. Beech and fir as...

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