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Динамика культурных кодов и проблема агнонимичности в межкультурной коммуникации

Marine Aroshidze
The study of dynamic codes in various social and legal conditions and the problems of agnonymy in intercultural communication allow us to automatically assert that collective memory and a common past are the basis of socialism, language, as a true chronicler, records everything in its linguistic picture of the world. The informative value of a communicative unit is determined not only by its correlations with a specific denotate, but also by the specific emotional-aesthetic attitude of native speakers towards...

Fenomen przekraczania tabu seksualności w kontekście norm społecznych

Magdalena Zubiel-Kasprowicz
This paper presents the notion of taboo in the context of a social phenomenon identified with a strong exclusion that simultaneously binds nature and culture. Trying to define it, you can say that taboos are not just what cannot be named, what cannot be done, but also what cannot be thought of. This term is connected with a strong ban and fear. Sexual life, along with all its forms, ranging from debauchery to restraint, from...

Józef M. Bocheński’s Conception of Analytic Philosophy

Ryszard Mordarski
The article characterizes the main features Bocheński’s conception of Analytic Philosophy. In the first part, we present the difference between Analytic Philosophy and different world-views. Then we discuss the forth rules of analysis, and finally we refer to the practical and social role of Analytic Philosophy pointed out by Bocheński.

Themes of politics and southern patriotism in country music lyrics

Marta Giersz
While analyzing a song we can concentrate on its three main aspects: how we look at the song, how we respond to the song and how we think about the story in the lyrics. A song is lyrics and music that illuminate a particular reality. We focus on places and people it mentions, on the sounds we hear, on the personal reactions to the lyrics, the music and the imagery it evokes. We often think...

Powrót twórcy. Majakowski//Reaktywacja Andrzeja Sadowskiego

Jadwiga Gracla
In this article author discusses the play/performance of Andrzej Sadowski Mayakovski reactivation. In the structure of the performance, he notices elements of the poet’s biography, elements taken from a computer game, elements referring to Majakowski’s texts (intertext). All this makes the performance become a kind of game with Majakowski’s texts and at the same time plays with contemporary conventions, expressed in the form of virtual reality. It also creates a reality referring to alternative history

Читать или не читать? Чтение как метод изучения иностранного языка в вузе

Irena Kudlińska & Natalia Mospan
The article is coauthored and analyses reading as a method of learning foreign languages and touches upon students’ perception of the issue. To this end the survey was carried out involving the students of Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki w Bydgoszczy. This paper is based on a brief theoretical overview, the analysis of the questionnaires and their data. The authors analyze the results of the survey and define the prospects for development and use of reading as a means of learning...

Art in and out of context

Agnieszka Ługowska
This article discusses the role of context in arts and aesthetic theory and demonstrates that contextual analysis broadens our understanding of these two realms. It demonstrates a codification of an important controversy in aesthetic theory and arts between formalist and contextualist theories. It serves as a means to highlighting some moments in the development of aesthetics and arts that contributed to the rejection of old paradigms (disinterest theory, formalism) and instigated a move towards a...

Co kryje się w umyśle seryjnego mordercy? Rozważania w kontekście powieści Borisa Akunina Dekorator

Olga Letka-Spychała
The main aim of this paper is to answer the question which appears in its title. In order to do so, I analyse the mind style of the eponymous character from Boris Akunin’s book The Decorator (1999). The notion of mind style coined by Roger Fowler relates to a unique correlation between certain linguistic constructions (metaphors, transitive patterns, underlexicalization) and their role in projecting particular world-views. The analysis shows that in the case of Akunin’s...

Issues in cognitive discourse research: Positioning, representation, conceptualization

Piotr Cap
The present paper explores the current nexus between Cognitive Linguistics (CL) and Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), focusing on theories of conceptual positioning, distancing and perspective-taking in discourse space. It assesses the strengths, limitations, and prospects for further operationalization of positioning as a valid methodology in CDA, and political discourse studies in particular. In the first part, I review the cognitive models of positioning that have made the most significant contribution to CDA. Discussing Deictic Space...

Nazewnictwo szlachty w Krzyżakach Henryka Sienkiewicza na tle polskiego systemu antroponimicznego dawnych epok

Monika Kubiak
The article presents the procedure of altering Polish last names as it is pictured in examples of anthroponyms taken from the historical novel The Knights of the Cross written by Henryk Sienkiewicz. Characteristics of onomastics, as the one of many fields of the linguistic studies and the literary onomastics, which is a part of it, preludes the analysis performed in this paper. The emphasis has been put on one of the areas of this study...

Polski kodeks karny w tłumaczeniach na język niemiecki – terminologia i strategie translatorskie

Agnieszka Pietrzak
Globalisation, close economic relations and the vicinity of Germany and Poland, have resulted in the need for translations of economic and legal texts in the Polish-German language pair. The aim of this paper is to present the state of research on translations of Polish codes into German. The first results of a confrontational analysis of the terminology of the Polish Penal Code and its printed German translations, which is the subject of the doctoral dissertation...

Straty wojenne zbiorów bibliotecznych w Polsce widziane z państwowej perspektywy. Pomiędzy organizacją, polityką a etyką

Zdzisław Gębołyś
Summary: Estimated calculations of the war losses suffered by Poland in the area of cultural goods are about 13,000 paintings, about 1,400 sculptures, about 125,000 manuscripts, 22,000 old prints, 25,000 maps and about 15 million books. Loss of library collections is estimated at around 66%. Many of them were irretrievably destroyed as a result of unplanned and planned actions of destruction and plunder of Polish cultural goods by the German and Soviet invaders. To this...

Poetycka biografia emigrantki w Opowieści o cudzoziemcach Józefy Radzymińskiej

Nina Pielacińska

Wartościowanie osób z otyłością w polskim wordnecie

Dorota Pazio-Wlazłowska


Dorota Dąbrowska

Tajemnica kobiecego uśmiechu. Rozważania wokół wiersza Stanisława Grochowiaka Nieznajoma z Sekwany i innych tekstów kultury na zajęciach polskiego w liceum

Magdalena Marzec-Jóźwicka

Cielesność w Chmurdalii Joanny Bator

Daria Targosz


Anna Bajerowska

“The dead and gone. The dying and the going”1 : S. Beckett’s A Piece of Monologue and C. Churchill’s Here We Go

Anna Suwalska-Kołecka


Irena Kudlińska & Natalia Mospan

Egzamin na tłumacza przysięgłego w kontekście praktyki wykonywania zawodu tłumacza przysięgłego

Agnieszka Pietrzak

Polski leksem dziecko i angielski leksem felicity jako wyrazy pokrewne: studium etymologiczno-historyczne

Angelina Żyśko

Święty Antoni od zguby broni. Stereotyp świętego Antoniego w polskiej tradycji ludowej

Agata Bielak

Przymiotnik covidowy jako klucz do rozumienia rzeczywistości w czasie pandemii

Jolanta Józwiak

„Проклятые джинсы” и „несчастная колбаса” – к вопросу об отражении социальных эмоций в языке

Daria Słupianek-Tajnert
The article analyses the examples of usage of the nouns jeans and sausage in the book Second hand time by Svetlana Aleksievich. These nouns have the function of contextual emotional and ideological terms. Their usage reflects the emotional dichotomy between the imagination and views of the post-Soviet society concerning the current political situation (resulting mainly from the systemic changes related to perestroika), and social moods conditioned by politics.

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