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Динамика культурных кодов и проблема агнонимичности в межкультурной коммуникации

Marine Aroshidze
The study of dynamic codes in various social and legal conditions and the problems of agnonymy in intercultural communication allow us to automatically assert that collective memory and a common past are the basis of socialism, language, as a true chronicler, records everything in its linguistic picture of the world. The informative value of a communicative unit is determined not only by its correlations with a specific denotate, but also by the specific emotional-aesthetic attitude of native speakers towards...

Особенности грузинской языковой картины мира в свете межкультурной коммуникации

Nino Aroshidze
The article reviews specific features of the Georgian linguistic world image shaped during the long period of its existence. The analysis covers the cultural concepts and language markers that reflect the national characteristics. Being a special kind of cross-cultural communication, translation is a process of overcoming the linguistic and cultural barriers, and includes transcoding of language code as well as the cultural one. On the one hand, it uncovers the discrepancies between the key concepts in different...

Dissidents of Indo-Europeanism: Hugo Schuchardt and Niko Marr

Marine Aroshidze, Nino Aroshidze & David Gotsiridze

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