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Kosmologiczna luka w modlitwie Pater noster według Ewangelii św. Łukasza – przyczynek wcale nie-futurologiczny

Grzegorz Ojcewicz

Архитектоника эмоций и субъективная логика национальной истории в прозе Тараса Шевченко

Артур Малиновский

Niemieckie nazwiska urzędników Starego Miasta Braniewa w XV wieku na litery A–L

Marzena Guz

Indywidualizacja treści w podręcznikach do językoznawstwa

Józef Jarosz

Constructing Privileged and Oppositional Future in Dialogic Political Speeches

Piotr Cap

Approaches to alcohol in textbooks for teaching foreign languages for beginners. An investigation of English, Spanish, Russian and Polish textbooks

Konrad Szamryk

Что на уме, то и на языке? Или о специфике языковых зооморфных картин мира дальневосточно-азиатского культурного ареала

Tamara Goncharova
The article compares three linguistic zoomorphic pictures of the world – Chinese, Japanese and Indian. It deals with zoometaphors, which are inconsistent with the principle of ascending from the abstract to the concrete, but realize the prototypical effect, presenting some characteristics by concrete notions. These metaphors are of great importance in the process of human thinking as they perform the evaluative-expressive and aesthetic functions of language. They express some social types and standards of human...

A note on the post-structuralist evolution of discourse analysis

Piotr Cap
This paper gives a critical overview of various analytical approaches dominating the field of discourse studies in the last three decades, from the perspective of their philosophical and formative bases: social constructionism and linguistics. It explores different conceptions and features of the theoretical nexus between these two bases leading to the emergence of three distinct yet apparently complementary strands of thought (i-iii). The paper starts with the account of (i) Laclau and Mouffe’s classical discourse theory...

Wizje hiszpańskiej wojny domowej w kinie przełomu XX i XXI w.

Jakub Szymański
Summary: The aim of this article is to provide the comparison between the visions of Spanish Civil War, which took place between 1936 and 1939, in the cinematography at the turn of the 20th and 21st century. In the first instance, it shows a brief historical introduction to the topic of this military conflict. Then, it critically reflects upon the attitude of the directors of the eight chosen titles (which were created between 1990 and...

Podmiotowość w Duchu utopii Ernsta Blocha. Powinowactwa, kontynuacje i krytyki

Anna Czajka-Cunico
Summary: The text outlines the conception of subjectivity that the philosopher Ernst Bloch (1885-1977) presented in his work published 100 years ago: Spirit of Utopia (Geist der Utopie, 1918). After a short reconstruction of the context in which this conception arose (the reception of German idealistic thought: Kant and Hegel, the discussions with the philosopher and poetess Margarete Susman and others) the paper describes its elaboration in the work of Bloch (Traces, 1930, Heritage of...

Motywy akwatyczne w powieści Zachara Prilepina Patologie

Monika Zielińska
Incorporating aquatic motifs into his novel Pathologies, Zakhar Prilepin ascribes different functions to them. Firstly, in ‘Chechen story’, water takes the form of rain that constitutes an ordinary, thought irritating, atmospheric phenomenon. However, when the young protagonists fight under siege in Chechnya, water acquires a symbolic meaning, becoming a dire portent of death. In the final scenes, set in Chechnya, water changes its connotation and saves the survivor Russian soldier’s lives. Besides, water plays in...

Механизмы памяти в романе Е.Г. Водолазкина Авиатор

Natalia Królikiewicz
In this article we focus on the problem of memory realised in the artistic space of E.G. Vodolazkin’s Aviator. The aim of the study is to analyse memory as a mechanism shaping the novel’s structure. In order to reach this goal, it seems important to explore the structure of the literary text, to understand the meaning of categories of memory and memories, while searching for key ideas of the text. The analysis reveals the significance...

The evolution of the concept of wilderness in America

Agnieszka Ługowska
This paper presents some of the critical stages in the evolution of the concept of wilderness in American thought and its revisions. First, it shows the transformation of the idea of wilderness in American culture from something to be feared, to something to be conquered, to something to be cherished by modern environmentalism and demonstrates how nature discourse may perpetuate dualistic relations with wilderness. Than it analyzes some criticisms and responses to the traditional idea...

„Bibliotekarz” 1919-1929-1939 – czasopismo fachowe nie tylko dla bibliotekarzy. Cz. II: Tematyka bibliotekarska

Zdzisław Gębołyś

Szkoła Języka i Kultury Polskiej w argentyńskiej Wandzie i jej wpływ na status polszczyzny w zbiorowości polonijnej

Adrianna Seniów


Dorota Dziadosz

Czechosłowakizm na językowym tle I Republiki Czechosłowackiej1 (1918-1938)

Dariusz Tkaczewski

Archaizmy w idiolekcie poetyckim Nadieżdy Teffi

Iwona Anna Ndiaye

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