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Using direct policy search to identify robust strategies in adapting to uncertain sea-level rise and storm surge

Woodrow Wilson School Of Public Gregory G. Garner

The Ensemble Mars Atmosphere Reanalysis System (EMARS) Version 1.0 Dataset

E. Kalnay S. J. Greybush
The Ensemble Mars Atmosphere Reanalysis System (EMARS) dataset version 1.0 contains hourly gridded atmospheric variables for the planet Mars, spanning Mars Year (MY) 24 through 33 (1999 through 2017). A reanalysis represents the best estimate of the state of the atmosphere by combining observations that are sparse in space and time with a dynamical model and weighting them by their uncertainties. EMARS uses the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter (LETKF) for data assimilation with the...

Modeling ice melange in an ice-sheet model

David Pollard. Earth

Tensegrity Codes

Kaan Yildiz

Modulation of joint and limb mechanical work in walk-to-run transition steps in humans

Brendan S. Lay Neville J. Pires

HRRR Model Data

Paul Markowski

Modeling modern elevations of mid-Pliocene shorelines

David Pollard. Earth

Prevalence and risk factors for bovine tuberculosis in West Bengal, India

Laurel Easterling Premanshu Dandapat

Probabilistic inversion of expert assessments to inform projections about Antarctic ice sheet responses

Tony E. Wong Robert William Fuller

Prevalence of Bovine Tuberculosis in India: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Laurel Easterling Sreenidhi Srinivasan

Initiation of Streamers Due to Hydrometeor 1 Collisions in Thunderclouds

Jaroslav Jansky Qiheng Cai

Shale Network – Mercer County Groundwater as of August 2018

Penn State Earth Tao Wen

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