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Using direct policy search to identify robust strategies in adapting to uncertain sea-level rise and storm surge

Woodrow Wilson School Of Public Gregory G. Garner

Subroutines to Calculate the Deposition Coefficients for Ice Crystal Vapor Growth.

J.Y. Harrington, G. Sokolowsky & H. Morrison
This code uses fitting coefficients to calculate supersaturation-dependent deposition coefficients for numerical models. The code takes as input the ambient supersaturation, temperature, and atmospheric pressure, along with the size of the crystal. If the crystal shape is unknown an equivalent volume sphere may be used. The subroutines calculate and return the deposition coefficients.

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Kaan Yildiz

Prevalence of Bovine Tuberculosis in India: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Laurel Easterling Sreenidhi Srinivasan

Characterizing the deep uncertainties surrounding coastal flood hazard projections: A case study for Norfolk, VA

Kelsey L. Ruckert, Vivek Srikrishnan & Klaus Keller
Coastal planners and decision makers design risk management strategies based on hazard projections. However, projections can differ drastically. What causes this divergence and which projection(s) should a decision maker adopt to create plans and adaptation efforts for improving coastal resiliency? Using Norfolk, Virginia, as a case study, we start to address these questions by characterizing and quantifying the drivers of differences between published sea-level rise and storm surge projections, and how these differences can impact...

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