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Blue Whale Response to Underwater Noise from Commercial Ships

Megan F McKenna

Grundwasserprobennahme - Technologie der Probennahme

Jörg Dehnert, & Eike Barthel

Bivirkninger og Dentale Fyllingsmaterialer [Adverse Effects and Dental Amalgam] - The Public Debate in Norway

Asbjørn Jokstad

CMOS Millimeter Wave Receivers

Maarten Tytgat

Multidimensional Scaling with Lower Bounds

Jan De Leeuw

Evaluation of Effectiveness and Cost-Benefits of Woolen Roadside Reclamation Products: Field Tests

Rob Ament, Monica Pokorny & Stuart Jennings

Comprehensive Revision on Micro-Scale Energy Harvesting and Energy Storage Devices

Nasir Alfaraj

Great Apes' Insight into the Mind: How Great?

Damian Scarf & Ted Ruffman

Jedi Mind Tricks & Other pro tips for recommending just the right book

Sarah Morrison, Emily Adams, Tegan Tigani & Lisa Bitney

The choice of a Maghrebi orthography

Imed Adel

Shenzhen flowslide - Master Cross-section Profile

Qiang Xu, , , , Wei Hu, &

Evaluation of Hydrologic Models Simulating Wetland Hydrology in the San Joaquin River Basin

Megan Farley & Nigel W T Quinn

Seasonal wetland salinity management: developing a data centered decision support system.

Virginia Lehr & Nigel W.T. Quinn

An Ethical Framework for Ubiquitous Learning - a work in progress

Leigh Blackall

Etimología de Jaén

Enrique Cabrejas

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