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Pulse Asia Research Poll: December 2018 Ulat ng Bayan Survey

Source of news (1); personal quality of life (3); urgent personal concerns (3); national quality of life (3); price decreases (5); urgent national concerns (3); registered to vote (1); voted in May 2016 elections (1); voting in May 2019 election (1); 2019 senatorial preferences (12); familiarity with senatorial candidates (70); electoral endorsements (2); important characteristics in country's leader (3); ratings of officials and government agencies (40); ratings of the national administration on select issues (12);...

New York Times Upshot/Siena College: September 2018 Illinois 06 Poll

Likelihood of voting in 2018 election (2); opinion of various public figures (2); vote for Democrat/Republican for Congress (1); Illinois Congressional District 06 (1); Republican representative Peter Roskam (1); Democratic representative Sean Casten (1); respondent would like Democrats/Republicans to control House of Representatives (1); President Donald Trump job performance (1); support/oppose position on gun control law banning sale of assault-style guns/high-capacity magazines (1); agree/disagree with various statements (4); ever struggled/known someone who has struggled with...

CBS News Poll: Home Design/Modern/Traditional

Home design (1); large purchase such as home or car (1); rich can afford good design (1); prefer modern design (1); prefer traditional design (1); home owned or rented (1); religious affiliation (1); personal finances (1); political party preference (1).

NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll: May 2020

When will daily life return to normal from coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak (1); concern about second wave of coronavirus outbreak (1); method of voting if state allows vote by mail due to coronavirus (1).

ABC News/Ipsos Poll: 2020 Coronavirus Wave 15

President Donald Trump coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic handling approval (1); United States economy re-opening speed (1); Trump race-relations approval (1); Confederate Flag (1).

ABC News/Ipsos Poll: 2020 Coronavirus Wave 13

President Donald Trump's handling of response to coronavirus (1); use of chokeholds by police (1); changing name of United States military bases named after Confederate leaders (1); reparations for black Americans whose ancestors were slaves (1).

ABC News/Ipsos Poll: 2020 Coronavirus Wave 12

Concern about coronavirus (COVID-19) infection (1); willingness to do activities during coronavirus pandemic (15); defund the police (2).

Australian Public Opinion Poll # 168

Olympic Games (1); women on juries (2); living costs (4); child endowment (3); petrol tax (1); car inspections (2); illegal migrants (2); jail sentences (1); smoking (4); student scholarships (2); China (1).

Australian Public Opinion Poll # 167

Daylight saving (1); compensating victims of criminal acts (1); traffic tickets (2); voting (1); federal election (11); education (3); China (2).

Australian Public Opinion Poll # 170

Sunday sports (2); lotteries (3); safety belts (2); military training (1); hotel hours (2); Parliament retiring age (2); federal election (1); decimal currency (1); The Beatles (2); Governor General (1); New Zealand (2); national anthem (1); immigration (2).

Public Opinion Survey 158 (Jewish Residents of Amsterdam)

Antisemitism in the Netherlands (3); makeup of social circle (1); N.I.W. (New Israelite Weekly (the Jewish weekly)) (4); member of religious community/spiritual group (1); volunteer/paid work for Jewish organization/society (1); future of the Jewish community in the Netherlands (2); Dutch people living abroad (2); separate dishes/utensils used for milk/meat (3); kosher meat consumption (3); pork consumption (3); Seder (6); Hanukkah lights (3); chuppah at wedding (3); matzos at Pesach (Passover) (3); Friday evening meal (3);...

NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll: November 2019

President Donald Trump job approval (3); Trump re-election support (1); Democratic vs. Republican congressional candidate (1); impeachment inquiry into Trump (6); U.S. Senate vote to remove Trump from office (1); impeachment vote impact on your vote for Congress (1); identity of whistle-blower who filed complaint about Trump (1); acceptable for president to ask a foreign country's leader to investigate political opponent (1); enthusiastic about presidential candidates from different demographics (8); satisfaction with candidate choices for...

CNN Poll: May 2020 Coronavirus

President Donald Trump's handling of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak (1); economic impact of coronavirus (1); household financial hardship from coronavirus (2); federal government preventing spread of coronavirus (1); worst is behind us or yet to come from coronavirus (1); concerns about coronavirus (5); government doing enough to address concerns about coronvavirus (5); trust information about coronavirus from various sources (5); left home for various reasons in past 7 days (5); returning to regular routine (5); vaccine...

Kaiser Family Foundation Poll: October 2019 Kaiser Health Tracking Poll

Affordable Care Act (ACA) (5); trust in political parties with various health care issues (4); new health care plan to replace ACA (4); impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump (1); prescription drug costs (12); Medicare-for-all (1); public option (1); political partisanship (2); Democratic candidates for president on various issues (8); e-cigarettes (7); health insurance coverage (4); take prescription medicine (2); use various smoking products (3); political ideology (1); registered to vote (1); Trump job performance...

Harvard School of Public Health: December 2004 SARS Quarantine Survey

Worry that someone in immediate family may get sick from various illnesses (8); heard/read about anyone being quarantined in country/region during past two years (1); effectiveness of quarantine (1); respondent has/has not been quarantined in past two years (2); have friends/family members who have been quarantined in past two years (2); favor/oppose various steps government could take to control spread of contagious disease (6); worn mask in public to protect against illness in past two...

ABC News/The Washington Post Poll: 1988 Presidential Election

Intention to vote (2); effects of 1988 presidential campaign (6); presidential election trial heat (60).

ABC News/Ipsos Poll: 2020 Coronavirus Wave 2

President Donald Trump's response to coronavirus (1); concern about getting coronavirus (1); changes in regular daily routine due to coronavirus (2); registered to vote (1).

National Survey on Energy and Environment: Fall 2010

State University Of Michigan Center For Local
Average temperature on earth is increasing (2); earth warming due to human activity/natural patterns in earth's environment (1); global warming serious problem (2); various factors affecting view that earth is getting warmer (9); confidence that average temperature is not increasing (1); various factors affecting view that earth is not getting warmer (4); agree/disagree with various statements about global warming (climate change) (5); responsibility for taking actions to reduce global warming (3); agree/disagree with various statements...

Pew Research Center: American Trends Panel Wave 51

Get news through electronic devices and platforms (4); trust in news sources (4); ways to share news stories (1); social media use (11); news on social media (15); friends share political views (1); problems of news on social media (7); social media companies control mix of news stories (3); social media companies favor some news organizations (8); ideology of posts on social media (1).

ABC News/Washington Post Poll: Trump/Coronavirus/2020 Presidential Election

Registered to vote (1); voter likelihood (1); President Donald Trump vs. Former Vice President Joe Biden for President (1); enthusiasm about supporting Biden/Trump (2); making it easier to cast absentee ballot/vote by mail (1); Trump job performance (2); nation's economy (1); favorability of Trump/Biden (2); Trump/Biden characteristics (10); Trump handling of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak (5); Trump vs. Biden on coronavirus handling (2); state governor coronavirus handling approval (1); possible coronavirus second wave (1); control of...

ABC News/Washington Post Poll: Trump/Mueller Investigation/2020 Presidential Election

President Donald Trump job performance (2); illegal immigration crisis in America (2); declare emergency to use federal funds to build a wall with Mexico (1); asylum requests (1); Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation into Trump (6); impeachment proceedings against Trump (1); legitimacy of presidential elections after foreign interference (2); voter likelihood (1); vote for Trump (1); vote for Democratic presidential candidate (1); Trump handling of issues makes you more or less likely to support for...

NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll: February 2020

President Donald Trump job approval (2); Republican vs. Democrat for your congressional district (1); economy working well for you personally (1); fairness of elections (2); country right/wrong direction (1); support in 2016 presidential election (1); Democratic nomination for president (3); favorability of capitalism/socialism (2); vote choice if your supported Democratic candidate does not get presidential nomination (1); more important for Democratic candidate to share position on issues or beat President Donald Trump (1) Democratic candidates...

Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind Poll: March 2020 Coronavirus

Availability of prescription drugs (6); coronavirus vaccine (1); get tested for coronavirus at pharmacy if doctor not available (1); Trump job performance in directing federal government response to coronavirus (1); coronavirus real threat or hyped by the media (1): ways coronavirus can be transmitted to humans (4); ways to minimize coronavirus infection risk (5); activities avoided as result of coronavirus (8); President Donald Trump favorability (1); health insurance (3); registered to vote (1).

VCIOM-SPUTNIK Poll: December 2019

President of Russia approval (1); Prime Minister approval (1); State Duma of Russia (2); political party preference (2); mass protests (2); Internet usage (1); watch TV (1); trade unions (1); judicial system (1); Russian Orthodox church (1); personal financial situation (2); employment (2); sources of income (1); most important problems (5); rise in prices, inflation (2); Russian ruble and US dollar exchange rate fluctuations (3); unemployment (2); take out loans (2); spend or save money...

PRRI April 2020 Coronavirus Survey

How often attend religious services (1); place at which respondent primarily attends religious services holding in-person gatherings for Easter/other religious occasions (1); how respondent plans to observe Easter/other religious holidays in coming days/weeks (1); favor/oppose churches/other religious organizations holding in-person services during time of government-issued "stay at home" orders (1); most accurate way to refer to virus (coronavirus/COVID-19) (1); trust in news sources to provide accurate information about politics/current events (1).

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