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New York Times Poll: National Health Care Survey

Doctors: confidence and quality(3); personal experiences with health care system(13); cost of health care(13); proposals for lowering health care costs(6); health insurance(10).

Yankelovich/Time Magazine/CNN Poll: Politics/Finances/National Anthem

George Bush job performance (9); Dan Quayle job performance (3); economic expectations (6); federal budget deficit and taxes (7); Star Spangled Banner (3); terminally ill patients and life sustaining treatments (7).

California Poll # 7001

The Field Institute
Financial outlook past vs. present vs. future; Governor Reagan's job performance; personalized license plates; most important problems facing the country; environmental pollution; ideal social and personal virtues; Democratic candidate preferences for Governor, Senator, Attorney General, name recognition and evaluation of California figures; trial heats for Governor and Senator; issues candidates should talk about.

Gallup Poll # 1938-0125: Government Spending/Roosevelt Administration

Paying ransom to kidnappers (3); freedom of speech (3); Mayor Hague (4); would like to see Roosevelt administration be more liberal or more conservative during the next two years (1); Roosevelt administration should/should not try to defeat in the primary elections Democratic senators who opposed the president's plan to enlarge the Supreme Court (1); newspaper respondent most regularly reads supports/opposes President Roosevelt (1); selling war materials (2); idea of a world disarmament conference (4); think...

Gallup Poll # 1938-0127: Employment and Wages/Roosevelt/Labor Unions

Favor/oppose federal government's spending program to help get business out of its present slump (1); approve/disapprove of present Social Security laws which provide old age pensions and unemployment insurance (1); third term for President Roosevelt (3); think there should/should not be more federal regulation of labor unions (1); federal government should/should not buy, own and operate the railroads (1); own any stocks or bonds (1); approve/disapprove of federal regulation of the securities exchanges (1); favored/opposed...

New York Times/WCBS-TV Poll: New York City Race Relation

Election for mayor(3); race(21); crime(8); public figures(10); employment(7); discrimination(7); courts racial treatment(3); subways(3); Bernhard Goetz(2); New York City Police(4); racial slurs(2); Hispanics(5); African Americans(5).

IBOPE Poll # 1992-OPP181: President Collor - Corruption

Future of Brazil (1); President Collor job performance (3); President Collor corruption (12).

USIA Poll # 1994-I94030: Opinion of \"Gaza-Jericho first\"/Jerusalem/Palestinian Administration

Autonomy plan for 'Gaza and Jericho first' (4); sense of personal security (1); Palestinian police in Gaza and Jericho job performance (1); Israel's offer to discuss expansion of Palestinian autonomy on the West Bank with the PLO (1); support/oppose statements about Jerusalem (6); Israeli withdrawal from territories (5); effects of U.S. Secretary of State visits on Arab-Israeli peace (1); Israeli-Syrian agreement (1); satisfaction with policies of leaders (6); trust in Israeli government (1); trust in...

Yankelovich/Time Magazine/CNN Poll: Airport Security/Cable Television

Airport safety (7); cable television (22).

USIA Poll # 1994-I94971: Autonomy Plan for \"Gaza and Jericho\"/Knesset Election/Other Topics Related to the Recent Russian Immigration to Israel

Most important reasons for leaving former Soviet Union (2); situation in Israel vs. former Soviet Union (1); satisfaction with personal situation in Israel (1); autonomy plan for "Gaza and Jericho" (3); government performance in policy areas (7); opinion of leaders (5); vote in Knesset election (1); vote in election for Prime Minister (1); support of political party for recent immigrants (1); most important factor in voting a party (1).

Survey # 1008

Watching television (2); TV needing improvements (1); TV as good or bad thing (1); negative aspects of TV (1); commercials on TV (1); quality of evening programs (1); agreement with TV program statements (15); retirement age (1); daily free time hours (2); support for Konrad Adenauer's policies (2); atomic bomb tests as health hazards (1); American-Russian nuclear ban agreement (2); depressed about nuclear weapons (1); equipping army with nuclear weapons (1); picturing atomic bomb effects...

Yankelovich/Time Magazine/CNN Poll: Savings and Loan Scandal/New York City

Mood of the country (2); most important national problem (2); George Bush job performance (11); Bush and "no new taxes" (3); Dan Quayle job performance (4); David Souter Supreme Court nomination (2); economy (6); savings and loan scandal (13); New York City (9).

USIA Poll # 1995-I95009: Israeli-Jewish Opinion on the Arab-Israeli Peace Process/Election

Autonomy plan for 'Gaza and Jericho first' (10); election for Palestinian Authority (1); Israeli withdrawal from territories (5); U.S. involvement in Arab-Israeli compromise (1); U.S. Vice President Al Gore's visit (2); agree/disagree with statement (3); satisfaction with policies of leaders (6); government job performance (1); vote in Knesset election (1); vote for Prime Minister (1).

The Minnesota Poll # 138

Polio vaccination program (6); United Nations job performance (1); UN changes (2); US dropping out of UN (1); congressional salary increase (1); suspended licenses (1); Korean veteran state bonus (2); Kensington Runestone (2); American religious revival (2); church membership (5); teaching reading rating (1); Rudolf Flesch criticisms (2); marriage health (1); people in the news (3); tax fairness (1); cutting state taxes (3); iron ore industry (4); television ownership (1); pay per view TV (2);...

New York Times Poll: Business World Survey III

Mergers and takeovers (7); government regulation of business (7); bank deregulation (2); breakup of AT&T (5); foreign investments in the U.S. (7); choice for Republican/Democratic nominee for President (4); Republican vs. Democratic party (2); management of NBC/ABC (4).

Yankelovich/Time Magazine/CNN Poll: New York City Life and Crime

David Dinkins job performance (2); quality of life in New York City (5); problems facing New York City (13); descriptions of the people of New York City (7); descriptions of neighborhood (12); crime (7).

Survey # 1010

USIA Poll # 1995-I95056: Arab-Israeli Peace Process/Prime Minister Election

Situation in Israel (1); Oslo 2 accord (1); Israeli withdrawal from certain territories (5); Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank (1); opposition of the autonomy plan (1); Syria peace agreement negotiations (5); U.S. involvement in an Arab-Israeli compromising (1); Arab countries relations with Israel (2); Likud Leader Binyamin Netanyahu job approval (1); Syria President Hafiz al-Asad job approval (1); United States President Bill Clinton job approval (1); Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin job approval (1); PLO...

Gallup Poll # 136

Believe/do not believe that Hitler has "no more territorial ambitions in Europe" (1); result of settlement reached in recent European crisis (1); think United States will/will not have to fight Germany again in respondent's lifetime (1); were more interested in newspaper reports/radio reports in recent European crisis (1); radio news broadcasts increased/decreased interest in newspaper stories of European crisis (1); personal finances (1); big league baseball (2); approve/disapprove of a married woman earning money in...

The Minnesota Poll # 142

Recommending teaching field (2); teacher salary (1); schooling quality (2); funding public schools (2); school crowding (2); farming problems (2); buying pork surpluses (1); farm price supports (2); soil fertility bank (1); Dwight Eisenhower reelection (4); Milton Eisenhower as presidential candidate (1); heart attack recovery (2); Adlai Stevenson as president (2); Richard Nixon as president (2); presidential candidate preferences (1); need for change (2); vacations (10); music preferences (3); orchestra concert attendance (4).

The Minnesota Poll # 144

Opportunities for young people (1); living in Minnesota (1); moving out of state (3); Orville Freeman job performance (1); Dwight Eisenhower reelection (2); government funding schools (3); balancing national budget (3); changing immigration laws (1); stock ownership (3); investment advice (1); most important rights (2); playing Bingo (5); truck lengths (2); polio vaccine (6); ratings of various items (8); presidential candidate preferences (2); presidential primary (3); AFL-CIO merger (2).

Omnibus Survey: Brazilian States/Amazon/Government

Favorite Brazilian state; interest in moving to another state; state desire to move to; vacation trip ever taken; length of time since last trip and destination; desired places to visit and places interested in seeing there; responsibility for recent student-police confrontation; knowledge of and truth of charge that the Amazon is being explored by foreigners; main country exploring the Amazon; adequacy of government control of the Amazon; principal problems facing Brazil and capability of the...

California Poll # 7202

The Field Institute
Marijuana vs. alcohol and other drugs, legalization; approve/disapprove of Nixon administration's handling of Vietnam War; agree/disagree with series of statements about the war; interest in June primary; Democratic presidential nominee preferences; strength of choice; candidate with best chance of defeating incumbent; Republican presidential nominee preference; presidential candidate trial heats; effect of vice presidential choice on ticket appeal; preference for Vice President Agnew on Republican ticket; environment initiative (Proposition 9).

The Minnesota Poll # 145

Machines displaying employees (2); post office profit (2); favored congressional party (1); primary elections (11); married women as teachers (2); US-Russia relations (2); Dwight Eisenhower job performance (1); John Foster Dulles job performance (1); Ezra Benson job performance (1); farm parity prices (3); changing gas taxes (3); Aquatennial attendance (6); smoking habits (6).

New York Times Poll: Republican Convention Delegate Survey

George Bush vs. Michael Dukakis (2); Republican vice-presidential nominee (2); George Bush (5); Michael Dukakis (2); Bush vs. Ronald Reagan (3); federal spending (7); necessity of raising taxes (2); degree of governmental attention to various groups (6); responsibilities of the federal government (7); drugs (2); abortion (2).

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