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Voter News Service North Dakota State Exit Poll, 1996

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1996 presidential vote(1); personal financial situation(1); 1992 presidential vote(1); political ideology(1); Gubernatorial vote(1); US House of Representatives vote(1); political party(1); Clinton vs Dole vote(1).

Gallup News Service Poll: Candidate Strengths and Personal Finances

Voter registration (1); thought toward election (1); voter participation (4); voting location (1); 2008 election (1); absentee or early ballot (1); presidential candidate preferences (2); watching presidential debate (1); news about presidential debate (1); better candidate at debates (2); Barack Obama's greatest strength (1); Mitt Romney's greatest strength (1); financial situation (2); Obama job performance (1).

Gallup/USA Today Poll # 2006-38: Presidential Election/Bush Administration/Terrorism/War in Iraq/Gasoline Prices

Congressional elections (4); voting (4); Democratic party (6); Republican party (5); President George W. Bush job approval (2); the war in Iraq (8); terrorism (6); Democratic control of Congress (1); Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (2); Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman (1); Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (1); U.S. military action in Afghanistan (1); Bush administration (2); wiretapping of U.S. citizens (1); Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) investigation of suspects (1); gasoline prices (2); Congress' involvement with the...

Gallup News Service Poll: Key Election Trends

Voter registration (1); thought toward election (1); voter participation (4); voting location (1); 2008 election (1); absentee or early ballot (1); presidential candidate preferences (2); voter certainty (1); first time voting (1); predicted election outcome (1); favorability of presidential candidates (1); Barack Obama political views (1); Mitt Romney political views (1); agreement with election statements (2); satisfaction with candidate campaigns (2); Obama job performance (1).

Gallup/USA Today Poll # 2006-40: State Election Polls--6 State Comparison

Maryland: Voting (6); Congress elections (2); Senatorial elections (2); Ben Cardin (2); Michael Steele (2); George W. Bush affect on senatorial voting (1); Gubernatorial elections (1); Martin O'Malley (1); Bob Ehrlich (1). Missouri: Voting (6); Congressional elections (2); Senatorial elections (1); Claire McCaskill (2); Jim Talent (2); George W. Bush's affect on senatorial voting (1). New Jersey: Voting (6); Congressional elections (2); Senatorial elections (1); Bob Menendez (2); Tom Kean (2); George W. Bush's affect...

ABC News Poll: 1988 Illinois Primary Day Exit Poll

Presidential vote in primary(2); Democratic/Republican candidate most likely to win presidential election(3); reasons for candidate choice(3); Reagan's job performance(1); 1984 presidential vote(1).

Gallup/USA Today Poll # 2006-40A: Congressional Elections/Presidential Approval/Politics/Iraq/Stock Market/Education/Housing

Congressional elections (20); George W. Bush job performance (4); Congress job performance (1); opinion of public figures (6); Republicans vs. Democrats handling of issues (8); Iraq (1); investment of money (2); characteristics of political parties (8); safety of children in school (3); value/sale of housing (5); Mark Foley incident (3); Dennis Hastert resignation (2); Congressional candidates' campaigns (3); lobbyists' contacts with Congressional relatives (2); Christian political movement (1).

National Election Pool Poll: 2014 New York Election Day Exit Poll

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Gubernatorial vote (1); US Senate vote (1); abortion (2); religious service attendance (2); whether you followed news about Ebola closely (1); Chris Christie for president (1); whether climate change is a serious problem (1); approve/disapprove of Congress handling job (1); feelings about government's response to Ebola in the US (1); US economy and economic conditions (4); whether economy favors the wealthy (1); opinion of political parties (2); personal financial situation (1); closely following political campaigns...

Los Angeles Times Poll: Asians in Southern California

Local community(6); racial discrimination(25); Asian-Americans(37).

CBS News Poll: Health Care Reform

Barack Obama job performance (1); Obama handling economy (1); Obama handling health care (1); Congressional job performance (1); Nancy Pelosi (1); Harry Reid (1); following health care bill (1); approve of health care bill (1); effect of health care bill (2); health care bill as Obama accomplishment (1); understanding health care bill (1); parties handling health care bill (2); congressman handling health care bill (1); health care bill helping with pre-existing conditions (1); health care...

Los Angeles Times Poll: Orange County Prejudice and Immigration

Satisfaction with community life (4); race relations and prejudice (48); criminal justice system and minorities (5); immigration (13).

Associated Press Poll # 1995-811K: Baseball

Interest in baseball (3); baseball strike (3).

NORC Survey 1943-0124: Inflation

Cutting down on certain things as the war goes on (6); cost of living (3); food prices (3); actual prices farmers get for their products (3); rents (3); prices of manufactured goods (3); business profits (3); wages and salaries (7); would/would not be willing to have government freeze own income (3); rationing (4); stores that are charging higher prices than the government allows (3); income taxes (6); war bonds or stamps (2); inflation (2); personal...

Intended vote in 1988 VI

1988 election (10).

ABC News/Washington Post Poll: Terrorism/Mideast Conflict/Sexual Abuse in the Church

George W. Bush job performance (5); War on Terrorism (2); Osama bin Laden (1); Future attacks (1); Middle East conflict (22); Sex abuse in church (9); Cardinal Bernard Law (1).

NORC Survey # 1943-0211: Postwar Domestic Problems

Letting son deliver newspapers (4); people in United States who do not have the kind of food, clothing, and housing they need (2); how much longer think war will last (3); post-war job opportunities (3); peacetime rationing (6); peacetime conditions (4); Social Security (6); approved/disapproved of the New Deal before the war (1); 1940 presidential election (2).

British Gallup Poll: CQ 125

Government approval rating(1); political leaders approval rating(3); political party(3); 1987 election(1); personal financial situation(2); Conservative vs Labour party(1); Labour government(1); price increase(3); economic situation(2); wages(1); honesty and ethical standards of occupations(14); United Nations(4).

Washington Post Poll: Clinton Popularity

Bill Clinton job performance (1).

Washington Post Poll: Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action(3).

NORC Survey: Peace Aims

Life after the war (2); U.S. production of needed materials (2); U.S. aid to other countries (4); war with Germany/Japan (2); prevention of future wars (2); size of Armed Forces (2); settling disagreements between countries (2); U.S. membership in union of nations (3); Russian involvement in peace-making with Germany (2); Russian involvement in helping defeat Japan if Germany is defeated (2); union of nations (13); problems of trade starting wars (1).

ABC News/Washington Post Poll: Bush and Congress/Iraq/Terrorism

George W. Bush job performance (1); priorities for Bush and Congress (10); economy (1); trust Democrats/Republicans to do a better job coping with main problems in nation (11); impression of Republican/Democratic parties (2); Republicans in Congress should work to carry out agenda/compromise with Democrats (1); George W. Bush (13); influences on Bush Administration (5); George W. Bush concentrating on things that are personally important/unimportant to respondent (1); party commitment to equal opportunity for minorities (2);...

National Election Pool Poll # 2010-STELEC-PA: Pennsylvania Election Day Exit Poll

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For whom did respondent vote in U.S. Senate election (1); when decided who to vote for (1); for whom did respondent vote in gubernatorial election (1); government should do more to solve problems/is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals (1); Barack Obama job performance (1); most important issue facing country (1); support/oppose Tea Party Movement (1); worries about direction of nation's economy over next year (1); Congress expanding/leaving/repealing health care law...

Washington Post Poll: Names

Slang names for women (10).

Washington Post Poll: Inter-racial Dating

Inter-racial dating (10).

NORC Survey # 1943-0220T: Subsidies

Fair food prices (2); fair pay for farmers (1); farm subsidies (2); government aid for farmers (1); food prices affecting other market prices (2); food prices affecting wages and salaries (2).

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