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Americans for Responsible Alcohol Access Poll: November 1997

Council for Excellence in Government/Partnership for Public Service Poll: October 2001


Grannyvoter.org Poll: October 2004

Gallup Organization Poll: June 2016

PRRI American Values Survey

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Gallup Organization Poll: January 2008

CBS News Poll

Brookings Institution Poll: April 2013

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Gallup Organization Poll: November 2014

Cook Political Report Poll: April 2007

Gallup Organization Poll: May 2008

George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication/Yale University Project on Climate Change Communication Poll: March 2016

George Mason University Center For Climate Change Communication &

Fox News Poll: December 2002

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Democracy Corps Poll: October 2008

Bloomberg News Poll: June 2011

Marist College Institute for Public Opinion Poll: March 2018

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