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British Gallup Poll: CQ 846

Government approval rating(1); Thatcher approval rating(1); political party leaders(3); political party(2); 1987 election(2).

Iowa Poll # 269 (Farm)

Des Moines Register
Problems facing Iowa farmers and who to blame (9); past/present/future financial situation of farmers (14); farm economy (3); Ronald Reagan ratings (3).

Pew Research Center Poll: Pew Social Trends--July 2009-Work/Generation Gap

Direction of life (1); rating health (1); describing financial situation (1); conflict between groups of people (4); conflict between older/younger generations (1); similarities between older/younger people (8); older/younger people on moral values (1); older/younger people and work ethic (1); older/younger people regarding other races/groups (1); older/younger people respecting others (1); spending time with children (2); relationship with your children (1); relationship with your parents (2); Woodstock (1); listening to certain types of music (7); liking...

U.S. News and World Report Survey: The Economy

Bill Clinton's first year (1); personal economic situation (1); national economic situation (1); national situation (3); economic prospect (3); most important problems (8); abortion (1); suicide (1); health care plan (1) Republican party leadership (1).

U.S. News and World Report Survey: Health Care Reform and Hillary Clinton

Political leaders (1); Bill Clinton job performance (2); Hillary Clinton (4); Clinton leadership (1); Whitewater (2); health care reform (5).

British Gallup Poll: CQ 849

Government approval rating(1); Thatcher approval rating(1); political party leaders(4); political party(5); 1987 election(2); most important problem(3); party to best handle problem(12); Labour party(2); Conservative party(2); best political policies(1); best Prime Minister(1); Social and Liberal Democrats(1); Social Democratic Party(1); most important issue(1); economy(3); prices(3); personal financial situation(2); unemployment(1); good time to buy(4); wages(3).

Iowa Poll # 274

The Des Moines Register
Attack on Libya (4).

CIRCaP Poll # 2006-ELITE: European Elite Survey 2006

Desirability of strong US/European Union leadership in world affairs (2); US-European relations (1); US-European Union partnership in security/diplomatic affairs (1); approve/disapprove of US President George W. Bush handling of international policies (1); European Union assumption of greater international role (4); Turkey's membership of the European Union (1); agree/disagree with statement about the European Union (3); NATO (1); opinion of the U.N. (1); importance of possible international threats to Europe (9); concern about threat of growing...

Canadian Gallup Poll # 498-4

The Canadian Gallup Poll Inc.
Drinking habits(3). Note: Demographics(17).

Iowa Poll # 278

The Des Moines Register
1986 gubernatorial election (16); drugs and mandatory drug testing (23); Iowa's spending priorities (7); pollution of drinking water (5); farm subsidies and grain prices (8); AIDS (13); dress codes for public school teachers and students (16).

British Gallup Poll CQ 890

Government approval (1); Margaret Thatcher job performance (1); Neil Kinnock job performance (1); David Steel job performance (1); David Owen job performance (1); party support (2); 1983 General Election (2); U.S. in world affairs (1); risk of world war (2); nuclear weapons Britain (2); technology in home (2); letter sending (3); letter sending reasons (5); bought cookware/appliances (6); have dog (1); medicine in home (2); medicine cabinet (3); houseplants in home (4).

British Gallup Poll: CQ 901A

Government approval rating(1); Thatcher approval rating(1); political party leaders(3); political party(2); 1987 election(2).

Associated Press Poll: February 2009

PRRI/The Atlantic Voter Engagement Survey

The Atlantic

Associated Press Poll: August 2002

Bloomberg News Poll: February 2011

Black Youth Project Poll: April 2017

USA Today Poll: November 1988

ABC News Poll: October 1998


Cambridge Reports/Research International Poll: June 1991

Decision Quest Poll: September 1999

National Public Radio Poll: February 2004

Business Week Magazine Poll: November 1986

Politico/Harvard Public Health Poll


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