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NTV Telepoll # 1

Health; life after death; superstition and religious beliefs; living conditions and the future.

Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey Press Media Poll: February 2011

Governor Chris Christie job performance (2); New Jersey State Legislature job performance (1); quality of government in Trenton has gotten better/worse over past year (1); Christie administration's handling of various issues (3); likelihood of lower property taxes in next few years (1); responsibility for high property taxes (7); Christie as potential presidential candidate (2); Christie pro-choice/pro-life (1); Christie speaking at Right to Life anti-abortion rally (3); crime in neighborhood (1); local police job performance (1);...

Monmouth University National Poll: June 2016

Presidential election (1); registered to vote (1); likely to vote (1); presidential campaign (1); presidential candidate preferences (3); Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton (5); candidate qualities and characteristics (4); threat of terrorism (3); Muslim ban (2); assault weapons used in the Orlando shooting (1); Vice Presidential candidates for the Republican Party (6); Vice Presidential candidates for the Democratic Party (6); Barack Obama job performance (1); voter locations (1); voting frequency (1); political party preference (1).

Quarterly New York State Index of Consumer Sentiment Including Gas and Food Analysis

Personal financial situation (2); New York State business conditions (2); large personal purchases (6); gasoline prices (1); food prices (1).

Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press Poll: July 2012

New Jersey as place to live (1); Governor Chris Christie job performance (1); NJ State Legislature job performance (1); interest in 2012 presidential and US Senate elections (2); likely to vote in 2012 presidential election (1); presidential candidate preference (3); senatorial candidate preference (3); President Barack Obama favorability (1); Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney favorability (1); US Senator Bob Menendez favorability (1); senatorial candidate Joe Kyrillos favorability (1); Christie favorability (1); enthusiasm about voting (1);...

Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Poll: Americans' Views on Replacing the ACA

Support/oppose 2010 health care law, Affordable Care Act (ACA) (1); President Donald Trump and Congress should repeal ACA/keep ACA in place (1); ACA should be kept as is/changed to make better (1); ACA should be repealed immediately/when a replacement is ready (1); federal government is/is not responsible for ensuring all Americans have health care coverage (1); proposals made by Republicans in Congress to replace ACA (2); impact on various people if Republican health care changes...

Monmouth University Poll: April 2012 New Jersey Poll

, &
New Jersey as place to live (1); Governor Chris Christie job performance (2); NJ State Legislature job performance (1); President Barack Obama job performance (1); US Senator Frank Lautenberg job performance (1); US Senator Bob Menendez job performance (1); Christie administration's handling of various issues (3); would prefer income tax cut/property tax credit (2); Christie's cost estimates for and cancellation of Hudson River ARC Tunnel project (3); merging the University of Medicine and Dentistry of...

IFOP Study of Public Opinion

Attitude toward U.S. and Soviet Union; U.S. or Soviet Union leading military power, scientific development, and space travel; knowledge about Apollo moon flight; evaluation of moon flight; advantage of moon landing for France; use of moon flight money.

Survey # 196

Experiences at industrial fair (13).

VCIOM-SPUTNIK Poll: July 2018

President of Russia approval (1); Prime Minister approval (1); State Duma of Russia (2); political party preference (2); mass protests (2); Internet usage (1); watch TV (1); trade unions (1); judicial system (1); Russian Orthodox church (1); personal financial situation (2); employment (2); sources of income (1); most important problems (5); rise in prices, inflation (2); unemployment (2); take out loans (2); spend or save money (1); savings (1); economic policy (1); social policy (1);...

Kolsky Poll # 1987-SIST7: Sistematico 7--Economic Policy/Economic situation/Politics

Economic policy and economic situation(23); foreign debt(4); privatization of public companies(4); foreign investments in Argentina(5); perception of Argentinean businessmen(5); perception of unions and union membership(4); vote in 1985 and 1987(22); familiarity with and evaluation of Congressmen(4); constitutional reform(3); problems facing the country(1); Raul Alfonsin's government performance(2); armed forces situation(4).

Gallup Poll # 1996-9310200: Presidential Popularity

George Bush job performance (1).

USA Today/Gallup Poll: April Wave 1--Obama/Political Parties/Federal Budget Deficit/2012 Presidential Election

Barack Obama job performance (1); presidential candidate preferences (6); direction of country (1); favorability of various politicians (6); evaluating Obama qualities (5); youth standard of living (1); best party for various issues (6); need for third party (1); economy direction (1); economic blame (2); political party descriptions (6); party compromises (2); federal budget deficit (1); deficit reduction (1); Medicare cost crisis (1); better deficit plan (1); budget plan worries (7); voter participation (1); presidential candidates...

CBS News/New York Times Poll: Omnibus-March, 1979

President Jimmy Carter job performance (2); leadership qualities of President Carter (1); President Carter and the Middle East (4); Oil shortage (4); Egypt and Israel peace agreement (2); President Sadat of Egypt job performance (2); Prime Minister Begin of Israel job performance (2).

Los Angeles Times Poll: Secession of the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood from the city of Los Angeles

Direction of Los Angeles (1); how well are things going in respondent's neighborhood (1); James Hahn job performance as mayor of Los Angeles (1); most important problem facing community (1); which section of Los Angeles receives less than their fair share of city services and attention (1); would vote for Bill Simon/Gray Davis if November election for governor were being held today (1); would vote for/against initiative to break San Fernando Valley away from city...

Los Angeles Times Poll: Anniversary of September 11th Attacks/Threat of War Against Iraq

Direction of country (2); George W. Bush job performance (6); Congress job performance (1); Which party can better handle problems (5); divided government (1); Trust in government (1); Bush favor rich/poor (1); Bush protect people/corporations (1); Economy (7); Personal finances (1); Good time for major purchases (1); Stock Market (4); Privatizing social security (2); Islam (3); American Muslims (1); Department of Homeland Security (1); Confidence in military (1); Bush policy on terrorism (1); Likely terrorist...

ABC News Poll: Iraq/Food/Vitamins

Bill Clinton job performance (1); UN weapons inspectors in Iraq (2); bomb Iraq (1); another war with Iraq (1); food poisoning (3); drinking water safety (1); food most worried about (1); groups for food safety (6); fast food restaurants (1); cases of food poisoning (4); vitamin supplements (9); election of Congressman (1).

Kolsky Poll # 1989-SIST12: Sistematico 12--Politics/Education/Abortion

Vote in 1989(5); Alfonsin's resignation(4); education(10); abortion(5).

NBC News Poll: 1996 Election

Bill Clinton job performance (1); 1996 election (9); 1996 Congressional election (2); family's situation compared to four years ago (1); Whitewater (1); Ross Perot (1); Bob Dole vs. Bill Clinton (5); on-line services (4); name of the most annoying political leader (1); favorite portrayal of the President (1); evangelical Christianity (1); the Christian Coalition (1).

VNS 2000 Election: Michigan Election Day Exit Poll

, , , , &
2000 presidential election vote (1); financial situation (1); 1996 presidential election vote (1); Bill Clinton job performance (1); opinion of Bill Clinton (1); if Al Gore vs. George W. Bush, who would you vote for (1); issue decide presidential vote (1); government view (1); gun control (1); labor union (1); candidate quality (1); Senatorial election vote (1); attacks on candidates unfair (1); religious right (1); supporter of John McCain (1); candidate say anything to get...

Los Angeles Times Poll: Politics/2002 California Elections

Direction of California (1); Vote for Simon or Davis (2); Why vote for candidate (2); vote for other offices (7); Ballot initiatives (6); Impression of Gray Davis (1); Impression of Bill Simon (1); Simon or Davis better at handling the issues (5); Simon or Davis a stronger leader (1); values of Simon and Davis (1); Candidate with more honesty/integrity (1); Knows more about California (1); Negative campaigning (1); Approve/disapprove of Davis policies (2); Interest in...


George W. Bush speech on terrorism (2); war of terrorism (8); fear for personal safety (2); fear of flying (3); World Trade Center (1).

CBS News/New York Times Poll: Omnibus-January, 1980

Carter's performance in general and in respect to foreign policy, the economy, Soviet relations and the Iranian crisis; opinion of various possible presidential candidates; Democratic preference for Democratic and Republican presidential candidates; refusal to vote for a particular Democratic candidate; good and bad points of Jimmy Carter, Edward Kennedy, Howard Baker, George Bush, John Connally and Ronald Reagan; knowledge of Reagan's age; Carter and Kennedy's leadership ability and performance under pressure; importance of a presidential...

MANSILLA Study # 1992-YPFOP: Politics and Economics

Major oil companies(38); YPF(6); privatization(9); introduction to the market of unleaded gas(1); media use(5); consumer attitudes(4).

Los Angeles Times Poll: Economy/George W. Bush/Threat of War Against Iraq

George W. Bush job performance (1); Direction of country (1); Priorities for president and congress (1); Bush handling of issues (4); Congress job performance (1); Economy (6); Personal finances (1); Holiday spending (1); voter registration 91); Re-elect Bush in 2004 (1); Which party better handle issues (7); Bush nominations to Supreme court (2); Abortion (2); Tax cutes (7); Bush more/less partisan than past presidents (1); One party in control good/bad (1); Privatizing social security (2);...

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