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VNS 2000 Election: North Carolina Election Day Exit Poll

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2000 presidential election vote (1); financial situation (1); 1996 presidential election vote (1); Bill Clinton job performance (1); opinion of Bill Clinton (1); if Al Gore vs. George W. Bush, who would you vote for (1); issue decided presidential vote (1); moved to North Carolina (1); 2000 governor election vote (1); candidate attacks unfair (1); religious right (1); view on government (1).

NBC News Poll: 2012 Presidential Election/Barack Obama/Afghanistan/Death of Osama bin Laden

Direction of country (1); Barack Obama job performance (1); Obama handling economy (1); Obama handling foreign policy (1); Obama handling war in Afghanistan (1); Congressional job performance (1); rating public figures, organizations, countries (9); Obama re-election for president (1); confidence in Obama (1); rating Obama's qualities (8); economic outlook (1); success of war in Afghanistan (2); keeping combat troops in Afghanistan until 2014 (1); Osama bin Laden's death (4); releasing picture of bin Laden's dead...

VNS 2000 Election: New Hampshire Election Day Exit Poll

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2000 Presidential Election vote (1); Financial Situation (1); 1996 Presidential Election vote (1); Bill Clinton Job Performance (1); Opinion of Bill Clinton (1); Most important issue in deciding presidential vote (1); Candidate voted for in Governor election (1); New Hampshire income tax (1); John McCain Supporter (1); Move to New Hampshire since 1990 (1); If only Al Gore vs. George W. Bush on ballot, who vote for (1).

Kathleen Willey 2

Clinton job performance(1); Kathleen Willey sexual harassment suit(8); Monica Lewinsky(3).

NBC News/Associated Press Poll: National Poll, September, 1980

Jimmy Carter job performance (4); Equal Rights Amendment or ERA (1); unemployment and inflation (1); labor union (1); economy (1); John Anderson Independent candidate as president (1); Carter presidential debate (1); presidential candidates handling certain issues (7); Anderson job performance (1); Carter handling Iran hostages (1); abortion (1); family financial situation (1).

ABC News Poll: White Lies & Annoyances

Telling white lies about yourself (4); annoying habits (1).

MANSILLA Study: September, 1993--Election/Politics

Opinion about public authorities and leaders (13); voting intentions (7); opinion about political parties (3); political propaganda (1); political campaigns (3); past voting behavior (1); knowledge about constitutional reform (1); presidential reelection (1); political party membership (2); media usage (5).

CBS News/New York Times Poll: Omnibus-September, 1980

Opinion of Edward Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Ed Clark, George Bush, Patrick Lucey, Walter Mondale, Barry Commoner, John Anderson and Jimmy Carter; Carter vs. Reagan vs. Anderson for President; most important reason for, and time of, choice; consideration of voting for any other candidate; satisfaction with Carter/Reagan/Anderson choice; Carter vs. Kennedy for Democratic nominee; Reagan vs. others for Republican nominee; Carter vs. Reagan for President; 1976 presidential vote; attention paid to 1980 campaign; most recent vote;...

Los Angeles Times Poll: California Politics--Late September Recall Election

Gray Davis job performance (1); U.S. citizen (1); registered in a political party (1); Davis recall ballot (4); favor or oppose recall (3); Bustamante or Schwarzenegger for governor (1); voting intentions (2); issue or problem in California (4); candidate with best experience (1); candidate who is a stronger leader (1); special interests in Sacramento (1); attention to political campaigns (1); first time voter (1); absentee ballot (2); voted in March 2002 primary (1); voted in...

MANSILLA Study: November, 1994--Government/Elections

Opinion about presidential image (1); opinion about the members of the government (9); government job performance (1); government job performance by policies (7); opinion about mayor's image (1); voting intentions in mayor's election (1); opinion about political leader's image (13); vice-president preferences (1); voting intentions in presidential elections (2); stability and elections (4).

NBC News/Associated Press Poll: New York City Republican Mayoral Primary Exit Poll

Mayor Ed Koch's and Governor Hugh Carey's job performance; attitudes towards New York City's bus service and subway systems; Koch's concern for the average citizen; support for the closing of the subway system between 1-5 a.m. to hold down fares and improve subway maintenance; change in New York City's services and the quality of life during the Koch administration; frequency of use of New York City buses and subways; removal of rent control and stabilization...

ABC News Poll: Terrorism

Bill Clinton job performance (1): US missile attacks on Afghanistan & Sudan (1): terrorism (2): fight on terrorism vs. cover-up Monica Lewinsky matter (1): Lewinsky/Clinton matter (1)

VNS 2000 Election: Oklahoma Election Day Exit Poll

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2000 presidential election vote (1); financial situation (1); 1996 presidential election vote (1); Bill Clinton job performance (1); opinion of Bill Clinton (1); if Al Gore vs. George W. Bush, who would you vote for (1); religious right (1).

Los Angeles Times Poll: 2004 Presidential Election

Member/officer of state Democratic committee (1); direction of country (1); economy (1); most important issues for Democratic candidates running for president to address (9); who would like to see as Democratic candidate for president (2); why would support certain Democratic candidate for president (1); who would be second choice for Democratic presidential candidate (1); strongest presidential candidate to beat George W. Bush in November 2004 (1); any one candidate would refuse to support (1); why...

NBC News/Associated Press Poll: National Poll, January 1981

Jimmy Carter job performance (1); opinion of Ronald Reagan (1); future of economy (1); defense spending (1); Iran hostages release (6); balancing federal budget (1); trust in Reagan (1); reinstalling draft (1); drafting women (1); Reagan presidential abilities (5); balancing budget vs. cutting taxes (1); balancing budget vs. defense spending (1); personal financial situation (2); inflation (2); Reagan capability (1).

MANSILLA Study: March, 1994--Politics

Presidential job performance (1); past voting behavior (1); ; Olivos' pact (1); opinion about public figures (9); voting intentions(2).

NBC News/Associated Press Poll: Federal Spending/Crime

Ronald Reagan's job performance (5); future of the economy/inflation (4); capabilities of each political party (3); federal spending/tax cutbacks (5); reinstatement of draft for armed forces (3); crime/prisons (4); strike by major league baseball players (7); Reagan's character traits (3).

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Social Security/GOP Campaign

Following Republican nominee campaign (1); view of Social Security (1); Rick Perry statement affecting support (2); Barack Obama job performance (1).

Gallup Omnibus Survey # 1993-4280601: Presidential Popularity

Bill Clinton job performance (1); respondent was/was not home at certain days and times (3); respondent is/is not chief wage earner (1).

VNS 2000 Election: South Carolina Election Day Exit Poll

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2000 presidential election vote (1); financial situation (1); 1996 presidential election vote (1); Bill Clinton job performance (1); opinion of Bill Clinton (1); if Al Gore vs. George W. Bush, who would you vote for (1); issue in deciding presidential vote (1); state lottery (1); one factor that mattered most for state lottery (1); what should government do (1); religious right (1).

MANSILLA Study, February, 1995

Main national problem(2); presidential job performance(1); economic policies(1); political leaders(20); voting behavior(10); candidates competence(11); party identification(1).

NBC News/Associated Press Poll: National Poll, October 1981

Ronald Reagan's job performance in general and in regard to the economy, foreign affairs and the environment; effect of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's death on the chances of peace in the Middle East; support for a new agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union to limit nuclear weapons; soundness of investment in space shuttle program; banning of controversial books from public school libraries and classes; sale of AWACS To Saudi Arabia and subsequent...

The Minnesota Poll # 126

Making ends meet (1); financial conditions (2); unemployment (1); polio vaccine (6); fluorine in drinking water (3); aviation news (2); Dwight Eisenhower handling foreign affairs (2); Indochina conflict (3); Southeast Asia military alliance (1); Upper Midwest region (1); housewife salary (2); governor candidate preferences (2); senator candidate preferences (1); party affiliation (2); Joseph McCarthy approval (7); hydrogen bombs (2); newspaper want ads (11).

IBOPE Survey: President PMDB

Interest in politics (1); solving national crises (1); ways to end crises (2); groups to blame for crises (2); preferred political party (1); knowledge of party members (1); governors fighting corruption (2); most influential governors (2); Roberto Requiao job performance (4); Requiao of Fernando Collor (1).

New York Times Poll: National Health Care Survey

Doctors: confidence and quality(3); personal experiences with health care system(13); cost of health care(13); proposals for lowering health care costs(6); health insurance(10).

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