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Group W--Westinghouse Broadcasting Co. Poll: July 1986

Nuclear Energy Institute Poll: June 1996

CBS News Poll: December 2000

AARP Poll: April 1998

ORC Public Opinion Index

Reuters Poll: July 2011

The Independent Women's Forum Poll: October 2009

The Independent Women's Forum

Money Magazine Poll: August 1989

Fox News Poll: February 2018

Times Mirror Poll: November 1990

John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University Poll: March 2010

John J. Heldrich Center For Workforce Development At Rutgers University

ABC News Poll: June 2004

Cook Political Report Poll: May 2002

Americans Discuss Social Security Poll: July 1998

Money Magazine Poll: September 1987

96sep2 Asahi National Opinion Poll

CreditCards.com Poll: September 2017

Harris Interactive Poll: August 2000

Harris Interactive

American Society of Interior Designers Poll: May 1995

Louis Harris & Associates Poll: April 1984

Louis Harris

Renewable Fuels Association Poll: June 2008

Quinnipiac University Polling Institute Poll: November 2016

Fox News Poll: July 2001

Reuters Poll: August 1996

Money Magazine Poll: September 1988

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