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Groundwater flow and future conditions in the Potomac-Raritan-Magothy aquifier system, Camden area, New Jersey

Anthony S. Navoy & Glen B. Carleton
The Potomac-Raritan-Magothy aquifer system, locally referred to as "the PRM," is the primary source of water supply in the Camden area of southwestern New Jersey. Currently (198&), about 125 million gallons per day is withdrawn(pumped) from the aquifer system to supply the needs of communities in Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester Counties that am part of the study area. This volume of withdrawal has resulted in a large, regional-scale cone of depression in the potentiometric surface...

Solar-to-Vehicle (S2V) Systems for Powering Commuters of the Future

Dunbar Birnie
Hybrid electric vehicles are growing in popularity and significance in our marketplace as gasoline prices continue to rise. Consumers are also increasingly aware of their carbon “footprint” and seek ways of lowering their carbon dioxide output. Plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles appear to be the next wave in helping transition from a gasoline-based transportation infrastructure to an electric-grid-sourced mode, though most plug-in scenarios ultimately rely on having the electric utilities converted from fossil sources to...

The exponential formula for the Wasserstein metric

Katy Craig
Many evolutionary partial differential equations may be rewritten as the gradient flow of an energy functional, a perspective which provides useful estimates on the behavior of solutions. The notion of gradient flow requires both the specification of an energy functional and a metric with respect to which the gradient is taken. In recent years, there has been significant interest in gradient flow on the space of probability measures endowed with the Wasserstein metric. The notion...

Upper Middle to upper Miocene seismic sequences, New Jersey middle to outer continental shelf

Tuce Degirmenci
The Miocene stratigraphic succession on the middle to outer continental shelf off New Jersey, immediately south of the Hudson Canyon, is examined using high-resolution 2D multichannel seismic (MCS) and log data to evaluate sequence stratigraphic models, aided by results of Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expedition 313. High sedimentation, associated with extensive progradation and aggradation, provides a higher resolution record in this region than elsewhere on the shelf. The study of 29 MCS profiles and...

New insights into peculiar thermonuclear supernovae and line of sight effects in gravitational lensing

Curtis McCully
Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) and gravitational lensing are important cosmological probes, but both are limited by theoretical, systematic uncertainties. One key uncertainty in distances derived using SNe Ia is our lack of understanding of the explosion mechanism for normal SNe Ia. We have studied peculiar type Iax supernovae that appear to be related to normal SNe Ia with the goal of understanding white dwarf explosions as a whole. In Chapter 2, using late-time Hubble...

Assessment of population exposures to airborne allergenic pollen in the US from 1994 to 2010

Kun Mei
Airborne allergenic pollen is a main cause of Allergic Airway Disease (AAD), which affects 5%-30% of the population in industrialized countries. Furthermore, allergenic pollen has been reported to act synergistically with common air pollutants, such as ozone and particular matter, to exacerbate allergy symptoms. Studies of population exposures to allergenic pollen will help to provide useful information for the scientific community to aid allergy sufferers. In the present study, a probabilistic exposure modeling system has...

Getting things done

Lisa Miracchi
In Getting Things Done, I develop and defend a new theory of achievement. An achievement, as I use the term, is the crown performance of a cognitive or practical domain. In the perceptual domain, the achievement is perceiving things as they are; in the epistemic domain, it is knowing that p; in the practical domain, it is intentionally accomplishing what one intends. In each of these domains there are corresponding cases of failure that deviate...

Chemical residues in fish, bivalves, crustaceans and a cephalopod from the New York-New Jersey Harbor estuary: dioxins and furans

In Fall 1993, collections of edible fish, bivalves, crustaceans and cephalopods were made from the New York-New Jersey Harbor estuary for chemical analyses of a wide array of chemical compounds. A subsample of species which currently are the subject of human health advisories, or which are popular species sought and consumed by anglers, were analyzed for chlorinated dioxins and furans. An attempt was made to represent each of six areas of the harbor estuary with...

Chemical residues in fish, bivalves, crustaceans and a cephalopod from the New York-New Jersey Harbor estuary : PCB, organochlorine pesticides and mercury

Past measurements of chemical residues in the New York-New Jersey Harbor estuary have focussed either on a limited number of species and/or chemical analytes. No synoptic survey of chemical residue concentrations for a wide array of edible fish, shellfish or crustaceans has been conducted for this aquatic ecosystem. Therefore, it is possible that the health advice provided by state health authorities to human consumers of edible aquatic species taken from these waters may be inadequate....

Dynamic spectrum management architecture and algorithms for the future mobile Internet

Akash Baid
This thesis presents an investigation of network assisted dynamic spectrum access techniques intended for use with emerging unlicensed, white space, and cognitive radio bands. Dynamic spectrum access (DSA) is motivated by the rapid proliferation of wireless devices which are expected to increase to the order to tens of billions by 2020. The dramatic increase in radio density by as much as 3-4 orders of magnitude relative to today's baseline implies the need for fundamentally new...

Giving money to the poor

Ozgen Gokce Baykal
This dissertation analyzes the political consequences of the Conditional Cash Transfer program (CCT) in Turkey, The purpose is three-fold: first, to investigate the political incentives and payoffs that motivate policymakers to adopt CCTs; second, to test whether political or technocratic criteria explain the allocation of CCTs in Turkey, and third, to examine whether conditionally transferring cash to the poor empowers poor citizens, or produces/reproduces pressure on the poor to reciprocate by supporting the political party...

An investigation of mediators of the relationship between social support and positive health practices in black late adolescents

Gale S. Gage
The purpose of this study was to examine and test theory regarding positive health practices in Black late adolescents. Two models tested the mediation variables of resilience and self-efficacy to help explain the relationship between social support and positive health practices. The final convenience sample of 1&9 college students, aged 18-23 years, was recruited from an urban community college located in New Jersey. Participants completed a demographic data form and four instruments measuring the study...

On the birationality of toric double mirrors

Zhan Li
We prove that generic complete intersections associated to double mirror nef-partitions are all birational. This result solves a conjecture of Batyrev and Nill under some mild assumptions.

Membrane rigidity in vegetative cells and spores of Bacillus species

Xiuqi Liu
The Genus Bacillus contains Gram-positive, aerobic spore-forming bacteria. Some Bacillus species are a big concern for the food industry due to financial losses from spoilage. Relatively little is known about how their spore structures contribute to their physiological characteristics. As an important interface between the cytoplasm and the outer environment, membranes play vital roles in maintaining cell survival and growth. This study was undertaken to determine the membrane rigidity of vegetative cells and spores among...

A summary of climate change impacts and preparedness opportunities for the agricultural sector in New Jersey

This report provides an assessment of agriculture-based perspectives, including farms, nurseries and fisheries, on the topic of adaptation planning for climate change in New Jersey. Current New Jersey efforts as well as current and planned adaptation practices and strategies in other states are presented as the basis for a series of recommendations which serve as a starting point for discussion and prioritization of comprehensive adaptation planning for New Jersey.

Understanding collaborative network effectiveness in public administration

Yonel Pierre
This study explored collaborative network effectiveness in Public Administration through the perceptions of diverse groups of network members in Haiti. “Collaborative network” is defined in the network literature as a set of government agencies, non-profit, and for-profit entities that work together to provide a public good or service (or value) when a single public agency is unable to deliver the good or service; or, the private sector is unable or unwilling to do so on...

Lou Bennett and the jazz organ scene in Europe

Rhoda R. Sampognaro
This thesis is about African American jazz organist Lou Bennett, born in Philadelphia on May 18, 1926. At the beginning of his musical career, he left the United States with his Hammond organ, bound for France, and took Paris by storm, becoming an overnight star on the jazz scene there. In a 1961 poll, he was voted number 1 organist over Jimmy Smith and Wild Bill Davis, and his overall popularity in France was superior...

If you can’t play the blues, you’ve got holes in your shoes

David Sanders
This thesis explores the musical specifics of cultural theories that propose a blues aesthetic. Additionally, it examines the strengths and weaknesses of applying a blues-aesthetic lens to musical analysis, including a detailed investigation of Junior Mance’s 1961 solo on “Light and Lovely” and a discussion of Ingrid Monson’s analysis of Jaki Byard’s 1964 recording of “Bass-ment Blues.”

Color TV for Space

Color photograph of a new space color TV camera that can function under lunar lighting conditions ranging from dawn to high noon is displayed at RCA's Astro-Electronics Division, Princeton, N.J. RCA is under contract to NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center to build two of the cameras, which are immune to damage from bright light, even when pointed directly at the sun. The foil-like material on the side of the camera is thermal blanket designed to help...

“Mount Zion which cannot be removed\"

John Wesley Johnson
ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION Mount Zion Which Cannot Be Moved”: A Study of Weequahic, the Genealogy of Community, and the Limits of Liberalism in Newark, New Jersey By John Wesley Johnson, Jr. Dissertation Director: Professor Clement A. Price This dissertation is the first historical treatment of Weequahic, a residential section in the city of Newark. This study is a structural analysis and social history of urban decline. In the early 20th century, Weequahic was a...

Deligne pairings and discriminants of algebraic varieties

Hetal Manilal Kapadia
Let V be a finite dimensional complex vector space, V;∗ its dual, and let X ⊂ P(V ) be a smooth projective variety of dimension n and degree d ≥ 2. For a generic n−tuple of hyperplanes (H71, ..., H7n) ∈ P(V;∗);n, the intersection X ∩ H71 ∩ · · · ∩ H7n consists of d distinct points. We define the “discriminant of X” to be the set D7X of n-tuples for which the set-theoretic...

Olympic Torch Run service vehicle at South Brunswick

A van serving the 1980 Olympic Torch Run arrives at the South Brunswick Township municipal building.

Segal, George artwork

George Segal sculpture titled "Depression Bread Line," created for the FDR Memorial in Washington DC.

Impact of health information technology on delivery and quality of patient care

Amanda Jane Hessels
Adverse events in hospitalized patients are catastrophic and costly to individuals, hospitals and society. The use of electronic health records (EHR) is one promising system-level initiative that may improve provider performance, interdisciplinary communication, reduce adverse patient events, improve the overall quality of patient care, and ultimately improve patient satisfaction with hospital care. The study purpose was to examine the relationships among: (1) EHR adoption stage, (2) missed nursing care and (3) nursing practice environment, on...

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