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Hudson and East Rivers from West 67th Street to Blackwells Island - April 1935

Handwritten notation outlining cable and pipeline areas.

The targum (1935:Sept. 28)

Some University historians indicate that the Targum was first published as an annual in 1867, but of this we have no extant evidence. In January 1869, the Targum as we now know it, made its appearance as a monthly paper that concerned itself with student “literary contributions” and college news as well as serving as a vehicle for bringing news to alumni and the general public. The newspaper, which originally was for sale, varied in...

New York Harbor - 1935

Handwritten notation outlining cable and pipe areas.

An exploration of predictors of quality in forensic psychological evaluations in the field of child welfare

Despite the growing knowledge base about best practices in forensic evaluations in general, there is a current lack of literature focused on high-quality forensic evaluations in the field of child welfare. As child welfare evaluations have an impact on particularly vulnerable populations, it is paramount for measures of quality within these evaluations to be defined, examined, and measured. The purpose of this study was to contribute to the developing literature regarding forensic evaluations in child...

Kendall Park Shopping Center

Long view of the Kendall Park Shopping Center, with sign.

Bridge - Monmouth Junction

Pat Ferraioli
Ridge Road Bridge over railroad, no train.

Bridge - Monmouth Junction

Pat Ferraioli
Ridge Road Bridge showing truck taking up most of roadway.

Bridge - Monmouth Junction

Pat Ferraioli
Ridge Rd. railroad bridge showing supports.

Bridge - Kingston

"New Jersey 1969" label on new Kingston Bridge.

Barn - Red Maple Farm

Mike Derer
Barn at Red Maple Farm

Red Maple Farm house

Mike Derer
Main house at Red Maple Farm

Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church

Nat Clymer
Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church after fire.

Saint Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

Pat Ferraioli
Saint Cecilia Catholic Church on Ridge Road, with sign: "Celebrating our &0th year, 1914-1984."

Mobile Home

Mobile home at Monmouth Mobile Home Park

1904 Scarlet Letter

Student yearbook for Rutgers College.

Adapting to climate change at the Port Authority

This document is a slide presentation that presents an overview of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey' sustainability policy, the projects and collaborative efforts it is undertaking to adapt to Climate Change as well as challenges it faces in implementing these efforts.

Economic impacts of climate change on New Jersey

This report identifies key economic sectors in New Jersey which are likely affected by climate change, and the main impacts to be expected for these sectors. The report provides examples of the direct economic impacts that could be experienced in the state and presents calculations of indirect effects that are triggered as impacts on individual sectors in the economy ripple through to affect others.

Plot no. 3 estate of Stephen D.M. Vreeland, as per map on file, Bergen Co. Surrogates Office

Tracing of plot no. 3, the estate of Stephen D.M. Vreeland from a map on file at the Bergen County Surrogate's Office

Map of the city of Paterson, N.J., from surveys by city surveyor, J.H. Gotschius, C.E., 18&1

Map of Paterson, N.J. from Boyd's Paterson Directory containing personal notes, possibly by a surveyor

Princeton Hills Estate

Andrea Kane
A house in the Princeton Hills Estate development.

Parks - Pigeon Swamp

People at Pigeon Swamp Park.

Post Office - Dayton

Pat Ferraioli
Dayton post office.

Economic vulnerability and adaptation to climate hazards and climate change: Building resilience in the Barnegat Bay Region, final revised version

This study identifies key economic vulnerabilities to climate change and options for adaptation in the Barnegat Bay region of New Jersey. This study draws on stakeholder knowledge of the region, including understanding of existing development stresses, in order to identify critical economic vulnerabilities to climate change and to identify feasible options for adaptation. The study pays particular attention to key economic assets and activities that may be at risk from climate change, as well as...

Sketch of property of H. Van Winkle, Rutherford, N.J.

H. Van Winkle
Map showing engineering survey or "sketch" of the riparian property lines of H. Van Winkle, along the Passaic River

Railroads - Monmouth Junction

Scene along the Northeast Corridor in Monmouth Junction, showing old buildings along Railroad Ave.

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