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New Jersey geodetic control survey bench marks in Burlington, Monmouth and Ocean counties; Elevations and descriptions of 452 bench marks established in Burlington, Monmouth and Ocean counties. The bench marks included form the Ocean County Level Net.

This report contains elevations and descriptions of 452 bench marks established in Burlington, Monmouth and Ocean counties. The bench marks included form the Ocean County Level Net.

A comprehensive master plan report for the Town of Westfield, Union County, N. J., 1965

This Report is divided into three main parts. Part I deals with a study and analysis of existing conditions and background information pertaining to community development. All information has been analyzed and existing and future community development problems, resulting from this analysis, have been outlined in the Summary of each chapter.Part II deals with the specific Master Plan Proposals. It consists of four main sections; (1} the Future Land Use or Zoning Plan, (2) Street...

The flora of the Raritan formation

Edward W. Berry
The clays of New Jersey constitute the basis of a most importantelement in the State's mineral wealth and have long furnished the raw material for a variety of industries, and given employment to a large force Of labor, both skilled, and unskilled. The most conspicuous clay deposits in the State are those known as the Raritan, or Amboy, clays. This publication reports on the Plant Remains of the Cretaceous Clay Beds of the Raritan formation.

Annual administrative report of the state geologist for the year 1911; Including a report on Shark River Inlet

Henry B. Kummel & C. C. Vermeule
A report on the administration, work, investigations, and meetings of the Geological Survey of New Jersey for the year 1911. Also included is a report on the improvement of Shark River Inlet.

A preliminary report on the archaeology survey of the state of New Jersey

Alanson Skinner & Max Schrabisch
This report is an archaeological survey of New Jersey and includes a list of sites with their characters noted in respect to superficial surface indications. The report concludes that practically all such surface remains belong to the historic Indians and his immediate ancestors, and there are no new positive traces of pre-Indian culture.

The geology of New Jersey; A summary to accompany the geologic map (1910-1912) on the scale of 1:250,000, or approximately 4 miles to 1 inch.

Henry B. Kummel & J. Vonley Lewis
This report is a summary to accompany the geologic map (1910-1912) on the scale of 1:250,000, or approximately 4 miles to 1 inch.In the twenty-four years that have elapsed since the publication of the last geologic map of New Jersey great progress has been made in the science of geology and much careful, detailed work has been done in all parts of the State, including special investigations of many important problems. With the aid of...

Early coinage of the Roman Republic, 280 to 91 B.C.E.

T. Corey Brennan

Lower Raritan/Middlesex County 208 water quality management planning program; Analysis report: task 4.&, October 19&5 geometry survey

The objective of the geometry survey was primarily to provide crosssectional information on the surface -waterbodies for which lowflow, steady-state modeling was to be performed. Channel characteristic information was to be supplemented by velocity measurements and the visual observations. The survey was conducted in two parts: in the Raritan and South River estuaries and in the non-tidal waters.The report contains two chapters: 1. Program Outline and 2. Data Summary. The Program Outline chapter will include...

Lower Raritan Middlesex County 208 water quality management planning program; Addendum to: task 5 final draft report low flow modeling: Upper Millstone River, Lower Millstone River, Raritan River

The Task 5 modeling report contained a description of the application of a model previously developed by Lawler, Matusky and Skelly Engineers (LMS) and subsequently modified, to the Upper and Lower Millstone Rivers. The report documented the physical characteristics of these rivers, the conversion of these characteristics to a basic model, the evaluation of model parameters based on low flow sampling of the two rivers, and the calibration and verification of the models with observed...

Denarius - Sydenham 603a - Crawford 330/1

According to Sydenham and Crawford, the two male figures on the reverse may be the coin's moneyers, Piso and Caepio.

An Interview with Lincoln Lawrence

Gilbert Cohen & Lincoln Lawrence

An Interview with Samuel B. McDowell

Gilbert Cohen & Samuel McDowell

An Interview with Steven W. Firsichbaum

Gilbert Cohen & Steven W. Firsichbaum

The Scarlet Letter, Rutgers College, April, 18&1

Student yearbook for Rutgers College.

The Scarlet Letter, Rutgers College, 18&&

Student yearbook for Rutgers College.

The Scarlet Letter, Rutgers College, 1891

Student yearbook for Rutgers College.

Supporting the research process through expanded library data services

Minglu Wang
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe how the authors gained a better understanding of the variety of library users' data needs, and how gradually some new data services were established based on current capabilities.Design/methodology/approach – This paper uses a case study of the new data services at the John Cotton Dana Library, at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark campus, to demonstrate the possible ways to extend data reference...

An Interview with Delora Jones-Hicks

Gilbert Cohen & Delora Jones-Hicks

The Scarlet Letter, Rutgers College, 1890

Student yearbook for Rutgers College.

“Reading outside the comfort zone\"

Hinda L. Krinsky
Within the current educational climate, many adolescents, particularly at the secondary level, struggle to achieve literacy proficiency. One factor that may be contributing to these poor proficiency levels is the curriculum, particularly the type of texts being used to develop literacy in school. These materials tend to reflect traditional notions of text that are believed to develop skills necessary to succeed on standardized assessments. Many English Language Arts classrooms continue to privilege traditional literary texts...

Proceedings of university seminar on pollution and water resources; Volume II 1968-1969

George J. Halasi-Kun
Besides conducting the regular lecture series, the last meeting of theacademic year 1968-1969 was experimentally organized as a field meeting in Trenton, New Jersey, with the State Geologist of New Jersey as host, to present general information about the problems of pollution and water resources in that area. Lecture topics include: desalination, water resources development, water condensation, peak discharge of small watersheds, ground-water issues, aeration, mathematical programming and large scale water resource systems, river basin...

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