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Equine behavior: castration preparation and surgery on draft-cross weanling colt

Produced as part of the Young Horse Teaching & Research Program of the Equine Science Center, Rutgers University, under the oversight of Dr. Sarah L. Ralston. Recorded at the George H. Cook Campus, Rutgers University. The horse is castrated by Dr. Daniel P. Keenan, DVM.

Research Project Summary: A Method for Evaluating Ground-Water-Recharge Areas in New Jersey

Ground-water recharge is defined as precipitation upon a given area, less those volumes of water which are diverted by surface runoff, evapotranspiration, or by the filling of soil-moisture deficits. The resulting ground water is vital for aquifer recharge, stream base flow, and wetlands recharge. Preserving ground-water-recharge areas is vital to protecting ground-water users and ecosystems. This report summary presents a graphically-based method for evaluating ground-water recharge. It requires knowledge of an area's soil types, land...

The Honor Roll May 1945

Mae Call
The Honor Roll Newsletter Collection is an incomplete set of newsletters spanning 1943-1945. They were composed by a local high-school English teacher, Mae Call, who would mail them to local servicemen stationed in the United States and overseas during World War II. The newsletters also were sold locally for $0.05 each.The newsletters include snippets of local news (weddings, births, deaths, moves, gossip, and general news); photographs of local servicemen and their families and girlfriends, and...

Microbial ecology of deep-sea hydrothermal vents

Ileana Pérez-Rodríguez
The global influence of mid-oceanic ridges (MOR) first became apparent through continental drifting–its immanent force easily appreciated in today’s resulting continents. The role of MORs as a source of global-ocean chemistry is less apparent but equally immense. Key to these processes is fluid-rock reactions between circulating seawater and hot new basalt. With the discovery of hydrothermal vent ecosystems in the 1970’s, yet another important consequence of rock-fluid interaction was established in chemosynthesis. Early photographic descriptions...

A Nonpoint Source Pollution Inventory of Two Subwatersheds Within the Borough of Hopatcong, Sussex County, New Jersey

The purpose of this inventory is to identify certain subwatersheds within the Borough of Hopatcong for a detailed nonpoint source pollution inventory and a review of pollution control strategies specifically considered for the identified subwatersheds.

Innovation in Academic Libraries - Interview F

Through a series of structured interviews, university librarians at six institutions provided their perspectives on innovation in academic libraries. The literature on leadership styles and organizational change provides insight into the roles of these leaders in the innovation process. Leadership is cited by many researchers as being a critical factor for organizations to innovate. In this study, university librarians’ perspectives reveal a commitment to innovation, some distinctively non-traditional innovations, and a concern for how to...

Cooling of electronic system

Jingru Zhang
In this work, the physical problems associated with heat removal of electronic systems at different scales were studied. Various electronic cooling system designs and specific cooling techniques to improve performance were discussed. Optimization procedures and suggestion for better design was proposed. This study consisted of two main parts. The first part was from the microscale aspect, where single phase liquid cooling in different multi-microchannel heat sink configurations was studied experimentally and numerically. The effects of...

Simulation-based evaluation of traffic safety performance using surrogate safety measures

Hong Yang
Traffic safety evaluation is one of the most important processes in the analysis of transportation systems performance. The use of traditional crash-data-oriented methodologies to analyze traffic safety problems has been frequently questioned due to shortcomings such as unavailability and low quality of historical crash data. The advancement of traffic conflict techniques and micro-simulation tools motivated this dissertation to develop a simulation-based approach of combining micro-simulation models and traffic conflict technique to investigate the safety issues...

Corporate social performance attracts top talent

Anne-Laure P. Winkler
This study introduces and tests the role of work values in moderating the effects of corporate social performance (CSP) on prospective applicants’ job pursuit intentions. I integrate the literature on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and CSP with the advances in organizational behavior in understanding values and work values in particular. Building on the role of values in CSP (Swanson, 1995), theories of person-organization fit (Chatman, 1989), work values (Judge & Bretz, 1992), and competing values...

Essays on monetary economics

Demet Tunali
In my dissertation, I attempt to shed new light on the impact of central bank behavior. The first chapter proposes indexes of monetary policy design characteristics in line with inflation targeting (IT). Indexes aim to provide a useful classification of central banks and to examine whether IT intensity matters for sacrifice ratio and inflation persistence. Results show that U.S. and Japan are ranked close to early targeters. Armenian central bank is detected to perform remarkably...

Effect of controlled release of tocopherol on lipid oxidation

Luni Shen
Lipid oxidation is one of the major problems affecting the shelf life of fatty foods. Controlled release packaging (CRP) is an innovative packaging technology that incorporates antioxidants into packaging materials and releases them in a controlled manner to food products thus providing continuous replenishment of antioxidants to food. The objective of this research is to study the release behaviors of tocopherol (antioxidant) in CRP films and simulate these release behaviors with different initial concentrations to...

Drop on demand technology as a mini manufacturing platform for drug delivery and personalized medicine

Abhishek Sahay
There is need to develop a process and technology through which small tailored dosages can be delivered with precision and accuracy. This has led to research on developing a manufacturing platform which could be used to deliver personalized drugs in a variety of dosage formats both cheaply and efficiently. We envision a mini manufacturing platform centered on Drop-on-Demand (DoD) technology which can have wide ranging applications such as personalized medicine, clinical trials, poly-pharmacy and distributed...

Diversity of biodegradative gene populations in aquatic sediments examined by gene-targeted metagenomics

Elyse Anne Rodgers-Vieira
Alkanes are common environmental pollutants in soil and water. The degradation of medium length n-alkanes is initiated under aerobic conditions by alkane monooxygenases which add one atom of molecular oxygen to the terminal carbon resulting in an alkanol product. Alkane monooxygenases fall into two distinct classes: the integral membrane bound AlkB family and the cytoplasmic cytochrome P450 family. Gene-targeted metagenomics was used to examine the microbial diversity and distribution of these two types of alkane...

A monolithically integrated power JFET and Junction Barrier Schottky diode in 4H silicon carbide

Rahul Radhakrishnan
Efficiency of power management circuits depends significantly on their constituent switches and rectifiers. The demands of technology are increasingly running up against the intrinsic properties of Si based power devices. 4H-Silicon Carbide (SiC) has superior properties that make it attractive for high power applications. SiC rectifiers are already a competitive choice and SiC switches have also been commercialized recently. Junction Barrier Schottky (JBS) diodes, which combine the advantages of PN and Schottky, have higher Figure...

Examining mechanical properties of single acetaminophen crystal using nanoindentation methods

Hiral Parikh
The pharmaceutical industry incurs substantial loss in revenue and consumer confidence with inefficient manufacturing practices. Large scale processing of organic compounds is challenging due to its sensitivity to environmental conditions and the unpredictable breakage behavior of tablets under applied stress. Tablet compaction and particle size reduction through milling induces variability in the end product. Variability in powder flow, stress induced transformation in polymorphic compounds, re-crystallization after compaction, and lack of content uniformity are some factors...

Appropriate plant genotypes for urban ecological restoration

Carolyn Susan Norin
Given the unprecedented increase in urbanization and its effect on natural ecosystems, the effort to restore human-impacted land is timely and essential. Flexible and stress-resistant plant genotypes may provide a practical solution for restoration of constantly changing and stressful environments, yet there has been little progress linking general stress tolerance with plants being used in urban restoration. This dissertation project uses a novel, experimental approach to test and determine the importance and effectiveness of phenotypically...

Pathogen simulation using soil and water tool (SWAT) model and bacteroides source tracking technique

Mehran Niazi
The Upper Salem River Watershed (USRW), located in southern New Jersey, is listed as impaired for pathogens by The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) (NJDEP 2011). A 2003 Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for the watershed recommended the use of pathogen source tracking to identify pathogen sources and develop a quantitative model to simulate pathogen pollution in the watershed (NJDEP 2003). This research comprises three parts: a) Fecal coliform and E. coli simulation...

Digital diaspora on the web

Eunkyung Lee
This study explores an online community (www.MissyUSA.com) formed among female Korean im/migrants in the U.S. as an example of a digital diasporic space in the new media age. This study employed multiple research methods including in-depth interviews, textual analysis, and grounded theory and examined the conditions and role of this online community focusing on identity, community, and media culture. The findings show that for this ethnic gender online community, users’ shared identity (i.e. being Korean,...

Macromolecular association equilibria

Mauro Lapelosa
Proteins are dynamical entities and they can be studied exploring statistical ensembles of conformations rather than discrete states. The dynamics of proteins can be investigated using advanced sampling techniques such as Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics (REMD). We have used REMD to study the population of ensembles of ELDKWA epitopes coming from the membrane proximal region (MPER) of gp41, which is a protein of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The epitope has been inserted onto a...

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