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Denarius - Sydenham 406 - Crawford 219/1a

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Sydenham dates this coin to 137-136 B.C.E.

Higher Education and the Public Interest

Jyl Josephson

Sopin House, Monmouth County, N.J.

Pach Brothers Photographers

Willa Rawlins Interview

Willa Rawlins & Katheryn Bethea
Interview in which Ms. Rawlins describes moving to Newark from North Carolina in the mid-1920s, among other topics.

Nitrate: Satlantic. ISUS. (CP01CNSM-00004)

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The ISUS is a sensor used to measure concentrations of dissolved chemicals directly from their Ultraviolet Absorption Spectrum. It is a real time, chemical free sensor designed to overcome the traditional challenges associated with reagent-based nitrate analysis in aquatic environments.

Stewart Lake, Department Of The Army Permit Application, City of Woodbury, Gloucester County, New Jersey

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An application for the maintenance dredging of Stewart Lake in Woodbury New Jersey submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers. The application includes an application form, an environmental questionnaire, a coastal zone management consistency statement, various maps, publication notification information, relevant environmental documents including an erosion and sediment plan, chemical and physical analyses, photographs, engineering drawings, and a conceptual mitigation plan.

Lake Surprise, Union County, New Jersey, phase II application

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A proposal for the phase II restoration of Surpise Lake in Union County submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The proposal includes an overview of the lake and it uses, a summary of the phase I study results, problems the lake area faces like storm water runoff and trail erosion, project documentation, and required funding.

Cycle Route 12 (Page)

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Relational turbulence in the post-deployment transition: Self, partner, and relationship focused turbulence

Jennifer A. Theiss & Leanne K. Knobloch
This study applied the relational turbulence model to the communication of U.S. service members and at-home partners following the return from a tour of duty by evaluating three turbulence markers: (a) relational maintenance, (b) partner responsiveness, and (c) turmoil appraisals. Participants were 235 individuals (128 service members, 107 at-home partners) who completed an online questionnaire within six months following reunion. Relational uncertainty and interference from partners predicted turbulence markers, and they partially mediated the association...

The remains

Laura N. Spence-Ash
A collection of seven short stories.

Qualified health claims

Amanda F. Berhaupt Glickstein
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates and authors qualified health claims (QHCs) for voluntary use by companies on food and dietary supplement labels. QHCs communicate the scientific certainty about diet-disease relationships that are not supported by significant scientific agreement among qualified experts. These claims emerged from a federal lawsuit that ruled QHCs a First Amendment issue. Several lawsuits about the description of evidence (i.e. disclaimer) in QHCs led to case law and technical...

Brandon’s Aha! Fourth grader explains an isomorphism between problem solutions for the Pizza and Tower problems

Jeana Largin
Greer and Harel (1998) state that: "We recommend that awareness of structure, including specifically the recognition of isomorphisms, should be nurtured in children as part of the general development of expertise in constructing representational acts" (p. 5). In this RUanalytic, Brandon, a 10-year old fourth grader, shares his reasoning on how he relates his solution of The Pizza Problem (below) to his solution of The Towers Problem. The Pizza Problem: A local pizza shop has...

Deodato Joseph

Joseph Deodato

Bob Cranshaw

Anthony Joseph Lannen
Bob Cranshaw is one of the most recorded bass players in jazz history, and despite that fact, he hasn’t pigeonholed himself to just jazz exclusively. He was one of the very first upright bass players to successfully switch to the electric bass when the music scene was starting to change during the 1960s. As a result, he has had an extensive career doing a great deal of work in studios, Broadway musicals, TV shows, jingles,...

Autonomic data management for extreme scale coupled scientific workflows

Tong Jin
Advanced coupled scientific simulation workflows running at extreme scales are providing new capabilities and new opportunities for high fidelity modeling and insights in a wide range of application areas. These workflows compose multiple physical models along with visualization and analysis services that share and exchange large amounts of data at runtime. Due to the huge I/O overhead, traditional file-based coupling approaches become infeasible. Instead, recent simulation-time data management approaches using in-memory data-staging methods have been...

Sandy Hook Steamers Advertisement, Atlantic Highlands, N.J.

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Effective June 20 to September 18, 1937, inc. Time Table Sandy Hook Steamers "Sandy Hook" and "Monmouth" to Atlantic Highlands With direct connections to Keansburg, Matawan, Highlands, Sea Bright, Long Branch, Asbury Park, Ocean Grove, Point Pleasant, Bay Head Jct, and Intermediate Points Important Notice: The Times shown in this time table are Eastern Standard Time. Add one hour for Daylight Savings Time. New Jersey Central

Aaron Blumenfeld: 2 selected songs from Mea Shearim: CT-33

Robert Moevs

Physics and Astronomy

The State University Of New Jersey Rutgers

A cross sectional study of socioeconomic trends in the colorectal cancer screening population in the United States

Ifeyinwa Okoye
Colorectal cancer is the 3rd most prevalent type of non-cancer, and the 2nd leading cause of cancer-related death in both men and women in the United States. This is despite being one of the most preventable and curable cancer types, when detected early. While the incidence and mortality from the disease has been declining over the past decade, its decline can be further accelerated by improving screening rates in order to identify the disease at...

201 #9 Master, 367 #10: 7-1

Robert Moevs & Marina Moevs

Adge-aware inter-domain routing protocol for the MobilityFirst Future Internet Architecture

Shravan Sriram
This thesis presents the design and evaluation of an edge-aware inter-domain routing (EIR) protocol for the MobilityFirst Future Internet Architecture. The EIR protocol provides enhanced inter-domain routing capabilities for wireless/mobile usage scenarios including wireless edge peering, dynamic network formation and mobility, multipath and multi-homing support. The EIR protocol design proposed here is based on abstractions of internal network topology and state of ASes in terms of aNodes and vLinks with this information being flooded through...

Application of hydrodynamic cavitation to wastewater treatment

Yuequn Tao, Jun Cai, Bin Liu, Xiulan Huai & Zhixiong Guo
Hydrodynamic cavitation has shown considerable application promise in wastewater treatment due to its simple reactor design, convenient operation, high energy efficiency and easy scalization. In this paper, different aspects of hydrodynamic cavitation used for wastewater treatment have been reviewed. Theoretical studies, including the basic mechanism of pollutant degradation, the modeling of pressure distribution in cavitation reactor and the bubble dynamics models coupled with chemical reactions, are evaluated. Experimental setups of various design of reactors and...

Characterization of three distinct arsenic resistant microorganisms isolated from the agricultural soils of Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Ishita Jain
Arsenic is a naturally occurring metalloid in the earth’s crust. Microbial processes play an evident and vital role in biogeochemical cycling of elements. Arsenic and its forms vary in toxicity and mobility, and its contamination can be a major problem for the living beings and the environment. The Mekong River delta region in Vietnam is a populated area and the fertile fields are used for cultivating rice, wheat and maize. Arsenic accumulation in the agricultural...

Deposition, characterization, patterning and mechanistic study of inorganic resists for next-generation nanolithography

Feixiang Luo
The semiconductor industry has witnessed a continuous decrease in the size of logic, memory and other computer chip components since its birth over half a century ago. The shrinking (scaling) of components has to a large extent been enabled by the development of micro- and now nano-lithographic techniques. This thesis focuses on one central component of lithography, the resist, which is essentially a thin film that when appropriately exposed enables a pattern to be printed...

Hybrid discriminative-generative methods for human pose reconstruction from monocular imagery

Mark Dilsizian
Estimating 3D human pose from monocular images is an important and challenging problem in computer vision with numerous applications including human-computer interaction, human activity recognition, biomechanical analysis, and security. Existing state-of-the-art methods utilize statistical learning models that are inherently limited because they require sufficient training data that does not often include uncommon pose articulations or subject proportions. In addition, these methods often return global average case results and cannot easily leverage anthropomorphic, kinematic, and other...

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