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Glendora Simonson & Peter Jacobs
Left over quilts that begin with the letters in my name.

Triens - Sydenham 264c - Crawford 196/3

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Moevs String Quartet No. 2: CT-58

Robert Moevs

Searle, R. Bovey

Earl Reed Silvers & R. Bovey Searle

Nissen, Alison M.

Alison M. Nissen

A cross-cultural test of the relational turbulence model: Relationship characteristics that predict turmoil and topic avoidance for Koreans and Americans

Jennifer A. Theiss & Mary E. Nagy
This study models associations among intimacy, relational uncertainty, partner interference, relational turmoil, and topic avoidance in Korean and American romantic relationships. We surveyed 294 individuals from the United States (N = 156) and South Korea (N = 138). The American model indicated that intimacy was negatively associated with relational uncertainty and curvilinearly associated with partner interference, relational uncertainty was positively associated with topic avoidance, and partner interference was positively associated with perceived turmoil. The South...

Quadrans - Sydenham 396e - Crawford 215/5

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Working with African American males in urban education

LaToya Gaines
Research in the field of urban education has identified multiple challenges facing African American males in public school systems. The need for teachers and school personnel who understand these unique issues is paramount. Teachers have a direct impact on students and positive relationships with them are among the best predictors of success. This exploratory study examined urban high school teachers’ experiences of working with African American male students. Eleven participants, who were teaching or had...

Bird's Eye View of Stevens Institute

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New Jersey: State of Invention

The State University Of New Jersey Rutgers

Brennan, T. Corey

T. Corey Brennan

Denarius - Sydenham 902 - Crawford 414/1

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Denarius - Sydenham 542 - Crawford 310/1

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Sydenham says this an uncertain issue and notes a date of 100 B.C.E. that is later than the range of 118 - 107 B.C.E. that Crawford identifies (p 318).

Kear, Bernard H.

Bernard H. Kear

Rutgers College Band as a Concert Band Ensemble, 1938.

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Knickerbocker Nine baseball club, 1864. Shows members of the team with names.

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Reproduction on post card published by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Cooperstown, NY. ca. 1940-1950

Kalteissen, Klemmer

Earl Reed Silvers & Klemmer Kalteissen

Lower bounds for bounded depth arithmetic circuits

Mrinal Kumar
Proving lower bounds for arithmetic circuits is a problem of fundamental importance intheoretical computer science. In recent years, an approach to this problem has emergedvia the depth reduction results of Agrawal and Vinay [AV08], which show that strongenough lower bounds for extremely structured bounded depth circuits (even homogeneousdepth-4 circuits) suffice for general arithmetic circuits lower bounds. In this dissertation,we study homogeneous depth-4 and homogeneous depth-5 arithmetic circuitswith a view towards proving strong lower bounds, and...

Satin Sleep

Lillie Johnson Edwards, Annie R. Mangumn & Peter Jacobs
The quilter is Annie R. (Little) Mangumn (1900-1989). She was the great aunt of the owner of the quilt, Lillie Johnson Edwards. Having worked in domestic service all of her life in Columbus, GA, and then in Ohio, Aunt Annie returned to Georgia to help care for her parents circa 1950. Her quilts were made from household fabrics, usually discarded clothes and other household items. This quilt was made from the discarded remnants of satin...

Hoboken postcard view from Hudson River, ca. 1903

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The American National Game of Base Ball, Grand Match for Championship at the Elysian Fields, Hoboken, NJ.

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Shows large crowd watching a game in progress, thicket of the Elysian Fields in the distance. ca. 1920.

Preamble written by Jersey Homestead settlers

Jersey Homesteads Protective Association
Jersey Homesteads (later Roosevelt) was established in the 1930s as an agro-industrial cooperative community. It was established specifically for urban Jewish garment workers, many of whom had emigrated from Europe. The Jersey Homesteads settlers devised this proposal to protect their rights in the community, and to foster better communication between the settlers and the government. They organized the Jersey Homesteads Protective Association to represent the interests of all the settlers. The Association's purpose was four-fold:...

Hoboken Ferry

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Denarius - Sydenham 343 - Crawford 156/1

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Crawford identifies the deity on the reverse as Luna whereas Sydenham identifies her as Diana.

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