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CPC: automatically classifying and propagating natural language comments via program analysis

Juan Zhai, Xiangzhe Xu, Yu Shi, Guanhong Tao, Minxue Pan, Shiqing Ma, Lei Xu, Weifeng Zhang, Lin Tan & Xiangyu Zhang
Code comments provide abundant information that have been lever-aged to help perform various software engineering tasks, such as bug detection, specification inference, and code synthesis. However,developers are less motivated to write and update comments, making it infeasible and error-prone to leverage comments to facilitate software engineering tasks. In this paper, we propose to leverage program analysis to systematically derive, refine, and propagate comments. For example, by propagation via program analysis, comments can be passed on...

Liber A-13

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This volume contains approved New Jersey Bureau of Tidelands grants listed from Conveyance Maps indexes.

The targum (1910:May 4 - 1910:May 17)

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Some University historians indicate that the Targum was first published as an annual in 1867, but of this we have no extant evidence. In January 1869, the Targum as we now know it, made its appearance as a monthly paper that concerned itself with student “literary contributions” and college news as well as serving as a vehicle for bringing news to alumni and the general public. The newspaper, which originally was for sale, varied in...

St. Mary's Orphan Asylum, New Brunswick, N. J.

New Brunswick Free Public Library
Illustrated colored postcard of St. Mary's Orphan Asylum. The building, c. 1875, was the first Saint Peter's Hospital at the head of Easton Avenue. The hospital was opened in October 1872 by Dr. Clifford T. Morrow and St. Peter's Church and closed only two years after in 1874. It was of ornate high Victorian structure with its mansard tower.

Petrossian, Gohar A. Graduate School - Newark Electronic Theses and Dissertations-Embargo

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Move over millennials: New Jersey’s unfolding generational disruptions

James W. Hughes & Joseph J. Seneca
Six generational waves are inundating the policy, planning, marketing, and media worlds. This report fully examines these generations, which constitute just a singular dimension of the many facets of demographic change sweeping across America and New Jersey.

Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Factsheet #8: Chlorothalonil

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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Pesticide Control Program's Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Unit publishes fact sheets on various pesticides that are distributed to agricultural employers to have on file should their employees request them. This is one component of the WPS program to inform agricultural workers of the pesticides to which they are exposed and the possible effects of the chemicals on their health. This factsheet (#8 in the series) covers Chlorothalonil,...

Ocean County, New Jersey, Waretown sector

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Master sites map of Ocean County, New Jersey showing sites for development in red. Sheet 5 of an 8 sheet base map series of Ocean County, New Jersey, bound together as a book.

Applying phase plane analysis to cerebrovascular autoregulation and patient outcome following brain injury

Courtney Erin Semkewyc
Cerebrovascular autoregulation (AR) is an important mechanism within the brain that aims to maintain adequate blood flow to all lobes thus promoting proper brain function. Brain injuries due to a traumatic (TBI) or non-TBI event can damage this internal feedback mechanism leading to an impaired response that can lead to secondary injury in the form of swelling or ischemia. This impaired response is reflected in the intracranial pressure (ICP) waveform in the form of varying...

Distinguishing between reasoned and unplanned behaviours carried out by occupants of a green building

Elizabeth L. Hewitt, Clinton J. Andrews, Jennifer Senick, Richard Wener, Uta Krogmann & MaryAnn Sorensen Allacci

MDL as public administration

David L. Noll
From the Deepwater Horizon disaster to the opioid crisis, multidistrict litigation— or simply MDL—has become the preeminent forum for devising solutions to the most difficult problems in the federal courts MDL works by refusing to follow a regular procedural playbook Its solutions are case specific, evolving, and ad hoc This very flexibility, however, provokes charges that MDL violates basic requirements of the rule of law. At the heart of these charges is the assumption that...

Enterprise-wide optimization: integrating planning, scheduling and control problems using feasibility analysis and surrogate models

Lisia Marina Scholz Dias
The US Industrial manufacturers face numerous challenges such as increasing complexity of production processes, fluctuating customer demands and expansion of supply chains. Output is expected to increase only 3.5% in 2019, according to the International Monetary Fund. The global expansion has weakened, foreign trade is at historically low levels, and nationalist governments around the world are threatening to further undermine the free flow of goods, creating more uncertainty and constraints upon manufacturing growth. In such...

Computational studies of peptide self-assembly

Kassandra L. Schmidt
Research into novel biological materials for use in biomedical applications is guided by the formation of supramolecular structures which have properties resultant from the characteristics of the compositional molecules. Peptides are commonly utilized in biological material development as their properties are widely variable and highly controllable due to the sequence-specific properties of amino acids. Self-assembling peptides are of specific interest due to their spontaneous aggregation into organized morphologies with predictable characteristics based upon their constituent...

Liber T-10

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This volume contains approved New Jersey Bureau of Tidelands grants listed from Conveyance Maps indexes.

Liber S-10

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This volume contains approved New Jersey Bureau of Tidelands grants listed from Conveyance Maps indexes.

Data driven approaches for improving quantification accuracy in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy sensing

Sakshi Sardar
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is one of the most sensitive and selective techniques available. In the past couple of decades numerous applications of SERS for the development of sensors have been reported. Even though it is an excellent qualitative technique, its full quantitative potential has yet to be realized. One of the major categories of SERS based sensors are heterogeneous sensors, based on nanostructured substrates. The performance of these sensors is highly dependent on...

Liber R-10

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This volume contains approved New Jersey Bureau of Tidelands grants listed from Conveyance Maps indexes.

Liber Q-10

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This volume contains approved New Jersey Bureau of Tidelands grants listed from Conveyance Maps indexes.

Real-time credit card fraud detection

Lakshya Sahai & Kemal Gursoy
Credit card fraud is growing along with the development of technology in today’s world. Hundreds of researches have been made in the past for more than four decades and still, the problem is critical, affecting large financial and banking companies. In this paper, we are focusing on the design and development of an advanced real-time credit card fraud detection framework with the help of big data technologies from one of the leading public cloud providers,...

Liber O-10

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This volume contains approved New Jersey Bureau of Tidelands grants listed from Conveyance Maps indexes.

Sahai, Lakshya

Lakshya Sahai

Liber N-10

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This volume contains approved New Jersey Bureau of Tidelands grants listed from Conveyance Maps indexes.

Nanotechnology approach for precision targeted therapy of ovarian cancer

Justin E. Sapiezynski
One of the most pressing health concerns in recent history is cancer. The World Health Organization reports that more than 10 million cases of cancer are diagnosed each year [1]. In the United States, it is the second leading cause of death and is responsible for approximately one in four deaths in the general population [2]. Currently, only about 25% of patients treated with a certain treatment will show a response in the clinic [3]....

Estimation of salad bar vegetable plate waste in a middle school setting using a digital image recognition model

Urmi Sampat
Background: The school lunch environment is a prime target for increasing a child’s consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Schools are using smarter lunchroom strategies to facilitate healthy choices. However, there is an increasing concern about food waste, especially at school food services. Plate waste at school lunch is used to assess menu performance and meals acceptance using a variety of methodologies. The gold standard for measuring plate waste is the weighing method which is...

Analysis of backcalculated layer moduli and joint load transfer efficiency of airfield rigid pavement

Apidej Sakulneya
This study was aimed to analyze the sensitivity of the backcalculation of layer moduli and the joint load transfer efficiency of airfield rigid pavement. The analyses were designed comprising two main methods. In the first part, the AREA method and the Graphical NUS-BACK solution were primary backcalculation methods. The input condition taken into the backcalculation was a field data of Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) round-up project in the National Airport Pavement Test Facility (NAPT) in...

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