423 Works

Moevs String Quartet No. 2: CT-58

Robert Moevs

Willa Rawlins Interview

Willa Rawlins & Katheryn Bethea
Interview in which Ms. Rawlins describes moving to Newark from North Carolina in the mid-1920s, among other topics.

Aaron Blumenfeld: 2 selected songs from Mea Shearim: CT-33

Robert Moevs

Richard Wilson: Aethelred the Unready scenes I - VI: CT-38

Richard Wilson, Jan Opalach, Karen Holvik, Judith Malafronte & Tom Bogdan

201 #9 Master, 367 #10: 7-1

Robert Moevs & Marina Moevs

Quentin Jackson oral history interview

Quentin Jackson & Milt Hinton

Robert Woods Interview 1

Robert Woods & Glen Marie Brickus
Interview in which Mr. Woods describes his migration to Newark from Alabama in 1948, among other topics.

Juan Tizol oral history interview

Juan Tizol, Rose Tizol & Patricia Willard

Roy Eldridge oral history interview

Roy Eldridge & Daniel Morganstern

Maxine Sullivan oral history interview

Maxine Sullivan & Phil Hughes

Moevs: Tape 1: CT-24

Robert Moevs

David Albert Francis oral history interview

David Albert Francis & Milt Hinton

Teddy Edwards oral history interview

Teddy Edwards, Patricia Willard & Theodore Macus Edwards

Moevs: Vn Adagio, pfte., Canon, Vc, Heptachronon: 7-49

Robert Moevs

Lawrence Brown oral history interview

Lawrence Brown & Patricia Willard

WNYC Broadcast: 7-99b

Robert Moevs

Wynona Lipman Interview

Wynona Lipman & Glen Marie Brickus
Interview in which Ms. Lipman discusses migrating to Newark, NJ from Georgia, among other topics.

Et Occidentem: 7-20

Robert Moevs

Red Callender oral history interview

Red Callender & Patricia Willard

Happy Caldwell oral history interview

Happy Caldwell, Stanley Dance & Albert W. Caldwell

Jacques Butler oral history interview

Jacques Butler & Stanley Crouch

An Interview with Dorothy Dinnerstein

Gilbert Cohen & Dorothy Dinnerstein

Andrew Blakeney oral history interview

Andrew Blakeney & Vi Redd

An Interview with Vern Smith

Gilbert Cohen & Vern Smith

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