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Additive manufacturing of multi-functional soft active devices

Daehoon Han
Unique functions of living organisms in nature inspire a broad spectrum of engineering systems. Since biological living systems are often composed of multiple soft active materials with micro-scale three-dimensional (3D) structures, fundamental understanding on soft active materials and development of micro 3D manufacturing techniques are essential for effective implementations of their characteristics and functionalities. Hydrogels are soft polymeric materials that undergo volumetric changes upon solvent absorption. Some hydrogels exhibit such changes in response to external...

Effect of graphene nanoflakes on the structural, mechanical, and electrical properties of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

Wenhao Zhou
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is a common thermoplastic polymer used in engineering, electrical, textile, and automotive industries. ABS has good impact resistance and toughness but suffers from low flexural modulus and strength. Typically, ABS is mixed with other materials to create a composite with better properties. In this work, graphite was exfoliated into graphene nanoflakes (GNFs) within ABS in concentrations of 1, 5, and 20 wt.% GNFs followed by injection molding to fabricate GNF-ABS specimens...

Spectacular capital(ist) city: wanderings through Rome from 1870 to the economic miracle

Eleonora Sartoni
My dissertation “Spectacular Capital(ist) City: Wanderings through Rome from 1870 to the Economic Miracle” analyzes modern Italian cultural production that investigates the city’s singular role in forging Italian national identity through monuments and urban plans and reflects on the effects that these modifications had in the daily lives of the capital’s inhabitants. My work includes chapters on heterogeneous texts such as Altobelli’s photo of the breach of Porta Pia and articles chronicling Rome’s conquest and...

Visioni corporali: il corpo come oggetto epistemologico e massmediatico in alcuni poeti contemporanei Italiani

Matteo Benassi
Questa tesi di dottorato prende in esame l’ambivalenza delle relazioni tra sguardo e corpo nella poesia contemporanea, constatando l’enorme cambiamento nella loro concezione avvenuto tra la fine del ventesimo secolo e l’inizio del ventunesimo con il crescente predominio delle tecnologie visive. Gli autori scelti come esempi hanno abbandonato l’idea che lo sguardo sia l’unico possibile ed infallibile strumento di conoscenza della realtà, scoprendolo imperfetto; non hanno però abbandonato il bisogno di sondare la realtà circostante...

Multi-objects tracking based on 3D lidar and bi-directional recurrent neural networks under autonomous driving

Pujie Xin
Multi-Objects Tracking (MOT) is an important topic in navigation, where robots or vehicles should interact safely with the moving objects in the environment. The navigation system can hardly make a path plan if there is no position and velocity information of the moving objects. Generally, moving objects tracking includes three stages which are sensor measurement preprocessing, data association, and kinetic states estimation. This thesis presents a new approach to improve the matching precision in the...

Degradation modeling of ink fading and diffusion of printed images

Ziyi Wang
Color printing plays an important role in the modern society. It is known that the color of printed images degrades gradually due to the fading and diffusion of the inks. Color degradation leads to a distortion or loss of the original information in printed images. Therefore, it is desirable to understand how the color of printed images changes over time. In this dissertation, we present degradation models to predict the characteristics of the ink fading...

Last act of the Rustenburg Layered Suite, Bushveld Complex: from the final major pulse of magma to modern ambient temperatures

Jacob Brailey Setera
The Bushveld Complex in South Africa is the largest, most studied, and most economically important layered intrusion in the world. The magmatic and thermal evolution of such an igneous body has significant consequences for the formation of ore deposits both within the intrusive body itself, as well as in the rocks it intruded into.Despite being vigorously studied, the thermal evolution of the Bushveld Complex, from magmatic temperatures to the present-day ambient geotherm, remains largely unknown....

Late middle to late Miocene paleoceanography at Rockall Plateau site 982

Oliver John McLellan
The Middle and Late Miocene were associated with a global cooling trend, with the development of a permanent East Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Middle Miocene Climate Transition (MMCT; 14.8-12.8 Ma), increased influence of Northern Component Water at ~12 Ma, and a more rapid rate of cooling during Late Miocene Cooling (LMC; ~8-6 Ma). Possible causes of these variable sea surface temperatures (SSTs) throughout the Miocene are changes in the amount of carbon dioxide in...

Inhibitory effects of liquid- and vapor-phase thymol via different modes of delivery on the growth of Escherichia coli DH5α

Yan Wang
Although thymol is a natural antimicrobial with broad-range activities, it is not suitable to be added directly as an ingredient into the food formulation (a delivery mode known as “instant addition”), because effective microbial inhibition requires high concentrations of thymol, while its strong aroma is undesirable to consumers. Meanwhile, high concentrations mean high cost, which discourages food manufacturers from substituting synthetic preservatives with thymol. In order to expand the applications of thymol as a food...

Bed bug resistance to selected insecticides and effect of moisture on efficacy of selected insecticide dusts against the common bed bug, Cimex lectularius

Sabita Ranabhat
Global resurgence of bed bugs, Cimex lectularius L. (Hemiptera: Cimicidae), due to increasing global travel, trade and resistance to different types of insecticides, is a very important concern today as it causes socioeconomic burden, mental stress and public health concerns. Insecticide resistance is considered as one of the key factors for the worldwide resurgence of bed bugs. Two studies were done to identify the resistance levels of bed bugs collected from different locations in New...

Ecological engineering for pest management of Ostrinia nubilalis Hübner (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) in peppers

George Carl Condon
Ecological engineering of agricultural ecosystems for enhancement of biological control services provided by natural enemies of target pests holds promise to potentially reduce or replace pesticide use to control pest populations below economic thresholds. The European corn borer Ostrinia nubilalis Hübner is a major insect pest of New Jersey peppers, around which integrated pest management programs are designed. Provision of nectar and pollen resources from intercrops to natural enemies can enhance their biological control of...

Multimodal attention network for trauma activity recognition from spoken language and environmental sound

Ruiyu Zhang
Trauma activity recognition aims to detect, recognize, and predict the activities (or tasks) during a trauma resuscitation. Previous work has mainly focused on using various sensor data including image, RFID, and vital signals to generate the trauma event log. However, spoken language and environmental sound, which contain rich communication and contextual information necessary for trauma team cooperation, is still largely ignored. In this paper, we propose a multimodal attention network (MAN) that uses both verbal...

Byzantine-resilient decentralized learning

Zhixiong Yang
When datasets are distributed over a network and a central server is infeasible, machine learning has to be performed in a decentralized fashion. The dissertation introduces new methods that solve decentralized machine learning problems in the presence of Byzantine failures. Classic decentralized learning methods require nodes communicate with each other by communicating over the network. When a node engages in arbitrary or malicious behavior, it is termed as having Byzantine failure. Without any Byzantine-resilient modification,...

Intra-cluster channel modeling and cross-layer beamforming efficiency for mmWave communications

Yavuz Orhan Yaman
In millimeter-wave (mmWave) channels, to overcome the high path loss, beamforming is required. Since beamforming is technically a spatial filtering operation, the spatial representation of the channel is essential. Specifically, for accurate beam alignment and minimizing the outages, inter-beam interferences, etc., cluster-level spatial modeling is necessary. Further, to balance and optimize the hardware complexity at the receiver front-end and the received power, a detailed analysis for the beamforming efficiency at PHY layer is required. In...

Reflectance and angular luminance for material recognition and segmentation

Jia Xue
Real world scenes consist of surfaces made of numerous materials, such as wood, marble, dirt, metal, ceramic and fabric, which contribute to the rich visual variation we find in images. Materials play a fundamental role in numerous applications including asphalt for automated driving, tree-cover in fire risk assessment, path material (grass vs concrete) for robot navigation, and landcover albedo analysis for climate studies. This thesis is dedicated to developing compact and robust material and texture...

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The Independent Sign Bias: Gaining Insight from Multiple Linear Regression

Michael John Pazzani & Stephen D. Bay
As electronic data becomes widely available, the need for tools that help people gain insight from data has arisen. A variety of techniques from statistics, machine learning, and neural networks have been applied to databases in the hopes of mining knowledgefrom data. Multiple regression is one such method for modeling the relationship between a set of explanatory variables and a dependent variable by fitting a linear equation to observed data. Here, we investigate and discuss...

The Relative Pronoun d- and the Pronominal Suffixes in Mandaic, in Journal of Semitic Studies 52.1 (2007): 71–78 (Manchester)

Charles Haberl
The enclitic pronominal suffixes in Neo-Mandaic are affixed to nouns and prepositions via two separate strategies. Nearly all nouns and prepositions inherited directly from Classical Mandaic take pronominal suffixes directly. All loanwords, and an extremely circumscribed set of original Mandaic words, receive pronominal suffixes after an enclitic particle, –d-. Rudolph Macuch suggested in his Handbook of Classical and Modern Mandaic that this particle is derived from the Classical Mandaic relative pronoun, d-. The evidence, however,...

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