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A Python Package for Sampling from Copulae: clayton

Alexis Boulin
The package clayton is designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient. It offers a wide range of copula models, including Archimedean, Elliptical, and Extreme. The package is implemented in pure Python, making it easy to install and use. In addition, we provide detailed documentation and examples to help users get started quickly. We also conduct a performance comparison with existing R packages, demonstrating the efficiency of our implementation. The clayton package is a valuable tool...

Trade-off between deep learning for species identification and inference about predator-prey co-occurrence

Olivier Gimenez, Maëlis Kervellec, Jean-Baptiste Fanjul, Anna Chaine, Lucile Marescot, Yoann Bollet & Christophe Duchamp
Deep learning is used in computer vision problems with important applications in several scientific fields. In ecology for example, there is a growing interest in deep learning for automatizing repetitive analyses on large amounts of images, such as animal species identification. However, there are challenging issues toward the wide adoption of deep learning by the community of ecologists. First, there is a programming barrier as most algorithms are written in Python while most ecologists are...

Macrolitter Video Counting on Riverbanks Using State Space Models and Moving Cameras

Mathis Chagneux, Sylvain Le Corff, Pierre Gloaguen, Charles Ollion, Océane Lepâtre & Antoine Bruge
Litter is a known cause of degradation in marine environments and most of it travels in rivers before reaching the oceans. In this paper, we present a novel algorithm to assist waste monitoring along watercourses. While several attempts have been made to quantify litter using neural object detection in photographs of floating items, we tackle the more challenging task of counting directly in videos using boat-embedded cameras. We rely on multi-object tracking (MOT) but focus...

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