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EMAP Field Notes - Ronnie (LA45103) Unit 2

Diehl, Michael, AUTHOR (Null); Bourque, C., AUTHOR (Null)

Avon Park Air Force Range: Ceramic Data Appendix

Tiffany Osburn, Michael Wilder, Lisa O'Steen & Brandi M. Carrier Jones
This document contains ceramic and zooarchaeological data Florida archaeological site forms appendices and from sites on the Avon Park Air Force Range.

Military Historic Context Emphasizing the Cold War Including the Identification and Evaluation of Above Ground Cultural Resources for Thirteen Department of Defense Installations in the State of Georgia

Kelly Nolte & Mark A. Steinback
Panamerican Consultants Inc. (Panamerican) was contracted by Fort Benning Military Reservation and the Department of Defense Legacy Resources Management Program to develop an historic context emphasizing the Cold War for thirteen Department of Defense (DoD) installations in the state of Georgia, which included the identification and evaluation of above ground cultural resources (e.g., infrastructure, landscape and buildings/structures). The thirteen installations included in this investigation are: Fort McPherson (1885), Fort Benning (1918), Fort Stewart (1940), Hunter...

EMAP Field Notes - Pague Well (LA130191) Unit 30

Bild, , AUTHOR (Null)

Reher Historic Site, Artifact Inventory


EMAP Field Notes - Las Animas Village (LA3949) Unit 19

Bernardini, , AUTHOR (Null)


Puseman, Kathryn, AUTHOR (PaleoResearch Institute); Cummings, Linda Scott, AUTHOR (PaleoResearch Institute)

Phase I Archaeological Survey of 7,500 Acres at Poinsett Weapons Range, Sumter County, South Carolina

Kreisa, Paul P., AUTHOR (Null); Clement, Christopher, AUTHOR (Null); Grunden, Ramona M., AUTHOR (South Carolina Institute Of Archaeology And Anthropology, University Of South Carolina); Quattlebaum, Jill S., AUTHOR (Null); Smith, Steven D., AUTHOR (Null); Balek, Cynthia L., AUTHOR (Null); McDowell, Jacqueline M., AUTHOR (Null)

EMAP Field Notes - Las Animas Village (LA3949) Unit 10

Agthe, , AUTHOR (Null)

Archeological Progress Report No. 5, Field Season of 1960

Smithsonian Institution, Missouri Basin Project, Lincoln, NE (AUTHOR)

Bone Mineral Density Values for Deer, Lagomorph, and Turkey


Kite Pueblo - Animal Species 2


stink plan

McGovern, Thomas, AUTHOR (NABO And CUNY)

Avon Air Force Range Cold War-Era Historic Property Survey Photographs: Avon Park Airfield, I


Class III (Intensive) Cultural Resources Survey of Approximately 1600 Acres of Reclamation Withdrawn Land Along the Salt River at Coon Bluff: Photo Log

Stokes, Robert J., AUTHOR; Roberson, Jeff, AUTHOR; Fackler, Shawn, AUTHOR (Haun & Associates)

Archeological Progress Report No. 7, Field Season of 1962

Smithsonian Institute, Missouri Basin Project, Lincoln, NE (AUTHOR)

EMAP Field Notes - Lizard Terrace Hamlet (LA37727) Unit 30

Evanitsky, , AUTHOR (Null); Smart, , AUTHOR (Null)

Federal Archaeological Programs and Activities: The Secretary of the Interior's Report to Congress FY1987

McManamon, Francis, AUTHOR (Center For Digital Antiquity); Knoll, Patricia C., AUTHOR (Null); Knudson, Ruthann, AUTHOR (Knudson Associates); Smith, George S., AUTHOR (Null); Waldbauer, Richard C., AUTHOR (Null)

Viking Hofstaðir dog gnawing


Preliminary Assessment of the faunal remains from the 2007 Midden Excavation in Eyri, Westfjords

Ramona, Harrison, AUTHOR (Null); Hicks, Megan, AUTHOR (Null); Colligan, Eileen, AUTHOR (CUNY Graduate Center); Schreiner, Amanda, AUTHOR (Null)

Cultural Resource Overview of the Eureka, Saline, Panamint, and Darwin Region; East Central California

Norwood, Richard H., AUTHOR (Null); Bull, Charles S., AUTHOR (Null); Quinn, Ronald, AUTHOR (Null); Davis, Emma Lou, AUTHOR (Null); Quinn, Ronald, AUTHOR (Null)

LANL Faunal Alteration


Archaeological Investigations Within a Borrow Area Associated with Reach 5, Granite Reef Aqueduct, Central Arizona Project, Maricopa County, Arizona

Patricia E. Brown

A Fishing Farm in the West Fjords of Iceland: A Preliminary Report of the Archaeofauna from Gjögur

Krivogorskaya, Yekaterina, AUTHOR (Null); Perdikaris, Sophia, AUTHOR (Null); McGovern, Thomas, AUTHOR (NABO And CUNY)

Beaver Island/Iles du Castor

Wahla, Edward J., AUTHOR (Null)

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