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Fusihatchee Faunal Data Paper Copy Scans ​

, Nicole Mathwich & Andrew Webster
This file is a PDF scan of the original handwritten cards of zooarchaeological data for Fusihatchee that were compiled from 1997-1998 at the University of Georgia. In 2015, this data was digitized into an Access database entitled "Fusihatchee Faunal Data" which is included on tDAR with this project. Although the PDF is text searchable, in practice this will only pull up the UGA number, not the handwritten data. The OCR does not recognize every UGA...

Archaeological Excavations at the Early Historic Creek Indian Town of Fusihatchee (Phase 1, 1988-1989)

Paula Weiss, , Kristen J. Gremillion & Kathryn E. Holland Brand
Waselkov, Cottier, and Sheldon 1990, "Archaeological Excavations at the Early Historic Creek Indian Town of Fusihatchee (Phase 1, 1988-1989)" is the site report prepared for the NSF for the Fusihatchee site (1EE191), where the zooarchaeological remains included in the Pavao-Zuckerman Fusihatchee Fauna project were originally excavated. The report authors are named as Waselkov, Cottier, and Sheldon. Other authors listed on tDAR are contributors to a chapter. This is a report to the National Science Foundation...

Fusihatchee Faunal Data

, Andrew Webster & Nicole Mathwich
An Access database of zooarchaeology data from the Ancestral Creek Fusihatchee site (1EE191) The data were reported in a 2001 dissertation by Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman entitled "Culture Contact and Subsistence Change at Fusihatchee." The database was created in 2015 by Nicole Mathwich and uploaded to tDAR by Andrew Webster in 2018. The database was created from handwritten data cards created from 1997-1998 at the University of Georgia. These original cards have been scanned and are included...

Final Preliminary Results of the Archaeological Examination of the Joe English Pond Dam, Site 27-HS-250, New Boston Air Force Station, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

Daniel J. O'Rourke & Douglas Kullen
In July 2004, personnel from Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne) examined the Joe English Pond Dam archaeological site (state site number 27-HB-250) at New Boston Air Force Station (NBAFS) as part of the environmental review being conducted for rehabilitation of the dam. The dam is part of a mid-nineteenth century sawmill that was originally identified during a 1993 archaeological survey of the station conducted by Public Archaeology Laboratory, Inc. (PAL 1993). Site 27-HB-250 is located on...

Results of Research Conducted on the Thomas Nelson Farm Site (19-MD-347/HA.6) in Hanscom Air Force Base, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Barbara Donohue
Pursuant to Public Law 102-488-October 24, 1992, 106STAT.3135, a 3.082-acre parcel of land within the western portion of Hanscom Air Force Base (HAFB) was transferred to Minute Man National Park (MIMA). The parcel, located between a wetland area to the east and Airport road to the west, had not been included in a previous specialized archeological survey of HAFB (Donohue 2007). The area was considered to have high potential for battlefield debris as well as...

Hor 11 Dataset Ex 2 Quest 3,4 and 5

Sarah Neusius
This is an Excel File for Use with STudent Exercise 2 for Digital Database Preservation and Integration in Zooarchaeology

Archaeological Science, Archaeology of Science: Tools for Closing the Gap between Practice and Ideals

Ben Marwick
Computational methods are increasingly being used by archaeologists and appearing in archaeological science journals. But does this make archaeology more or less scientific? On one hand, computers are anti-science because they are often used as black boxes. On the other hand, many computational tools enable unprecedented transparency of the analytical workflow. I briefly review how archaeological science has recently been defined and how the practice compares to the ideals. I then evaluate these definitions in...

Photograph, Negative of Damaged Bridge, 2000.027_0170, N.D.

Christopher Frady
A black and white photograph of a person near a damaged wooden bridge.

Games of Thrones: Board Games and Social Complexity in Bronze Age Cyprus

Walter Crist
This study frames research on board games within a body of anthropological theory and method to examine the long-term social changes that effect play and mechanisms through which play may influence societal change. Drawing from ethnographic literature focusing on the performative nature of games and their effectiveness at providing a method for strengthening social bonds through grounding, I examine changes in the places in which people engaged in play over the course of the Bronze...

Mano measurement data - Chapter 6

Sarah Oas
Mano measurement data for all complete manos from Chapter 6. This dataset includes provenience, material, type, comfort feature presence/absence, and length and width measurements for all complete manos.

Ceramic bowl data - Chapter 8

Sarah Oas
Ceramic bowl data from Chapter 8. This dataset includes vessel provenience, ware, type, treatment, heat exposure, rim form, and rim diameter information for all ceramic bowl sherds and reconstructable vessels.

Archaeological Monitoring Report, Hanover Lake Dam Restoration Project, Fort Dix, Burlington County, NJ

This report documents the results of archaeological monitoring activities conducted between October 2004 and March 2005 at Hanover Lake Dam, located within the boundaries of the U.S. Army Training Center at Fort Dix (USATCFD), Burlington County, New Jersey. Hanover Lake Dam is also the location of an archaeological site known as the Hanover Furnace Complex (28BU512), which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (National Park Service 1974). A base initiative to restore...

Site Form, Site 28OC177

Site Form, Site 28OC177, for Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.

National Register of Historic Places Inventory-Nomination Form: Hanover Furnace (Revised)

This is a revised nomination form for the historic site of Hanover Furnace to the National Register of Historic Places Inventory. Hanover Furnace is located on the North Branch of the Rancocas Creek within the Fort Dix military reservation. It is unoccupied except for an adjacent firing range. Hanover Furnace dates from the post revolutionary period of the eighteenth century. In its early history it contained an iron furnace, iron master's house, workers houses, and...

An Intensive Archaeological Survey of the Small Arms Range Parcel, Westover Air Force Base, Chicopee, Massachusetts

Denise Mowchan & Deborah Cox
In October 1988, an intensive level archaeological survey was conducted at the Small Arms Range on the Westover Air Force Base (WAFB) in the town of Chicopee, Massachusetts. The Public Archaeology Laboratory, Inc. performed this survey under contract with IEP, Inc. and the Army Corps of Engineers, New England Division. This survey was conducted in compliance with Federal Legislation pertaining to historic preservation, the purpose being to locate and identify any archaeological resources within the...

Preliminary Archaeological Investigation, Interstate Pump Station, 2100 Area, Saylors Pond Road, Fort Dix Military Installation, Burlington County, New Jersey

Peter Pagoulatos
In October of 1996, the Fort Dix Historic Preservation Office (FDHPO) completed a preliminary archaeological investigation in the 2100 Area at Fort Dix. Fort Dix plans to construct a pump station on the south side of Saylors Pond Road, about one-quarter mile west of Route 68. The proposed pump station (0.23 AC) will be used to augment the flow of aircraft fuel in the existing underground pipeline that links the Jacksonville Tank Farm with McGuire...

Phase 1A Archaeological Investigation of Federal Bureau of Prison Property and Department of Defense, Fort Dix, Property Along Route 70, Whiting, Manchester Township, Ocean County, New Jersey

The Cultural Resource Group of Louis Berger & Associates, Inc. (LBA) conducted a Phase 1A archaeological investigation of two adjacent parcels of land situated along New Jersey Route 70, west of the town of Whiting, Manchester Township, Ocean County, New Jersey. This work was done under contract with SRI International, Menlo Park, California. Collectively, these properties consist of approximately 12 acres, each encompassing 6 acres and measuring ca. 400 feet wide by 650 feet deep....

Preliminary Archaeological Investigation, Tank Training Areas, Tactical Training Areas 9-13, Fort Dix Military Installation, Ocean County, New Jersey

Peter Pagoulatos
In June and July of 1998, the Fort Dix Historic Preservation Office (FDHPO) completed a preliminary archaeological investigation in Tactical Training Areas (TTA) 9-13 at Fort Dix. A total of thirteen training areas encompassing about 209 acres were field inspected during this present survey by the FDHPO. This study was performed at the request of the New Jersey Pinelands Commission (NJPC) in order to determine the presence or absence of Euro-American or Native American cultural...

Site Form, Site 28BU509

Site Form, Site 28BU509, for Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.

Stage 2 Cultural Resource Investigations for the Farm 3 Site (AO65-22-0097), Farm 4 Site (AO65-22-0098), and Farm 5 Site (AO65-22-0099), Verona Research Facility, Oneida County, New York

Stage 2 site evaluations and excavations at three remnant nineteenth-early twentieth century dairy farms, designated as Farms 3, 4 and 5, on the Verona Research Facility in Oneida County, New York. Stage 1B shovel tests at these farmsteads revealed concentrations of artifacts and evidence of structural features that prompted additional testing procedures. Much of the Stage 2 cultural material was derived from disturbed feature contexts at all three farmsteads, including damaged concrete foundations and areas...

Site Form, Site 28BU502

Site Form, Site 28BU502, for Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.

Phase 1 Archaeological Investigations at Griffiss Air Force Base, Rome, Oneida County, New York

Michael Cinquino, Edward V. Curtin, Elizabeth S. Burt & Mark A. Steinback
Panamerican Consultants, Inc. was contracted by Tetra Tech, Inc. of San Bernardino, California in October o f 1994 to conduct a Phase I Archaeological Investigation at Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, New York. A pedestrian survey was conducted to supply baseline archaeological site information for the installation and assess preliminary determinations of eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places. The results of this investigation were prepared for incorporation into the base disposal and...

Fourth Cliff Recreation Area - History Pamphlet

Pamphlet discussing a brief history of the Fourth Cliff Recreation Area including its popularity as a vacation spot in the 1800's to its conversion to an Air Force Field Station in 1948.

Intensive-Level Architectural Survey for the Aircraft Carrier Aviation Integrated Test and Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment Facility at Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, Ocean County, New Jersey

The Navy is proposing to construct an Aircraft Carrier Aviation Integrated Test/Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment Facility at the Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, located in Lakehurst, Ocean County, New Jersey. Naval Facilities Engineering Command Mid-Atlantic contracted TEC Inc. to prepare a command-specific Cold War historic context and conduct an intensive-level architectural survey of 24 buildings built prior to 1990 that will be affected by the proposed project to evaluate their eligibility for inclusion in...

A Cultural Resource Survey of Buildings 3253, 3560, 4439, 6605, 6739, 6740, 9434, 9511, and 9911, Fort Dix Military Installation, Burlington and Ocean Counties, New Jersey

This report details an architectural investigation of a group of buildings and structures (Buildings 3253, 3560, 4439, 6605, 6739, 6740, 9434, 9511 and 9911) located on the Fort Dix Military Installation (FDMI) in Burlington County, New Jersey. Faced with the poor overall condition of these resources and the lack of any foreseeable need for the facilities, the United States Army has proposed to demolish this group of resources. Recognizing its management responsibilities concerning the protection...

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