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Modeling of elastoplastic deformation of structural steel by a trajectory containing three circles touching internally

V.G. Zubchaninov, A.A. Alekseev, V.I. Gultiaev & E.G. Alekseeva
To verify the mathematical model of the theory of processes, numerical calculations of the complex elastoplastic deformation of St3 steel along a flat curvilinear strain trajectory under combined tension-compression with torsion were carried out. The numerical calculations are compared with the experimental data obtained by the authors on the experimental complex SN-EVM on thin-walled tubular specimen. It is shown that the used mathematical model qualitatively and quantitatively satisfactorily describes the main effects of complex plastic...

Modeling of elastoplastic steel deformation in two-link broken trajectories and delaying of vector and scalar material properties

V.G. Zubchaninov, E.G. Alekseeva, A.A. Alekseev & V.I. Gultiaev
On the basis of a mathematical model of A. A. Il'yushin's theory of elastoplastic processes, numeric calculations are given for programs of experiments in the form of two-linkbroken strain trajectory. The results of the numeric simulation are compared with the experimental data obtained by authors on the automated test-machine SN-EVM. Delaying of vector and scalar properties is investigated. The instability of magnitude of the trace of delay as a characteristic of the material is shown.

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  • 2019

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