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Digital core simulator - a promising method for developming hard-to-recover oil reserves technology

V.B. Betelin, V.A. Galkin, A.V. Shpilman & N.N. Smirnova
Territory of Russia, which occupies 12.8% of the Earth's territory, contains 12-13% of the forecast resources, and about 12% of the discovered oil reserves. Russia's proven oil reserves amount to approximately 13.9 billion tons of oil as of January 1, 2017 (~101 billion barrels). Oil recovery factor for proved reserves is ~17%. The increase of oil recovery factor represents a huge stockpile for raising the level of oil production in the country at low costs....

Numerical optimization of the cantilever piezoelectric generator

A.N. Soloviev, V.A. Chebanenko, I.V. Zhilyaev, A.V. Cherpakov & I.A. Parinov
In this paper, we consider the adequacy of the use of the straight normal hypothesis in the applied theory for the calculation of a cantilever-type piezoelectric generator that takes into account the incomplete piezo-element coating of the substrate, which was obtained earlier, and a numerical optimization procedure for piezoelectric generator is given, taking into account critical failure stresses.

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  • 2020

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  • Russian Academy of Sciences
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