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Non-equilibrium phonon gas in a chalcogenide semiconductor with exponential temperature dependence of conductivity

Karim Mynbaev & N.V. Sovtus
The distribution function for a phonon gas in the non-equilibrium case of current crowding in a chalcogenide glassy semiconductor is considered. The approximate internal energy of the gas and its heat capacity is calculated. The change in the heat capacity caused by phase changes, which according to the results of the numerical calculations, are similar to the second-order phase transition, is analyzed. The law of temperature variation with time is calculated for a homogeneous current...

Effect of Si+ ion irradiation of α-Ga2O3 epitaxial layers on their hydrogen sensitivity

Nikita Yakovlev, Aleksei Almaev, Pavel Butenko, Alexey Mikhaylov, Aleksey Pechnikov, S.I. Stepanov, Roman Timashov, Andrew Chikiryaka & Vladimir Nikolaev
The effect of Si+ ion irradiation of α-Ga2O3 at doses of 8·1012 cm-2, 8·1014 cm-2, and energy of 100 keV on the gas-sensitive properties has been studied. It is shown that irradiation of α-Ga2O3 layer grown by halide vapor phase epitaxy with implanted Si+ ions allows effective control of its sensitivity to H2, response, and recovery times, as well as varying the operating temperatures. The maximum sensitivity to H2 occurred for samples with Si+ ion...

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  • 2022

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