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The use of glauconite for stabilization and improvement of ammonium nitrate agrochemical properties

Yu.N. Terentyev, N. V. Syrchina, N.N. Bogatyryova, T.Ya. Ashikhmina, A.V. Sazanov, M.L. Sazanova, V.N. Pugach, V.A. Kozvonin & A.A. Burkov
The development of new forms of nitrogen-containing mineral fertilizers comporting with world safety standards is currently quite a relevant problem. Existing forms of combined fertilizers including ammonium nitrate and carbonates have a number of disadvantages (hygroscopicity, caking, partial ammonium nitrogen decline). Therefore active search of new components with certain advantages is conducted. At the same time, their inclusion into the fertilizers’ composition should ensure a high level of plants’ nitrogen assimilation, exclude environmental pollution and...

Algological analysis of soil state in the vicinity of the plant “Maradykovskiy” after it finished functioning

L. V. Kondakova, К. А. Bezdenezhnykh & Т.Ya. Аshikhmina
The article presents the analysis of monitoring research of soil algoflora of forest and meadow ecosystems in the vicinity of the plant “Maradykovskiy” for the period before the start of its operating and till after stopping its functioning. Specious diversity of forest phytocoenoses algoflora before the start of its functioning accounted for 71 species. After the plant stopped functioning there were found out just 60 species. In meadow phytocoenoses the number is 123 and 95...

Application of ground-based research methods for the diagnostics of pollution and eutrophication of water reservoirs of the Kirov region

Т.I. Kutyavina, Т.Ya. Аshikhmina & L.V. Kondakova
The status of the four largest reservoirs of the Kirov region was assessed using a set of methods for physicochemical, bioindicative and microbiological analyzes. The combinatorial index of water pollution (CIWP), the specific combinatorial index of water pollution (SCIWP), and water quality classes are defined. It has been established that in terms of chemical indices CIWP decreases in the series: Bol’shoye Kirsinskoye – Omutninskoye – Chernokholunitskoye –Belokholunitskoye reservoirs. It has been shown that ammonium nitrogen...

Environmental safety of consumer products: legal and regulatory issues

D.G. Domrachev, А.А. Kirillovykh, V.N. Pugach & Y.M. Gordeeva
Modern problems of ensuring ecological safety of consumer products in the Russian Federation are considered, and also measures for improvement of the mechanism of regulation of quality and ecological safety in the sphere of consumption are offered. The methodological basis of the research is the analytical method, which allows to consider the practice of regulation of the environmental safety of products, the formal legal method, which allows to reveal the systemic connections in legal regulation,...

Statistical methods for analyzing the correlatio between air quality and the state of children’s health in the Kirov region

S.I. Kalinin & S.I. Toropova
The aim of this study is to assess the contribution of atmospheric air pollution to the formation of childhood morbidity in the Kirov region. Statistically significant interaction of air emissions of hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds and the primary incidence of respiratory diseases among the children of the region has been established on the base of the regional indicators assessment. The analysis of statistical indicators at the municipal level showed the presence of a statistically significant...

Assessment of the state of soils in specially protected natural reservations of the Kirov region

T. A. Adamovich, E. V. Tovstik, E. S Soloveva, T. Ya. Ashikhmina, G. I. Berezin, A. M. Prokashev & V. P. Savinykh
The assessment of the state of the specially protected natural areas (SPNA) of the regional (the “Pizhemsky” zakaznik) and of the federal significance (the “Nurgush” nature reserve) located in the Kirov region is given in the article. The predominant type of soils of the SPNRs under the study is alluvial turf soils, with strongly and slightly acidic reaction of the medium. The content of organic matter in the soils of the “Pizhemsky” zakaznik varies from...

Идентификация участков массового роста борщевика Сосновского с помощью спектральных индексов по данным Sentinel-2

Е.В. Товстик, Т.А. Адамович & Т.Я. Ашихмина
В работе описана возможность использования спутниковых снимков среднего пространственного разрешения с космического аппарата Sentinel-2 для идентификации участков массового роста борщевика Сосновского (Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden.). Для дешифрирования космических снимков использовали вегетационные индексы NDVI и ClGreen. Расчётные индексы позволили выделить на снимках типы растительности, представляющих значительную часть растительных сообществ Кировской области (лиственные и хвойные породы, луговая растительность), а также моносообщества борщевика Сосновского. Применённый в работе подход к дешифрированию космических снимков показал, что вегетационные индексы ClGreen и NDVI...

Переработка отходов фторопластов в ультрадисперсный политетрафторэтилен для получения смазок и защитных покрытий

С.Л. Фукс, С.В. Хитрин & С.В. Девятерикова
Образование до 50% отходов при производстве и потреблении фторопластов приводит к накоплению в окружающей среде политетрафторэтилена (ПТФЭ), неспособного к безопасной деструкции в природных условиях. Чрезвычайно актуальна эффективная переработка отходов ПТФЭ без выделения опасных веществ. В работе определены состав и структура летучих и твёрдых высокомолекулярных продуктов, образующихся при переработке отходов ПТФЭ методами предложенной нами термодеструкции с исчерпывающим фторированием (Ф-4 и Ф-4Д) и гидротермальной деструкции (Ф-4). Летучая фаза, выделяющаяся при переработке отходов Ф-4Д методом термодеструкции с исчерпывающим...

Biosorption of heavy metals by micromycetes: specificity of the process, mechanisms, kinetics

S.G. Skugoreva, G.Ya. Kantor & L.I. Domracheva
One of the ways to remove heavy metal (HM) compounds from the environment is biosorption. Most studies on biosorption are carried out on microorganisms, among which micromycetes occupy leading positions. They have a high degree of adaptation and resistance to the action of HM, are able to accumulate and transform HM compounds, show high sorption activity in relation to them. A feature of the cell wall of micromycetes is the predominance of polysaccharides (in particular,...

Pectic polysaccharides of callus tissue of the stem of Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden.

E.N. Gordina, A.A. Zlobin, E.A. Martinson & S.G. Litvinets
The uncontrolled growth of Sosnovsky’s hogweed (Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden.) in the central regions of the Russian Federation is a pressing problem, because areas occupied by this plant significantly increase each year. The methods used for the destruction of Sosnovsky’s hogweed (mowing, the use of herbicides, the use of geotextile, etc.) are not effective enough, because the hogweed seeds remain viable for a long time, and its roots penetrate deep into the soil. These methods do...

Идентификация двух ризосферных изолятов стрептомицетов и изучение in vitro их колонизирующей активности

Я.И. Назарова, И.Г. Широких, А.В. Бакулина, Е.Н. Баранова & Т.Я. Ашихмина
Разработка экологически безопасных биологических препаратов для защиты сельскохозяйственных культур от поражения вредоносными грибами и бактериями имеет особую актуальность в связи с массовым заселением пахотных почв Российской Федерации токсигенными и фитопатогенными микроорганизмами. Из ризосферы растений семейства Solаnacea – томата (Solanum lycopersicum L.) и табака (Nicotiana tabacum L.)– были изолированы два штамма актинобактерий, один из которых проявил фиторегуляторное (ТК-5), другой – антагонистическое действие в отношении тест-культур грибов и бактерий (Т-2-20). По результатам секвенирования фрагмента гена 16S рРНК...

Использование космических снимков для определения границ водоёмов и изучения процессов эвтрофикации

Т. И. Кутявина, В. В. Рутман, Т. Я. Ашихмина & В. П. Савиных
Проведено дешифрирование космических снимков со спутника Landsat 5. Определены индексы цвета, мутности, концентрации хлорофилла а, нормализованный вегетационный индекс (NDVI) и нормализованный разностный индекс воды (NDWI) для Белохолуницкого, Омутнинского, Большого Кирсинского и Чернохолуницкого водохранилищ Кировской области. Отмечено, что в условиях высокой мутности и цветности воды наиболее информативными для выявления береговой линии водных объектов являются индексы NDVI и NDWI. В весенний период значения индексов цвета воды, NDVI и NDWI ниже, чем в летний период. Показана возможность проведения...

Отклик почвенной цианобактерии Nostoc paludosum на действие cульфата меди(II) в присутствии глутатиона восстановленного

А.И. Фокина, Е.И. Лялина, Л.В. Трефилова & Т.Я. Ашихмина
Изучено влияние растворов CuSO4 с концентрациями ионов Cu2+, равными 1, 2, 3, 4 и 5 мг/дм3 , с добавлением трипептида – глутатиона восстановленного (GSH) и без него на почвенную цианобактерию (ЦБ) Nostoc paludosum 18. Продолжительность экспозиции культуры с растворами составила 72 часа. В ходе эксперимента наблюдали за формированием биоплёнок ЦБ из гомогената, как за показателем восстановления исходной популяции; измеряли концентрацию растворённого O2 в суспензиях ЦБ; определяли долю клеток ЦБ, способных к образованию формазана из 2,3,5-трифенилтетразолий...

The possibility of reducing the toxicity of gaseous emissions of power plants by the effect of an electrostatic field on the organic fuel combustion zone

I.A. Zyryanov, A.P. Pozolotin, A.G. Budin & E.V. Kantor
Electric power generation based on combustion of organic fuel is one of the largest sources of air pollution by toxic substances, including products of incomplete combustion. To reduce the negative impact of power plants on the environment, various methods are used to optimize the regimes for burning fuel and cleaning the emissions of combustion products into the atmosphere. One of the promising ways to regulate the combustion of fuels in order to reduce emissions is...

Microbial transformation of organic matter of sod-podzolic soils in the Pre-Urals under conditions of different use and application of mineral fertilizers

N.E. Zavyalova, I.G. Shirokikh, A.I. Kosolapova & A.A. Shirokikh
Microbiological parameters and character of transformation of humic substances of sod-podzolic soil at the end of five rotations of eight-full crop rotation in long-term stationary field experiment (1978–2017) are investigated. The direction of microbiological processes due to the effect of long-term application of mineral fertilizers in increasing doses – 30 to 150 kg/ha of NPK was determined. A comparison of the arable soil with its virgin analogs (mixed forest and natural meadow) as well as...

Ethnoecology of the Slavic World: application significance on the Eurasian space

I.Yu. Trushkova, T.Ya. Ashikhmina & L.V. Kondakova
Ecology is a science dealing with relations of living organisms with the environment and the ways of sustaining the harmonious balance in the world. Ecological approach determines the attitude of the people to the environment, it is the basis of their worldview, their behavior and culture. Ecologically oriented economy management and human behavior mean tendency of the mankind to nature preserving and keeping their environment healthy. Using ethnocultural experience helps to save financial, human, and...

Problems of state regulation of the organization of protection zones for hunting resources

I.A. Grebnev
The subject of the research is the legislation regulating the organization of zones of protection of hunting resources. On the basis of theoretical assumptions, analysis of normative-legal acts, the author identifies areas and proposes concrete measures to improve legislation and law enforcement practice in the field of territorial protection of hunting resources (wild animals being objects of hunting). Work was carried out on the basis of a systematic approach using formal-logical and comparative legal research...

Methodological techniques for identifying plant communities based on Earth remote sensing data and field research

T.А. Adamovich, E.А. Domnina, A.S. Timonov, V.V. Rutman & T.Ya. Ashikhmina
The possibilities of using multispectral data of remote sensing of the Earth and field research to highlight plant communities using the example of the Pizhemsky State Nature Reserve (SNR) of the Kirov region are shown. The Pizhemsky SNR is defined as a complex (landscape) reserve. It is especially valuable for maintaining the integrity, protection and restoration of aquatic biogeocenoses, preserving in the natural state of the unique natural objects of the region. Selection of plant...

Identification and study of the properties of Streptomyces geldanamycininus 3K9, isolated from the soil under the bush of Heracleum sosnowskyi

E.V. Tovstik, A.V. Sazanov, А.V. Bakulina, I.G. Shirokikh & T.Ya. Ashikhmina
The antagonistically active bacterial strain 3K9 was isolated from the soil under the thickets of the invasive Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden. species. Identification of the 3K9 strain was performed using cultural morphological traits, as well as based on the analysis of a fragment of the 16S rRNA gene. The greatest similarity (98.54%) of the nucleotide sequence of the 3K9 strain to the nucleotide sequence of Streptomyces geldanamycininus NRRL 3602 (Accession number NCBI NR_043722.1) was established. Macbecin...

Electrochemical obtaining of nickel hydroxide from nickel plating waste water for application in the alkali secondary cells

V.L. Kovalenko, V.A. Kotok & V.V. Malyshev
The rinsing and waste water of the plating industry, containing the heavy metal cations, are the source of environmental pollution. Nickel cations have a strong biological hazard. At the same time, up to 30% of nickel compounds spent on nickel plating are irretrievably lost to the rinsing water. Purification of the rinsing and wastewater from heavy metal cations is expensive. It’s economically effective to develop the methods of local treatment of plating rinsing water with...

Reducing the emission of odorous substances in industrial pig breeding enterprises

Yu.N. Terentyev, N.V. Syrchina, T.Ya. Ashikhmina & L.V. Pilip
Pig-breeding enterprises are a source of intense odor pollution of atmospheric air. The enlargement of the existing complexes and construction of new ones leads to a significant exacerbation of the problem of odor pollution and numerous public complaints about the state of the environment. The current situation determines the high relevance and practical significance of research aimed at solving the problem of reducing the emission of odorous substances. The purpose of this work is the...

Комплексный подход в оценке экологического состояния городских почв

С.Г. Скугорева, Кутявина Т.И., С.Ю. Огородникова, Л.В. Кондакова, В.С. Симакова, А.Л. Блинова, Ю.Н. Зыкова, Л.И. Домрачева & Т.Я. Ашихмина
Впервые проведена оценка состояния городских почв вблизи одной из автомоек г. Кирова с использованием различных методов физико-химического, микробиологического анализа и фитотестирования. Полученные данные свидетельствуют о высоком уровне загрязнения почв нефтепродуктами, содержание которых превысило условно фоновое значение в 27–173 раза. Токсический эффект исследуемых урбанозёмов проявился в снижении каталазной активности, видового разнообразия фототрофов, диаметра колоний азотобактера, увеличении фитотоксичности по отношению к растениям ячменя и резком снижении численности живых клеток в популяции цианобактерии Nostoc paludosuт. Между данными показателями...

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