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Pools and carbon fluxes in felling ecosystems spruce forests of the middle taiga of the Komi Republic

N.V. Likhanova & K.S. Bobkova
The quantitative characteristics of the reserves and distribution of carbon of organic matter in the soil–phytocenosis system after clearing the stand of two types of spruce forests on peaty-podzolic-gleyed soils are shown. It is established that in the ecosystems of 4–6 years old felling of spruce forests 115–121 thousand kgC/ha are accumulated, most of which is concentrated in the soil. The production-destructive processes of organic matter in the phytocenosis-soil system are estimated. It is shown...

The dynamics of the elements of fitness of experimental populations of Drosophila under conditions of chronic low-intensity exposure

I.N. Yuraneva & V.G. Zainullin
One of the main issues of radiobiology is the study not only of the sensitivity of cellular structures and individual systems of the body under chronic irradiation, but also the study of genetic variability of populations. Chronic exposure increases mutations in the population and stabilizes the number of mutations after several generations. It is shown that as a result of low-dose exposure to natural populations, the genetic load has been growing for many generations until...

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  • 2019

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