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Changes in the photosynthetic activity of wood plants under a coal terminal environment

N.V. Saltan, Е.А. Sviatkovskaya, Е.P. Shlapak, N.N. Trostenyuk & О.B. Gontar
The aim of our work was to study the photosynthetic pigment content in the leaves of native and introduced woody plants that are affected by the coal terminal activities, in order to select a resistant species that could improve the environmental conditions of the terminal site and the city of Murmansk in general. The objects of our study were the native (Betula sp., Salix sp., Sorbus gorodkovii Pojark, Pinus friesiana Wichura) and introduced plant species...

Development and optimization of biological treatment of quarry waters from mineral nitrogen in the Arctic

L.A. Ivanova, V.A. Myazin, M.V. Korneykova, N.V. Fokina, V.V. Redkina & G.A. Evdokimova
The new concept of bioremediation of anthropogenic water bodies and quarry wastewaters treatment by phytoextraction and phytotransformation in the Arctic conditions is presented. This technology is based on transformating the man-caused water reservoirs into nature-like marsh ecosystems. At the first stage, a new patented method for advanced waste treatment using floating bioplato was developed and implemented. After implementing the bioplato, the concentration of ammonium ions in water decreased by 53–90%, nitrate nitrogen reduced by 15–20%....

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  • 2019

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