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Technology for conversion of whey into organic-mineral fertilizers with amino acids

N. Terentyev Yu., V. Syrchina N., , V. Sazanov А., L. Sazanova M., A. Kozvonin V. &
Rational processing of whey is one of the most important problems of the dairy industry. Less than 50% of this waste is processed in Russia. Unprocessed whey is discharged into the sewage systems, which significantly increases the degree of contamination of the process waste water. Basically, processing of whey in commodity products is limited by economic factors. At the enterprises of small and average capacity high costs of introducing processing technologies do not pay off...

Reliability of sanitary and epidemiologic analysis of sewage at a large number of casual impacts and absence the dominating factor

It is known that the existing methods of the analysis of sewage composition can reveal excess of maximum permissible concentration no more than ten percent of total of rated pollution. Therefore, the actual task is increase of reliability of sanitary and epidemiologic analysis of sewage and cleaning quality of industrial drains as for existence of traces of pollution. It is reached by accounting of probabilistic and time characteristics of a stream of pollution receipt at...

Plant-microbe associations of the non-traditional sugar plants and the producers of natural sweeteners

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Soil microbial succession in chernozem under the influence of rhizodeposites of different groups of plants-sweeteners was investigated. It is found out that non-traditional sugar plants (Helianthus tuberosus, Smallanthus sonchifolius, Cyperus esculentus) enhance mineralization processes and reduce nitrogen immobilization, while producers of sweet glycosides (Stevia rebaudiana, Glycyrrhiza glаbra) do not change the trophic structure of soil microbial society. The species structure of microbial society was studied by the example of a complex of micromycetes. The general...

Comparative analysis of algal flora of the floodplain ecosystems of the Vyatka river on the territory of the State Nature Reserve «Nurgush» and in Zarechnyy Park in Kirov

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The article presents the results of the comparative analysis of soil algal flora of riparian ecosystems of the Vyatka River on the territory of the State Nature Reserves «Nurgush» and Zarechny Park in Kirov. The soil is alluvial in the ecosystems, it is sod; sour in «Nurgush» and is mildly sour Zarechnyy park. The content of the mass fraction of nitrate nitrogen and ammonium in soil does not exceed the sanitary norms. Species composition of...

Benz[a]pyrene destruction by Elodea canadensis L. in water

The simulating model experiment on water-dissolved benz[a]pyrene (BP) impact on composition of polyarenes in Elodea canadensis L. plants was conducted. For that, five concentrations of BP in water solution were used: 1; 5; 10; 20 nanogram/l. To the end of the experiment, BP was found in water only when introduced in dose of 20 nanogram/l. We identified other PAHs in solution which could be BP destruction products made by Elodea Canadensis L. cell sap. Total...

Titrimetric determination of basic substance mass fraction in standard samples of toxic chemicals and their degradation products

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Meteorological qualification state samples of the content of toxic substances and their destruction products requires reliable methods of determining mass fraction of the basic substance in standard samples of these compositions, which would contribute to getting correct and presentable results. The analysis of the methods of determining mass fraction of the basic substance in toxic substances and in their destruction products and the research of chemistry has shown that all the methods under research are...

Organic matter structure and composition of permafrost peatlands in the European North-East

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The paper deals with structure of permafrost peatlands from the southern part of the Bolshezemelskaya Tundra region. The soil-geocryological complex of peatlands was found for three constituents in its structure as ’active layer – upper permafrost – lower permafrost’. Profile distribution and composition of some soil organic matter components at peatlands was studied. The humus state parameters which are accessed on base of fraction-group humus composition data are good markers of formation conditions of active...

Amphiphilic properties of soil organic matter in parcels of dominating coniferous trees in the middle taiga zone

The paper deals with morphological structure, physical-chemical and amphiphilic properties of soil organic matter in parcels of dominating tree species in the middle taiga zone of the Komi Republic. The study soils have similar morpho- logic structure, physical-chemical properties and profile distribution of amphiphilic fractions. The majority of migrating organic compounds accumulate in lower organic sub-horizons. Distribution of fractions in upper mineral sub-horizons depends on texture (granulometric composition) of soil-forming rocks. Profile distribution of hydrophilous...

Humic preparation of lowland peat

Humic drug Rostock has a stimulating and adaptogenic properties. In field and factory experiments in different regions of the country received increase (%) crop: spring wheat – 15–83, winter wheat – 22, sunflower – 17, sugar beet – 21, barley – 17–55, oats – 52, pea – 27, maize (Z. M.) – 40, clover (seed) – 22, clover (hay) – 32, clover (seed) – 50, clover (hay) – 87, rape (seeds) – 31, mustard (seed)...

The treatment of winter wheat, grown on ordinary carbonate chernozem with humic fertilizer «BIO-Don»

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A comparative analysis of the two methods of determining the total humus content in the soil was carried out: an indirect Tyurin’s method (modification by Simakov), and modification according to State Standart 26213-9 were compared with a method of high-temperature catalytic combustion in the analyzer of total organic carbon (TOC-L CPN Shimadzu). It is shown that the determination of the total soil humus content by Tyurin’s method and as described in State Standard 26213-9 gives...

Composition and state of soil cover plants in bilberry spruce phytocenoses in the technogenic pollution zone of the pulp and paper mill

Technogenic pollution of soil cover plants with pulp-and-paper industry emissions in spruce forests has been studied. Analysis of the plant composition in ground cover of blueberry spruce forest showed a significant similarity with the plant species composition in other spruce blueberry forests growing in the middle taiga subzone. Number of plant species in the impact zone of the ‘Mondi SLPK’ plant and paper mill varies form 15 to 24 which is less than that in...

Experimental characterization of remediation properties of different humic preparations in copper contaminated soil

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A comparison of the effects of different humic preparations was performed by biotic indices in an artificial standard soil contaminated with copper. Bioactivity of both Flexom (from peat) and Kyrgyz (from coal) industrial preparations was tested using using battery of biotest-systems based on standardized organisms. The bioassay of samples containing 2 and 4 AAC of Cu2+ in combination with various doses of humics showed that protective properties are limited by both humics dose application, and...

Modeling oil spreading in the vortex flow of water and oil spill response by using fleece

The paper outlines results obtained during modeling of the immiscible contaminants (oil, diesel fuel, sunflower and castor oil) propagation along the water free surface in compound vortex flow, and describes the effects of sheep's wool for the hydrocarbons collection from the free surface of quiescent and rotating water. Experiments confirmed the structure stability of the vortex flow pattern with the portion of light immiscible admixture. General reliance revealed in the flow pattern for all used...

Device for automatic potentiometric water analysis. Design, operating principles, software and methodological supportWe propose the principle of operation and design of automatic ionomer for the potentiometric analysis of water in

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We propose the principle of operation and design of automatic ionomer for the potentiometric analysis of water in several modes (direct potentiometry, different versions of the additives method, flow-injection method). The design of device includes three software controlled piston pumps that allows high precision dosing and mixing the sample, deionized water and concentrated standard solution in the proportions and the sequence determined by the method of analysis. Due to the small volume of the electrochemical...

The seasonal migration of pollutants in surface waters as a result of the mining company’s activities in Kyrgyzstan

Under the influence of anthropogenic factors the chemical composition of natural waters is changing, that could lead to negative consequences, not only in water, but also in terrestrial ecosystems. The Naryn River is the main artery of the Kyrgyz Republic. The environmental monitoring of surface waters of the Naryn River was conducted to detect the anthropogenic influence (activity of «Kumtor mining company») on the condition and quality of waterways of the region. The chemical composition...

Specificity of regional entomological monitoring in a northern city of European Russia

The article presents ecological characteristics of entomofauna of the city of Syktyvkar. The objectives of the study are: 1) to study the species composition of entomofauna of Syktyvkar and its trophic structure; 2) to identify different interest representatives of insects in conditions of urban landscapes; 3) to establish the influence of aspect landscape characteristics of urban-forest ecosystems on insects. Syktyvkar and the surrounding area is inhabited with 1162 species of arthropods belonging to five classes,...

Heavy metal toxicity and barley plants, soil and rhizosphere microflora

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The state urban soil was researched as for heavy metals (HM) content within the area of mining and metallurgical complex in the city of Vladikavkaz (the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania). It was found that level of pollution of the soil in the sites located near the JSC «Electrozink» is extremely high. It is contaminated with mobile forms of lead and zinc, the contamination level is more than 200 times higher than the background values and...

Reagent extraction of arsenic from process and waste water by means of thiourea dioxide

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The article contains a review of methods of removing arsenic from industrial and wastewaters. A number of experiments of model and industrial solutions purifying with thiourea dioxide as a reducing agent were conducted. It was shown that such method allows removing of the most part of arsenic from solution in a form capable of further usage. Residual values of arsenic concentration in solutions were determined

Morphogenetic structure of marsh frog populations of Pelophylax ridibundus (Amphibia, Anura) under conditions of urban environment

E.A. Snegin & A.S. Barkhatov
On the basis of morphometric, phenetic and molecular genetic methods, the population structure of the Pelophylax ridibundus inhabiting the urbanized environment of Belgorod and its environs (Russia) was studied. The obtained results confirmed the previously stated assumptions, according to which under the conditions of anthropogenic load the color morph “striata” dominates (the proportion of individuals on impact territories was 70 to 93%). In relatively pure biotopes, the color morph “maculate” prevailed (58–67%). The morphometric characteristics...

The possibility of reducing the toxicity of gaseous emissions of power plants by the effect of an electrostatic field on the organic fuel combustion zone

I.A. Zyryanov, A.P. Pozolotin, A.G. Budin & E.V. Kantor
Electric power generation based on combustion of organic fuel is one of the largest sources of air pollution by toxic substances, including products of incomplete combustion. To reduce the negative impact of power plants on the environment, various methods are used to optimize the regimes for burning fuel and cleaning the emissions of combustion products into the atmosphere. One of the promising ways to regulate the combustion of fuels in order to reduce emissions is...

Microbial transformation of organic matter of sod-podzolic soils in the Pre-Urals under conditions of different use and application of mineral fertilizers

N.E. Zavyalova, I.G. Shirokikh, A.I. Kosolapova & A.A. Shirokikh
Microbiological parameters and character of transformation of humic substances of sod-podzolic soil at the end of five rotations of eight-full crop rotation in long-term stationary field experiment (1978–2017) are investigated. The direction of microbiological processes due to the effect of long-term application of mineral fertilizers in increasing doses – 30 to 150 kg/ha of NPK was determined. A comparison of the arable soil with its virgin analogs (mixed forest and natural meadow) as well as...

Ethnoecology of the Slavic World: application significance on the Eurasian space

I.Yu. Trushkova, T.Ya. Ashikhmina & L.V. Kondakova
Ecology is a science dealing with relations of living organisms with the environment and the ways of sustaining the harmonious balance in the world. Ecological approach determines the attitude of the people to the environment, it is the basis of their worldview, their behavior and culture. Ecologically oriented economy management and human behavior mean tendency of the mankind to nature preserving and keeping their environment healthy. Using ethnocultural experience helps to save financial, human, and...

Problems of state regulation of the organization of protection zones for hunting resources

I.A. Grebnev
The subject of the research is the legislation regulating the organization of zones of protection of hunting resources. On the basis of theoretical assumptions, analysis of normative-legal acts, the author identifies areas and proposes concrete measures to improve legislation and law enforcement practice in the field of territorial protection of hunting resources (wild animals being objects of hunting). Work was carried out on the basis of a systematic approach using formal-logical and comparative legal research...

Methodological techniques for identifying plant communities based on Earth remote sensing data and field research

T.А. Adamovich, E.А. Domnina, A.S. Timonov, V.V. Rutman & T.Ya. Ashikhmina
The possibilities of using multispectral data of remote sensing of the Earth and field research to highlight plant communities using the example of the Pizhemsky State Nature Reserve (SNR) of the Kirov region are shown. The Pizhemsky SNR is defined as a complex (landscape) reserve. It is especially valuable for maintaining the integrity, protection and restoration of aquatic biogeocenoses, preserving in the natural state of the unique natural objects of the region. Selection of plant...

Identification and study of the properties of Streptomyces geldanamycininus 3K9, isolated from the soil under the bush of Heracleum sosnowskyi

E.V. Tovstik, A.V. Sazanov, А.V. Bakulina, I.G. Shirokikh & T.Ya. Ashikhmina
The antagonistically active bacterial strain 3K9 was isolated from the soil under the thickets of the invasive Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden. species. Identification of the 3K9 strain was performed using cultural morphological traits, as well as based on the analysis of a fragment of the 16S rRNA gene. The greatest similarity (98.54%) of the nucleotide sequence of the 3K9 strain to the nucleotide sequence of Streptomyces geldanamycininus NRRL 3602 (Accession number NCBI NR_043722.1) was established. Macbecin...

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