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Lichenoindication of atmospheric air at chemically dangerous man-made objects

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The block of biomonitoring at chemically dangerous technogenic objects should include various modifications of the method of bioindication, and lichenology is the most approved and widely used of them in the regions of Russia. During reconnaissance studies the background species composition of lichenometric was stated for Non-Chernozem zone of Russia, their environmental performance was summarized. For biodiagnostic of the general condition of the air in the area of chemically hazardous man-made object three quantitative mapped...

Justification of the list of degradation of products of chemical agents of the kind Vx, which ensure its identification at destroying bomb- blocks

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The paper includes methodological approaches for identifying informative, the most stable compounds formed during detoxification of toxic substances such as Vx in order to use them as chemical markers for identifying poisons of Vx-type. The chemical reactions that take place during detoxification of Vx-type poison are described, the composition of the resulting reaction masses is stated. The interaction of degradation products of the poison of Vx-type with the formation of a large set of chemical...

Key aspects of using the simplest means of toxic substances control in relation to the process of decommission and mitigation of activities of weapons destruction plants

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The article describes the main approaches to using the means of poison substances control during decommission and mitigation of chemical weapons storage and destruction plants. Sanitary requirements to monitoring workplace air in rooms of I and II risk groups are given. Efficient control of toxic substances in relation to the process of decommission and mitigation of activities of weapons destruction plants is recommended to be performed using indicator tubes, display flat elements, modern detectors and...

Medical and hygienic aspects of occupational safety and health personnel at chemical weapons destruction plants

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The comparative sanitary assessment of working conditions of chemical weapons destruction plants’ personnel was made in 2008-2014. For the first time the dynamic indicators of the personnel’s health at chemical weapons storage and destruction plants were studied in complex, based on medical examinations results before and after working shift, on results of periodic medical examinations, results of thorough medical examinations with a whole set of biochemical, immunological, psycho-physiological analyses, studying endocrine profile, cancer-specific markers, determination...

The problem of ergot grains (Claviceps purpurea (Fr.) Tul.): Past and Present (review)

The article presents historical data on ergot of cereals discovering and research. Phytopathologic, medical and veterinary aspects of this problem are described. The main reasons of the disease are given and protection methods are stated, including selection ones – by the example of research at the North East agriculture research institute.

Reducing the environmental threat of motor vehicles by converting engines for operating on natural gas

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The article explains the necessity of using natural gas (NG) for motor vehicle diesel engines, which makes it possible to reduce their environmental threat and to save motor oil fuel. The composition of the NG used and its physic-chemical properties are presented in the article. In order to determine and to optimize the amount of the NG supplied for motor diesel engines, the authors of the article have tested them on the electro-brake testing bench...

Creating an absorbent and filters on its ground for absorbing radionuclides of cesium-137 from drinking water

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At creation of a highly effective absorbent that is selective to ions of cesium, for water cleaning on the basis of active carbons, with ferrocyanide copper as an active component. The technology of getting the new absorbent with adsorption properties in relation to cesium radionuclides is developed. The new absorbent has passed tests for conformity to requirements of GOST 2874-82 «Drinking Water»

Ecology and structure of Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br. (Orchidaceae) coenopopulations in the Northern Urals

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Data on ecology, phytocoenological preferences and population structure of the species Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br. of Orchidacea family in the Northern Urals are considered. Investigations were carried out during 2000–2016 in the three protected areas: Pechoro-Ilychsky reserve, Un’insky complex sanctuary and Yugyd Va national park. 23 coenopopulations were studied. 72 releves with G. repens were used to study phytocoenotical preferences and ecological parameters of the species. The species has wide phytocoenotical range establishing various...

Specific character of soil “blooming” in agricultural and urbanized territories

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Specious content and quantity characteristics of microorganiams which lead to soil “blooming” in natural, anthropogenic, and urbanized ecosystems are shown in the article. In natural ecosystems algae and cyanobacteria communities develop in gradual succession stages, from unicellular green algae and Xanthophyta, filamentous green algae and nonheterocyst cyanobacteria to heterocyst cyanobacteria. Agricultural soil “blooming” has some peculiarities, irrespective of the place, season, soil type, dominating groupings. Among the “blooming” dominants cyanobacteria and green algae of the...

Biodegradation of vegetable waste and obtaining fruit bodies in cultivation of Hericium erinaceus

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Development of technologies for biodegradation of plant wastes in order to obtain new useful products can not only reduce pollution of the environment, but also provide a raw material base for biotechnology. The possibility of using the basilial xylotrophic fungus Hericium erinaceus as a destructor of plant wastes with simultaneous production of economically valuable secondary products was studied. As a nutrient substrate for the production of fruiting bodies of the fungus, mixtures of straw, oak...

Сomparative analysis of coenofloras of mountain tundra communities in the west macroslope of Northern and Subpolar Ural

V. Degteva S., E. Kulugina E., A. Dubrovsky Y. &
The data about vegetation and vascular plants flora of Manpupuner Ridge are represented. Rare and protected species are objects of special attention. The results of investigations of their key habitats, populations status and age structure are represented.

The visualization of climate change data for plant communities of Mezenskaya and Kanin peninsula tundra by satellite images

The possibility of using the visualization methods for identify areas of significant climate changes of plant communities in Mezenskaya and Kanin tundra was tested on basis of Modis and Landsat data over the period of 1988-2009 years. The greatest changes in the plant communities for period of twenty years observations were noted at the borders of taliks zone with forming willows, dwarf birch and spruce forests. For the period 2000-2009 years near the 62% of...

Fungal preparations for ligning containing wastes degradation evaluation of bio-safety

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The preparations based on residual nutrition media of basidiomycetes Trametes hirsuta and T. maxima and designed for degradation of lignin-containing wastes have been subjected to bioassay using different test-objects (microalgae, infusoria, daphnids, and spermatozoa). When standard glucose-peptone nutrition media was used for the fungi growth, the obtained bio-preparations were demonstrated not to be toxic to the selected test objects and were therefore concluded to be safe. In case with copper ions added to the nutrition...

Experimental toxicology of carbon tetrachloride estimation of lypoperoxidation changes

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We modeled toxic acute and chronic hepatitits and cirrhosis on 60 Vistar line rats by carbon tetrachloride (CTC) injections. Dien conjugates and malon dialdehyde was tested in blood plasma, erythrocytes and liver homogenates. It was stated, that CTC intoxication leaded to lypoperoxidation changes in early period after CTC injection. Strongly pronounced activation of lypoperoxidation was found in liver homogenates. It was shown that prolonged CTC intoxication is a risk factor of oxidative stress chronization

The new pipeline Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean Challenges and Prospects

The article highlights the relevance of the new trunk gas pipeline system “Yakutia-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok”, as well as challengeable natural environment of within the pipeline influence. Geoenvironmental problems inherent in all the phases of the territory development are presented

Diversity of soil actinomycetes complexes conditioned by mycelial actinobacteria temperature adaptations

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The review considers questions of specificity of actinomycetes complexes diversity in different soil types in connection with mycelial prokaryotes temperature adaptation. The works dedicated to mechanisms of mycelia actynobacteria adaptation to high and low temperature are analysed. Temperature adaptation of mycelialn actynobacteria helps to keep actynomycetes diversity in soils different in temperature regimes.

The dune-karst landscapes structure and mapping of sandy plains of Vyatka-Kama Pre-Ural

The article is about research problem of structure and mapping of dune-karst landscapes of sandy plains in VyatkaKama region. The natural sanctuary «Medvedsky bor» in a valley in the mid Vyatka river is considered as local model of sandy plains. The scheme of typological classification of dune-karst landscape is made. The detailed landscape map and a legend to it of a key site №4 in karst area of the Medvedsky bor are created with the...

Algoindication characteristics of mineral hydromorphic soils

The algae reaction of mineral hydromorphic soils on change of water regime was investigated. The species indicating water regime in soil of various degrees of gley are shown. Ecological characteristics of algoflora is presented.

Bioaccumulation and physical reactions of plants on industrial pollution of the environment with mercury

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Bioaccumulation and the effect of mercury (Hg) on physiological activity of plants grown in polluted sites of the national park «Yugyd-Va» (Komi Republic) were investigated. At soil content of Hg over 3–7 OEL, Hg concentration in plant organs was essentially higher than in plants from background site. Plant roots accumulated 10-20 times more Hg than aboveground parts. Soil Hg pollution inhibited CO2 assimilation in leaves and destroyed balance between photosynthesis and respiration

Problems of establishing modern theory of environmental damage

The scientific category of environmental damage was studied in connection with the problem of its definition and integration in modern science. The history of the issue, current approaches to the definition of damage, harm or loss to the environment, principles, techniques and methods for assessing environmental damage are considered.

Photosynthetic pigments in the thalli of lichens of boreal flora

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Investigations were carried out to determine the chlorophylls, carotenoids, and nitrogen content in thalli of 21 species of lichens. Among them Peltigera and Cladonia genera prevailed. The significant differences between the species in the studied parameters were observed. The Chl a concentration per a unit of thallus dry mass varied from 0,2 up to 1,3 mg/g. Across species, thallus N concentration ranged from 4 to 40 mg/g DW. The positive relationships between thallus nitrogen and...

Influence of benz[a]pyrene pollution on the growth processes and structure of polyarenes in plants

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The purpose of the present work was accessing the influence of benz[a]pyrene added into substrate on composition of polyarenes in plant and on growth and development of common barley (Hordeum vulgare) in in vitro conditions. We found that contamination of substrate with benz[a]pyrene (BP) decreased seed germination of Hordeum vulgare L. Larger BP doses produced the trend for a linear decrease in height and biomass of the aboveground part of Hordeum vulgare. The change of...

Assessing total content of organophosphorus compounds by using of total phosphorus determination in industrial waste with the help of photometric method

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For the purposes of ecological control the procedure for measuring the total phosphorus content in industrial waste has been suggested. Assessment is performed in the form of molybdenum researched pre mineralization of organophosphorus compounds by potassium nitrate in sulfuric acid. The choice of oxidative system for mineralization of samples has been made on the basis of experimental research on oxidation of solutions methylphosphonothioic acid by variety of the most common oxidants. The methodology has been...

Composition and structure of algocenoses of north boreal ecosystems in different relief parts in conditions of technogenic pressure

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There was made a comparative analysis of algocenoses differently distanced from “Severonickel” metallurgical plant and located on various landscape elements. A mosaic of algocenoses exists on the investigated territory. No particular influence of technogenic pollution, as well as of the relief peculiarities, on structure and composition of the investigated algocenoses was found out.

Establishment and optimization of the system of state environmental control and monitoring of the plant Maradykovsky in Kirov region

The article presents the material on establishing and improving the system of state environmental control and monitoring of chemical weapons decommission facility in Kirov region. Particular attention is paid to lack of approved methodologies to optimize scientific and methodological support of biological monitoring, the most important component of the state environmental monitoring.

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