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Bio-preparation with a broad spectrum of bio-degradative activity for soil remediation in the chemical weapons destruction plant «Maradykovsky»

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The object of the study is a biological preparation – destructor of organophosphorus compounds, oil and oil products, created on the basis of the two bacterial strains of Pseudomonas fluorescens ЕC-5-93 and Pseudomonas putida ЕC-8-14. The biopreparation is designed for soil remediation at the industrial site and adjacent territory of the object for destruction of chemical weapons «Maradykovsky». The bacteria of both strains are non-pathogenic, biocompatible, ecologically safe, stable on the grounds of biodegradation of...

Climate change and its role in reliability of engineering objects in permofrostzone

The stability state and problems of infrastructure of Yakutsk, one of the most Northern cities, are considered. Different stages of the city development, as well as connection of infrastructure reliability with climate dynamics are shown.

Biosorption of Pb(II), Zn(II) and Cu(II) from aqueous solutions by Trametes versicolor mycelium

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White-rot fungi Trametes versicolor is currently increasingly used in the manufacture of various medicines and dietary supplements. To minimize costs, we propose to use waste fungal biomass of the pharmaceutical industry in the processes of bioremediation of industrial effluents. In this study, heavy metal biosorption potentials of T. versicolor were determined. Biosorption studies were performed for Cu(II), Zn(II) and Pb(II) at the same operational conditions and the effectiveness of fungi at removing these heavy metals...

Assessment of hydrobiocenoses in the small rivers of Argun river basin

Hydrobiological studies were conducted in July 2006, 2013 and 2015 on the Argun river basin tributaries. The area of work is conditionally divided into three sections: natural undisturbed river ecosystems (Malaya Borzya, Chingoratay, Kutomara, Doninskaya Borzya, Verkhnyaya Borzya, Srednyaya Borzya (the upper river part), previously affected by gold mining (Srednyaya Borzya (the middle river part), quarry No. 1, No. 3), currently under the influence of gold washing (Srednyaya Borzya (the lower river part), sediment pond,...

Microbial biotechnology of soil remediation for sanitation and sustainable functioning of the technogenic ecosystem

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a federal property and are subject to redevelopment in the interests of national defense and security. In this regard, both at the stage of decommissioning and during liquidation of activities, it is necessary to carry out a complex of rehabilitation measures. Consequently, the problem of reclamation and sanitation of soil at the site of operation of the “Maradykovsky CWD plant after the decision of its reorientation evidently will be relevant and may include a biological...

Comparative assessment of toxicity of unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine and its decomposition products by bioassay methods

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The toxicity of liquid rocket propellant unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) and its decomposition products was studied by methods of bioassay. It was shown that transformation of UDMH leads to products which are less toxic than the initial exotoxicant. For example, the toxicity of formic acid dimethylhydrazide, structural analogue of UDMH, which is mistaken for UDMH on the places of old spills, is 20-100000 times lower. As a result, the place of pollution by rocket fuel becomes...

Comparative analysis of theoretical and experimental methodologies of mineral origin waste hazards assessment

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Waste products classification may be done with calculation or experimental techniques. Often hazardous classes defined with different techniques do not match. As a result, it leads to wrong estimation of negative influence of waste products. It shows the necessity of biotesting the products. Improvement of danger class defining technique is needed with the aim of accurate calculation of the index matching the biotesting results.

The dynamics of zoobenthos in the Lakes area of the protective zone of the chemical weapons destruction plant in Shchuch'ye as a method of biological monitoring

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In 2009-2014 in the Shchuchye district of the Kurgan region in the the protective zone (PZ) of the chemical weapons destruction plant in Shchuch'ye in order to assess the nature of the combined effects of pollutants methods of chemical analysis and control of bio-indication were used. Within the biological monitoring of fauna zoobenthos of the lakes Naumovskoye, Pankino and Frolikhas was studied in order to identify indicators needed for assessing the degree of contamination and...

Assessing total content of organophosphorus compounds by using of total phosphorus determination in industrial waste with the help of photometric method

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For the purposes of ecological control the procedure for measuring the total phosphorus content in industrial waste has been suggested. Assessment is performed in the form of molybdenum researched pre mineralization of organophosphorus compounds by potassium nitrate in sulfuric acid. The choice of oxidative system for mineralization of samples has been made on the basis of experimental research on oxidation of solutions methylphosphonothioic acid by variety of the most common oxidants. The methodology has been...

High-sensitive gas-chromatographic-mass-spectrometric assessment of o-phthaliс acid esters in water of different origin

The analysis of water samples of different origin on the content of dialkylphthalates was carried out with use of high-sensitive gas-chromatographic-mass-spectrometric assessing with liquid-phase microextractionpreconcentration with ultrasound that has been developed by the authors for the first time in Russia. The capabilities of the method were compared with other methods, described in the literature. The limits of detection at the level 10-5-10-6 mg∙l-1 were reached by the author.

Reducing the environmental threat of motor vehicles by converting engines for operating on natural gas

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The article explains the necessity of using natural gas (NG) for motor vehicle diesel engines, which makes it possible to reduce their environmental threat and to save motor oil fuel. The composition of the NG used and its physic-chemical properties are presented in the article. In order to determine and to optimize the amount of the NG supplied for motor diesel engines, the authors of the article have tested them on the electro-brake testing bench...

Ecology and structure of Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br. (Orchidaceae) coenopopulations in the Northern Urals

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Data on ecology, phytocoenological preferences and population structure of the species Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br. of Orchidacea family in the Northern Urals are considered. Investigations were carried out during 2000–2016 in the three protected areas: Pechoro-Ilychsky reserve, Un’insky complex sanctuary and Yugyd Va national park. 23 coenopopulations were studied. 72 releves with G. repens were used to study phytocoenotical preferences and ecological parameters of the species. The species has wide phytocoenotical range establishing various...

Specific character of soil “blooming” in agricultural and urbanized territories

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Specious content and quantity characteristics of microorganiams which lead to soil “blooming” in natural, anthropogenic, and urbanized ecosystems are shown in the article. In natural ecosystems algae and cyanobacteria communities develop in gradual succession stages, from unicellular green algae and Xanthophyta, filamentous green algae and nonheterocyst cyanobacteria to heterocyst cyanobacteria. Agricultural soil “blooming” has some peculiarities, irrespective of the place, season, soil type, dominating groupings. Among the “blooming” dominants cyanobacteria and green algae of the...

Biodegradation of vegetable waste and obtaining fruit bodies in cultivation of Hericium erinaceus

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Development of technologies for biodegradation of plant wastes in order to obtain new useful products can not only reduce pollution of the environment, but also provide a raw material base for biotechnology. The possibility of using the basilial xylotrophic fungus Hericium erinaceus as a destructor of plant wastes with simultaneous production of economically valuable secondary products was studied. As a nutrient substrate for the production of fruiting bodies of the fungus, mixtures of straw, oak...

Statistical characteristics of relationships between turbidity and water flow rate caused by releases of the water reservoir

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The temporal variability of water flow rate and turbidity in the Ufa River was estimated. To describe the changes in turbidity and water flow in adverse periods (like floods), such statistic characteristics as distribution density of water flow rate and turbidity and probability of occurrence of adverse events related to deterioration of water quality were found. It is determined that the tail portions of the distributions of the probabilities of water flow rate and turbidity...

About the development of Azotobacter chroococcum Beiyrinck in old-age dumps of anthracite

The increase in the volume of coal mining leads to the formation of waste dumps that negatively affect the ecology of the environment. The safety of the waste dumps depends on the presence of coal particles, which accumulate radioactive and toxic elements, and affect the viability of the first settlers. On the example the bacterium Azotobacter chroococcum, which participates in the formation of soil properties, it is shown that in the fine fraction of the...

Design of soil aggregates: the principles of creation and their environmental sustainability

The design of soil aggregates was first created, it characterizes the patterns of distribution of structural elements formed from silty and colloidal particles in the compartments, formed from silty and sandy soil particles. Design of soil aggregates is determined by the morphometric parameters of finely dispersed organic particles, by the values of the adhesion forces between particles, by formation of aggregates of hexagonal structural units of the multistage addition, which determine the formation of the...

Possible ways to intensify mass cultivation of cyanobacteria

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The example of cultivation of two species of cyanobacteria (CB) Nostoc paludosum and Fischerella muscicola showed that manipulating the level of illumination and the composition of the nutrient medium can cause a significant increase in the yield of cyanobacterial biomass. Transition to cultivation from a luminostate with illumination of 1000 lux to cultivation in a bioreactor with illumination of 4000 lux raises reproduction rate of the CB by 1.8 times for N. paludosum and by...

Soil-like formation in technogenic landscapes history of study, terminology, modern aspects (review)

Intensive mining and industrial processing are inevitably accompanied by withdrawal of agricultural and forest land from the turnover. Alienation of land under mining in Siberia is accompanied by loss of the most fertile soils. Within historically formed soil areas technogenic landscapes appear, most of them result from piles of waste rocks. Their surface is weathered, leached, and gets populated with biota over time. Soil-like bodies are formed of these mineral substrates. They are characterized by...

Technology for conversion of whey into organic-mineral fertilizers with amino acids

N. Terentyev Yu., V. Syrchina N., , V. Sazanov А., L. Sazanova M., A. Kozvonin V. &
Rational processing of whey is one of the most important problems of the dairy industry. Less than 50% of this waste is processed in Russia. Unprocessed whey is discharged into the sewage systems, which significantly increases the degree of contamination of the process waste water. Basically, processing of whey in commodity products is limited by economic factors. At the enterprises of small and average capacity high costs of introducing processing technologies do not pay off...

Reliability of sanitary and epidemiologic analysis of sewage at a large number of casual impacts and absence the dominating factor

It is known that the existing methods of the analysis of sewage composition can reveal excess of maximum permissible concentration no more than ten percent of total of rated pollution. Therefore, the actual task is increase of reliability of sanitary and epidemiologic analysis of sewage and cleaning quality of industrial drains as for existence of traces of pollution. It is reached by accounting of probabilistic and time characteristics of a stream of pollution receipt at...

Plant-microbe associations of the non-traditional sugar plants and the producers of natural sweeteners

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Soil microbial succession in chernozem under the influence of rhizodeposites of different groups of plants-sweeteners was investigated. It is found out that non-traditional sugar plants (Helianthus tuberosus, Smallanthus sonchifolius, Cyperus esculentus) enhance mineralization processes and reduce nitrogen immobilization, while producers of sweet glycosides (Stevia rebaudiana, Glycyrrhiza glаbra) do not change the trophic structure of soil microbial society. The species structure of microbial society was studied by the example of a complex of micromycetes. The general...

Comparative analysis of algal flora of the floodplain ecosystems of the Vyatka river on the territory of the State Nature Reserve «Nurgush» and in Zarechnyy Park in Kirov

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The article presents the results of the comparative analysis of soil algal flora of riparian ecosystems of the Vyatka River on the territory of the State Nature Reserves «Nurgush» and Zarechny Park in Kirov. The soil is alluvial in the ecosystems, it is sod; sour in «Nurgush» and is mildly sour Zarechnyy park. The content of the mass fraction of nitrate nitrogen and ammonium in soil does not exceed the sanitary norms. Species composition of...

Benz[a]pyrene destruction by Elodea canadensis L. in water

The simulating model experiment on water-dissolved benz[a]pyrene (BP) impact on composition of polyarenes in Elodea canadensis L. plants was conducted. For that, five concentrations of BP in water solution were used: 1; 5; 10; 20 nanogram/l. To the end of the experiment, BP was found in water only when introduced in dose of 20 nanogram/l. We identified other PAHs in solution which could be BP destruction products made by Elodea Canadensis L. cell sap. Total...

Titrimetric determination of basic substance mass fraction in standard samples of toxic chemicals and their degradation products

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Meteorological qualification state samples of the content of toxic substances and their destruction products requires reliable methods of determining mass fraction of the basic substance in standard samples of these compositions, which would contribute to getting correct and presentable results. The analysis of the methods of determining mass fraction of the basic substance in toxic substances and in their destruction products and the research of chemistry has shown that all the methods under research are...

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