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The treatment of winter wheat, grown on ordinary carbonate chernozem with humic fertilizer «BIO-Don»

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A comparative analysis of the two methods of determining the total humus content in the soil was carried out: an indirect Tyurin’s method (modification by Simakov), and modification according to State Standart 26213-9 were compared with a method of high-temperature catalytic combustion in the analyzer of total organic carbon (TOC-L CPN Shimadzu). It is shown that the determination of the total soil humus content by Tyurin’s method and as described in State Standard 26213-9 gives...

Soil-like formation in technogenic landscapes history of study, terminology, modern aspects (review)

Intensive mining and industrial processing are inevitably accompanied by withdrawal of agricultural and forest land from the turnover. Alienation of land under mining in Siberia is accompanied by loss of the most fertile soils. Within historically formed soil areas technogenic landscapes appear, most of them result from piles of waste rocks. Their surface is weathered, leached, and gets populated with biota over time. Soil-like bodies are formed of these mineral substrates. They are characterized by...

Specificity of regional entomological monitoring in a northern city of European Russia

The article presents ecological characteristics of entomofauna of the city of Syktyvkar. The objectives of the study are: 1) to study the species composition of entomofauna of Syktyvkar and its trophic structure; 2) to identify different interest representatives of insects in conditions of urban landscapes; 3) to establish the influence of aspect landscape characteristics of urban-forest ecosystems on insects. Syktyvkar and the surrounding area is inhabited with 1162 species of arthropods belonging to five classes,...

Heavy metal toxicity and barley plants, soil and rhizosphere microflora

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The state urban soil was researched as for heavy metals (HM) content within the area of mining and metallurgical complex in the city of Vladikavkaz (the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania). It was found that level of pollution of the soil in the sites located near the JSC «Electrozink» is extremely high. It is contaminated with mobile forms of lead and zinc, the contamination level is more than 200 times higher than the background values and...

Biosorption of Pb(II), Zn(II) and Cu(II) from aqueous solutions by Trametes versicolor mycelium

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White-rot fungi Trametes versicolor is currently increasingly used in the manufacture of various medicines and dietary supplements. To minimize costs, we propose to use waste fungal biomass of the pharmaceutical industry in the processes of bioremediation of industrial effluents. In this study, heavy metal biosorption potentials of T. versicolor were determined. Biosorption studies were performed for Cu(II), Zn(II) and Pb(II) at the same operational conditions and the effectiveness of fungi at removing these heavy metals...

Russia sustainably supports all the international initiatives of general disarmament

Russia is in the final phase of the destruction of their chemical weapons stockpiles. The timely completion of the complete destruction of chemical weapons at the Russian facilities, bring in the proper state of all of the buildings and facilities, territory to be used in national economic order is not only of great international importance and is a convincing evidence accurate performance of Russia’s commitments to the international community in the framework of Convention on...

Bio-preparation with a broad spectrum of bio-degradative activity for soil remediation in the chemical weapons destruction plant «Maradykovsky»

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The object of the study is a biological preparation – destructor of organophosphorus compounds, oil and oil products, created on the basis of the two bacterial strains of Pseudomonas fluorescens ЕC-5-93 and Pseudomonas putida ЕC-8-14. The biopreparation is designed for soil remediation at the industrial site and adjacent territory of the object for destruction of chemical weapons «Maradykovsky». The bacteria of both strains are non-pathogenic, biocompatible, ecologically safe, stable on the grounds of biodegradation of...

Chemical Weapons Decomission – the 3d Stage

The article presents the results of Russia’s fulfillment of the third stage of the international chemical disarmament liability. For 2,5 years (from May 2007 to December 2009) 10 000 t. of poison substances is destroyed. During realization of the federal special program (FSP) «Chemical Weapon Stores Decommission in the RF» since 2002 5 chemical weapon decommission plants were launched on the territory of Russia. Objects of social and engineering infrastructure have been built to contribute...

Environmental Ecological Control and Monitoring in the Vicinity of the Chemical Weapons Decommission Plant «Maradikovsky» in Kirov Region

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The article presents information on organizing ecological control and monitoring of the environment in the vicinity of the chemical weapons decommission plant that has been functioning for over 3 years. It is stated that poisonous substances and their decomposition products have not been found in the natural complex. In 2009 there has been noted the increase of the amount of phosphorus and phosphates in the atmospheric air, soil, as well as in surface, undersoil and...

Evaluating Surface Water State within the Safety Zone of the Chemical Weapons Decommission Plant in the Town Kambarka according to the Results of Many-Years State Ecological Control and Monitoring

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The article presents statistical and mathematical evaluating of surface waters quality in the vicinity of the chemical weapons decommission plant in the town Kambarka that is based on the results of many-years ecological monitoring.

Pesticides’ biotransformation in ground ecosystems (book review)

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The article presents a review on pesticides’ biotransformation in soil ecosystems. It is demonstrated that the main strategies of microbe degradation of these xenobiotics are mineralization and co-metabolism. Groups of specific enzymes and biochemical mechanisms involved in pesticides’ degradation are examined.

The influence of sodium arsenite, mercuric nitrate and their mixture on Ceriodaphnia affinis Lilljeborg and Scenedesmus quadricauda (Turp.) Breb

The results of experiments with acute and chronic toxicity of arsenic, mercury and their mixture are shown. The characteristics of the influence of pollutants on Scenedesmus quadricauda (Turp.) Breb and Ceriodaphnia affinis Lilljeborg are discussed. The effect of using the traditional biological test objects for the purpose of control and monitoring of hydrosphere pollution with metals is estimated.

The analysis of viability of the populations of specially protected species by the example of Helix pomatia L. (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pulmonata)

The state of genofunds of three populations of the specially protected species Helix pomatia L. (edible snail) in conditions of southern forest-steppe of Mid-Russia Hills was investigated on the basis of the analysis of morphological and genetic changeability determined by the method of proteins’ gelelectroforez. Genetic-automatic processes are considered in the populations and the vectors of natural selection under the influence of both natural and anthropogenic factors are determined. The hypothesis of the origin of...

The dynamics of zoobenthos in the Lakes area of the protective zone of the chemical weapons destruction plant in Shchuch'ye as a method of biological monitoring

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In 2009-2014 in the Shchuchye district of the Kurgan region in the the protective zone (PZ) of the chemical weapons destruction plant in Shchuch'ye in order to assess the nature of the combined effects of pollutants methods of chemical analysis and control of bio-indication were used. Within the biological monitoring of fauna zoobenthos of the lakes Naumovskoye, Pankino and Frolikhas was studied in order to identify indicators needed for assessing the degree of contamination and...

Climate change and its role in reliability of engineering objects in permofrostzone

The stability state and problems of infrastructure of Yakutsk, one of the most Northern cities, are considered. Different stages of the city development, as well as connection of infrastructure reliability with climate dynamics are shown.

Studying the processes of natural and man-made reservoirs eutrophication (review)

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This paper presents a review of researching the processes of water bodies eutrophication. Abiotic and biotic factors affecting eutrophication are considered. It has been found out that phytoplankton is the initial link of eutrophication processes. The effect of light, temperature, transparency, turbidity, mineral composition, dynamic water regime, and nutrients on qualitative and quantitative characteristics of phytoplankton is shown. The possibility of using different indices and indicators for assessing the trophic status of reservoirs on zoobenthos...

Persistence of some organophosphorus compounds in different types of soil

The persistence and kinetics of decomposition toxic O-isobutyl-methylphosphonate (I) and O,O’-diisobutylmethylphosphonate (II) is studied in the soil areas of of chemical weapons decommission plant in the settlement Maradykovskiy in the Kirov region, in the settlement Leonidovka, in the Penza region and in the town of Pochep, the Bryansk region. The experiment was conducted at 7°С and 17 С. Destruction of organophosphorus compounds was performed at the different degrees of humidity: dry soil, as well as...

Regulatory aspects in the sphere of environmental and industrial safety of chemical weapons decommission

The article presents the content of basic legal acts, regulatory authorization documents of Russian legislation on environmental safety of operation of facilities chemical weapons decommission plants.

Comparative analysis of soil algoflora of the environmentally hazardous plantsn in the Kirov region

A comparative analysis has been carried out of the algoflora of soils sampled in the state nature reserve «Nurgush» and at environmentally hazardous plants of Kirov region: the object storage and decommission of chemical weapon (PSDCW), the Kirov-Chepetsk Chemical Plant (KCCP), Kilmezskii poison repository and on the territory of Kirov City. A significant change in community structure of algae was revealed in the zones of influence of the KCCP, Kilmezskii poison repository and Kirov City.

Adaptation reserves of higher plants and soil algoflora under the influence of pesticides

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The dynamics of barley, algae and cyanobacteria reaction on fungicide dividend star, insecticide kruyzer and a mixture thereof was investigated. It is shown that the use of these drugs leads to increasing productivity and yield of higher plants, as well as to acceleration of the flow of algo-successions in the soil

Environmental aspects of life safety of people affected by aircraft noise

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It is stated that the cumulative impact of aircraft noise is a significant threat to environmental safety of life of aviation staff and the population of the areas adjacent to airports, airfields and aviation businesses

Substantive properties of covering loam of the Vyatka Prykamye

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We studied cover loam-clay deposits of non-glacier and paleo-glacier sites of the Vyatka, Kama, and Luza river basin areas. The data are given of granule-metric, mineralogical, gross macro-and microelement composition, spore-pollen spectra cover of non-calcareous and calcareous loam belonging to the eluvial and deluvial sediment groups underlain by Permian rocks indigenous to the area outside the glacier or ice and water ice deposits - in paleolednikovoy field. Regional characteristics of material composition of the deposits...

Dynamics of annual radial growth of old-growth pine trees on the Kola Peninsula (the village of Umba)

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We investigated the long-term and age trends in the dynamics of annual radial increment of Pinus sylvestris L., growing in the southern sector of the Kola Peninsula. In the analysis of dendrochronological series, the method of environmental reconstruction of the growth process for removing the age trend was used. Statistically significant long-term and age trends to reduce the width of annual rings and to increase stability for the studied group of plants were identified.

Stress-protective action of the ecdysteroid containing preparation Serpisten

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Stress-protective action of ecdysteroid-containing preparation Serpisten is studied on different experimental models. On the model of immobilization stress in rats Serpisten prevented adrenal hypertrophy, as well as decrease in their stockpiles of ascorbic acid and cholesterol, significantly protected the thymus and spleen of involution, prevented decrease in liver weight and had a pronounced tendency to normalize it in glycogen content and malonic dialdehyde, significantly impaired trophic disorders in the gastric mucosa. In swimming experiments Serpisten...

Changes in structure of summer population of birds in Bolshezemelskaya tundra as a result of activity of oil recovery

The article is about ecologically flexible bird species in habitats with technogenic transformation. Qualitative changes in structure of summer population of birds of Bolshezemelskaya tundra as a result of activity of oil recovery are considered. Questions of resistance of birds natural communities of different tundra vegetation zonal types to landscapes technogenic transformation are discussed.

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